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  1. 1. Indie. Grunge. Riot Grrrls. Cuties. Street Style Presentation By: Julia Fenn & Evelyne Gichingiri
  2. 2. The Indie 411• Named “Indie” because of their • Indie can be defined as an obscure allegiance to bands on obscure, independent record labels form of rock learned about by• Their style is defined by ‘dressing down’ someone more hip than yourself• Indie style consists mostly of over or (Thanks,!) under sized items bought second hand, in yard sales, thrifted, or purchased • Universal acceptance of the name from charity shops “Indie” due to the loyalty and• Graphically distinctive tee’s that display allegiance to bands on obscure, interest in an obscure indie band unheard of, independent record• Girls usually wear distressed denim paired with stripy leggings labels• Army surplus wears thrown with patent • Influenced by bands such as The Doc Marten’s Smith’s, Joy Division, New Order,• Love of Checkered shirts defines the style Ride, Happy Mondays, and My Bloody Valentine
  3. 3. LANA DEL REY— Current Indie Fashion Icon Fake Prada Ad solidifies Lana’s presence as a main stay indie and high fashion muse  Born to Die Video
  4. 4. The Indie Girl’s Guide to Street StylesTrend Spotting: Trousers, fedoras, mini lengths, oxfords, tube tops, turbans, pops of color, patternedtights, satchels, converse, anoraks with fur, statement accessories, mixed prints, & minimalism.
  5. 5. The Indie Guy’s Street StyleTrend Spotting: Oxfords, loafers, button ups paired with skinniesor crops, varsity jackets, beanies, denim, leather, and maleaccessories like suspenders and rucksacks
  6. 6. Indie From Street to Runway Erin Wasson x RVCA Fall 2010 Runway
  7. 7. Indie DetailsLindsay Wixson @ Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 12/13 sporting a fresh indie look.
  8. 8. Indie History• As popular British bands grew • Grunge grew out of Indie in the in the US the Indie Kid’s late 80’s with a new range of appearance style also became bands based out of Seattle influential – West Coast • In the 2000’s Indie styles re- especially emerged with a vengeance• Indie style is heavily drawn thanks a blossoming new indie- from retro styles – mostly rock scene in the US punk, grunge, mod, and hippie • Originally disassociating street styles themselves with any single sub• Rejected societal constructs culture backfired as it turned like consumerism into it’s very own.
  9. 9. Grunge 411.• The dressing down extremist • Defined by music, like Indie• Geographically and culturally • Influenced by bands such as defined – Seattle was the Nirvana and the Smashing birthplace of true grunge and Pumpkins the grunge music scene• Fusion of punk and leftover “hippie” aesthetics to create it’s own unkempt look• Ultimate blend of left over hippie, Americanized punk, & Indie kid
  10. 10. Current Grunge Street Style
  11. 11. Grunge Wave & Riot Grrrl Celebrity Icons: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
  12. 12. High Fashion Grunge Looks Balmain Fall 2010 (left) & Just Cavalli Fall 2010 (right)
  13. 13. Riot Grrrls!• Sassy, articulate women who • Influenced heavily by bands created an articulate post like Bikini Kill, Hole, BratMobile, feminist sub culture No Doubt and Cold Cold Hearts• Revolutionized the first predominantly female style- tribe in the entire history of street style• Evolved into the fem-wave from the grunge-wave
  14. 14. Fem-Wave Riot Grrrl Trends
  15. 15. Cuties• Wore kid’s tee shirts • Variant of Indie that surfaced• Color palette was full of pastel in the late 80’s colors • Relied heavily on 2nd hand• Fun and playful with an clothes that focused on underlying sense of deep asexual clothing from a pre gloom and doom pubescent age in soft pastel• Coincides with the melancholy colors of Indie culture and music
  16. 16. Cutie’s Street Styles
  17. 17. Vintage Roots• Indie, Riot Grrrls, Grunge, and Cuties all rely heavily on vintage fashion and iconic looks from the past.• Retro styles come into play, and the rejection of consumerism leads to the revival of old and forgotten Pictured above is Benson & Hedges in styles Seattle ’83 sporting a looking commonly referred to as “goodwill fashion”. This type• Indie would not exist without of look is relevant, recyclable, and the reference to past styles channeled still today.
  18. 18. The Indie Future Forecast• Trickle Down Theory – Indie meets advertising and the mainstream media
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