The wave march 2011 (6)


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The wave march 2011 (6)

  1. 1. The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project Volume 1, Issue 1: March 2011 The ITC Project Monthly NewsletterWelcome to the first monthly newsletter ITC Project Monthly Newsletter: The Wave!of the ITC Project. This newsletter is This newsletter is the result of ITC investigator held meetings at the University ofinitially being emailed to all ITC Waterloo before SRNT. It will consist of two parts: the main newsletter and ainvestigators and those who have second cumulating document which will catalogue achievements for the year.internal data agreements. It can alsobe sent to support staff and others. Ifyou wish to add someone to the mailinglist or make a submission, please sendan email to itc@uwaterloo.caThe Wave will often refer to materialon the ITC website ( note that underlined text ishyperlinked to material online. Ifyou are not a registered user, pleasesend an email to Katy McEwen ITC Project team at the SRNT 17th Annual Meeting, February 2011, Toronto.( to request Pre-SRNT Meetingsan invitation. ITC collaborators met in Waterloo on February 14-15th, 2011. Outcomes included decisions to more systematically to explore the viability of both recruiting fromThe information is intended to keep existing lists of smokers and switching survey mode in high income countries fromITC collaborators across 20 telephone to predominantly or exclusively internet-based surveying. Anyone withcountries up-to-date on what we are thoughts on this or relevant information should contact Mary Thompson atdoing and achieving—particularly the area of paper proposals andpresentations. However, the ITC Publishing OpportunityProject is all of you, so YOU have to The journal Drug and Alcohol Review will be publishing a special issue on smokingtell us about what you are doing in disadvantaged groups. This would be a good opportunity to look at data weso the newsletter can tell have from the lower SES groups within our LMICs as well as within our HICs. If youeverybody else. You can offer are interested, contact Ron Borland at you think might be ofinterest, but we are particularly The Tobacco Research Network on Disparities (TReND) is and the journal Cancerinterested in material under the Causes and Control has issued an international call for papers that address thetopics listed. Please send any role of social stratification in tobacco-related inequalities. Initial manuscriptsubmissions to submissions are due April 18, 2011. Click here for more information. 2011 John Slade Award Tobacco Control Intelligence System Frank Chaloupka was named the The interactive website developed byAnnouncements 1 2011 recipient of the John Slade Award Dr. David Young at Cancer CouncilPapers Published 2 at SRNT, which recognizes outstanding Victoria, which aims to presentNational Reports 2 contributions to public health and research evidence in an innovativeGrants 2 tobacco control. Frank gave a practitioner-friendly format, isITC in the News 3 wonderful acceptance speech, which nearing the end of its license period.Presentations 3 was made more special by the surprise Please check the website and let usPaper Proposals 3 arrival of his wife, Uchelle. know what you think about its futurePolicy Updates 4 Congratulations, Frank! use.Reminders 4Designed and coordinated by Tania Cheng.1 the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 1: March 2011
  2. 2. The following are papers were published from January to February 2011. In future issues, only paperspublished in the previous month will be listed. For a full list of all publications to date, see the 2011ITC Academic Papers List on our website. ITC AchievementsFix B, Hyland A, Rivard C, McNeill A, Fong GT, Borland R, Hammond D, Cummings KM. Usage patterns to Dateof stop smoking medications in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States: Findingsfrom the 2006-2008 International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey. International Journal of 9 papers 19 postersEnvironmental Research and Public Health 2011, 8, 222-233.Kasza K, Hyland A, Brown A, Siapush M, Yong HH, McNeill A, Li L, Cummings KM. The Effectiveness ofTobacco Marketing Regulations on Reducing Smokers’ Exposure to Advertising and Promotion:Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey. International Journal of 11 presentationsEnvironmental Research and Public Health 2011, 8, 1-x manuscripts; doi:10.3390/ijerph70x000x. 1 nationalKing BA, Hyland AJ, Borland R, McNeill A, Cummings KM. Socioeconomic Variation in thePrevalence, Introduction, Retention, and Removal of Smoke-Free Policies among Smokers: Findings reportfrom the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey. International Journal ofEnvironmental Research and Public Health 2011, 7, 1-x manuscripts; doi:10.2290/ijerph70x000x. 1 grantLicht AS, Hyland AJ, O’Connor RJ, Chaloupka FJ, Borland R, Fong GT, Nargis N, Cummings KM. Socio-economic variationin price minimizing behaviors: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey. International Journalof Environmental Research and Public Health 2011, 8, 234-252.O’Connor RJ, Norton KJ, Bansal-Travers M, Mahoney MC, Cummings KM, Borland R. US smokers’ reactions to a brief trial of oral nico-tine products. Harm Reduction Journal 2011, 8:1 doi:10.1186/1477-7517-8-1.Seidenberg AB, Rees VW, Alpert HR, OConnor RJ, Connolly GN. Ignition strength of 25 international cigarette brands. Tobacco Control2011, 20(1):77-80. PMID:20974622.Sirirassamee T, Sirirassamee B, Borland R, Omar M, Driezen P. Smoking behavior among adolescents in Thailand and Malaysia. TheSoutheast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 2011, 42(1), 218-225.Yang J, Hammond D, Driezen P, O’Connor RJ, Li Q, Yong HH, Fong GT, & Jiang Y. The use of cessation assistance among smokersfrom China: Findings from the ITC China Survey, BMC Public Health 2011, 11:75, doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-75.Zhang JY, Borland R, Coghill K, Petrovic-Lazarevic S, Young D, Yeh CH, Bedingfield S. Evaluating the effect of health warningsin influencing Australian smokers’ psychosocial and quitting behaviours using Fuzzy causal network. Expert Systems withApplications 2011, 38: 6430-6438.Downloadable PDFs of all ITC National Reports areavailable at ITC National Reports. The following NHMRC (Ron Borland): Four years of funding for Australia in the 4C study.National Report was released in 2011. In future is-sues, only National Reports released in the previous ZonMw (Marc Willemsen): For continuation of the ITC Netherlands Surveymonth will be listed. (Waves 6-8). FP7 program of the European Community (Marc Willemsen): To conduct secondary data analyses on ITC EU data, looking at differential effects ofITC Mauritius National Report. Results of the Wave 2 policies on SES groups.Survey.(January 2011). University of Waterloo, CIHR (Geoff Fong): For continuation of ITC surveys in Canada and the US andOntario, Canada; Mauritius Institute of Health (MIH), in 9 LMICs, and the addition of Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia. SubmittedPamplemousses, Mauritius. March 1st. the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 1: March 2011 2
  3. 3. This section will include media mentions and other publicity. Please send submissions to the full list of 2011 presentations to date,please see the Conference Presentations CitationList.SPSP San AntonioFotuhi O, Fong GT. Social stigmatization on intentions The following paper proposals were approved last month:to quit among smokers. Poster presented at the 12th Brown, McNeill, Moodie, Hastings et al. Smokers beliefsAnnual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social about light cigarettes: Findings from France, Germany,Psychology. San Antonio, Texas, 2011, January. Ireland and the United Kingdom. Data sets: FR (W1-2), DE (W1-2), IE (W1-2), UK (W2-4).SRNT Toronto11 oral presentations (including 2 symposia) and 18 poster Brown, McNeill, Moodie, et al. Effects of pro-tobacco andpresentations were given at the Society for Research on anti-smoking advertising on adult smoking behaviour.Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) 17th Annual Meeting held in Findings from the ITC Europe Surveys. Data sets: FR (W1-Toronto, Ontario from February 16-19, 2011. See the 2), DE (W1-2), IE (W1-2), NL (W1-2).Conference Presentations Citation List for the full list of ITC O’Connor, Borland, Cummings, Fong, Hyland, et al.related presentations. Awareness, Perceptions, and Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Four Countries. Data sets: 4C (W8). Kennedy, Spafford, Fong, Borland, et al. Evaluation of the Australian warning label "Smoking Causes Blindness" - Findings from the ITC 4 Country Study. Data sets: 4C (W3-8). Paper proposals are supposed to result in the paper being submitted within 9 months of approval. In the future, proposals entering their last month will be listed here. If the lead author wants to retain the paper, they need to request an extension by emailing the appropriate group (see ITC Paper and Presentation Policy). Where there is a circulated draft, there will be an automatic initial 3-month extension. Extensions for papers without a draft or subsequent extensions will not be automatic.Brian Fix of Roswell Park Cancer Institute presenting his poster at For this first newsletter, we are attaching a document listing allSRNT Toronto, February 2011. paper proposals that have been listed on the tracking sheets over the past few years. The document has been organized by region. All investigators need to review this list and inform us ifECToH Amsterdam you would like an extension to complete a paper that has beenAn ITC symposium will be held at the European Conference on listed over 9 months ago in your name. Otherwise the paper willTobacco or Health in Amsterdam from March 28-30, 2011. The be considered dormant and others may take it up.symposium “Minimizing Exposure to Second-hand Smoke:Findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation(ITC) Project" will be chaired by Ann McNeill and Marc Willemsen. In the future, this will list papers that are now open to others toSpeakers include Geoffrey Fong on ITC findings outside Europe, take up. They are listed here to let people know that papers theynew frontiers, and basic principles for successful smoke-free might have been expecting are not happening.initiatives; Sara Hitchman on smoking in cars with non-smokers; For this issue, see the attached document.Gera Nagelhout on prevalence and predictors of smoke-freebars; and Ute Mons on prevalence and predictors of homesmoking bans. 3 the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 1: March 2011
  4. 4. Canada Some sections of the newsletterOn February 18, 2011, Health Canada released the full proposed set of 16 exterior health include links to the ITC website. Ifwarnings, 8 interior messages, as well as 4 side panel toxic emission messages. All of you are not a registered user, sendthese can now all be in seen on Health Canadas website. There is a 75-day consultation an email toperiod that ends May 5, 2011 for the draft regulations and proposed messages. Review the attached paper proposal document and inform us of any changes or requests for extension. Send any submissions for the April 2011 issue to Please put “Newsletter” in the subject headline. Ron Borland of The Cancer Council Victoria presenting at the Pre-SRNT meeting in Waterloo, February 2011. The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation ProjectSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat For more information: The ITC Project 1 2 3 4 5 Department of Psychology CIHR due University of Waterloo6 7 8 9 10 11 12 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1 Canada13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Email: itc@uwaterloo.ca20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Tel: +1 519-888-4567 ext. 33597 www.itcproject.org27 28 29 30 31 ECToH, Amsterdam Submission inquiries: the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 1: March 2011 4