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Content in the Experience Age

We are in the transition from the information age to the experience age. Learn how brands have to change their content creation efforts to get the attention of their audience.

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Content in the Experience Age

  1. 1. Babel Camp 20161 Content in the experience age Let the battle for attention begin!
  2. 2. Babel Camp 20162 Who am I ? Julian Hillebrand Sales Marketing Data-Science Product Manager 90% 70% 70% 50%
  3. 3. Babel Camp 20163 Key Learnings So easy you can’t believe it Experience Age Jobs-to-be- done Future-proof Marketing
  4. 4. Babel Camp 20164 Facebook 2016 01 02 03 1.71B MAUs Original Status Updates 1.13B DAUs -21%
  5. 5. Babel Camp 20165 Information age vs Experience age Accumulation Continual self-expression
  6. 6. Babel Camp 20166 Primary Input and Primary Feedback Facebook Input: Status box Feedback: Likes etc Snapchat Input: Visual Feedback: Attention
  7. 7. Babel Camp 20167 Snapchat is not alone Snapchat Musically Periscope Dubsmash
  8. 8. Babel Camp 20168 100% Attention
  9. 9. Babel Camp 20169 The Experience Stack Platform Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc App Facebook Live, Snapchat Live Stories, Periscope etc Sensor Camera, GPS, Accelerometer etc Device Smartphone, Glasses, Contact Lenses etc Network 4G Cellular, Drone, Wireless Antenna etc Moment Birthday, Wedding, Festival, Game etc
  10. 10. Babel Camp 201610 In the Experience Age you are not a profile. You are simply you.
  11. 11. Babel Camp 201611 Persona vs Person Persona Person
  12. 12. Babel Camp 201612 How Personas fail As a _______ I want to _____ So that _____ Persona Action Expected outcome
  13. 13. Babel Camp 201613 How Personas fail As a _______ I want to _____ So that _____ Persona Action Expected outcome Irrelevant! Maybe there´s a better way... Too many assumptions…
  14. 14. Babel Camp 201614 What job did you hire that milkshake to do? Clay Christensen, Professor of economy
  15. 15. Babel Camp 201615 Kinds of Jobs Functional Jobs Emotional Jobs Social Jobs
  16. 16. Babel Camp 201616
  17. 17. Babel Camp 201617
  18. 18. Babel Camp 201618
  19. 19. Babel Camp 201619 Job Stories Business as usual New behaviour Forces blocking change Forces promoting a new choice
  20. 20. Babel Camp 201620 Job Stories – Mobile provider Weak signal Business as usual New behaviour Better price Keep number? Direct withdrawa l Forces blocking change Forces promoting a new choice
  21. 21. Babel Camp 201621 Job Stories When_______ I want to _____ So I can_____ Situation Motivation Expected outcome
  22. 22. Babel Camp 201622 How might we … ? When I want to So I can I am on my island round trip where I travel with a lot of stuff in a small backpack and only unreliable connection to the Internet easily pick photos I took that day and sync them whenever connected to a WiFi I can share my photos with friends and family.
  23. 23. Babel Camp 201623 How might we … ? How might we assist Amy who has rarely reliable internet access to easily pick photos and share them so that her friends and family can take part in her adventure? needinsightuser
  24. 24. Babel Camp 201624 Mapping your customer’s mind Content Motivations Anxieties Causality
  25. 25. Babel Camp 201625 Actual PostContent Item Motivations Anxieties Causality A job described in contexts and situations
  26. 26. Babel Camp 201626 How to start?!? Create high level jobs 02 01 03Create job stories Interview your current followers
  27. 27. Babel Camp 201627 Follow me on my journey into the experience age! @julianhi jul.hi