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Julbo helmet technologies


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Julbo helmet technologies

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Julbo helmet technologies

  1. 1. Julbo Helmet technologies
  2. 2. SUMMARY 1. Introduction 2. The hemlet 3. Julbo technologies
  3. 3. When skiing, good vision allows you to anticipate many dangerous situations. However, it's not always possible to avoid them and then it's essential to be fully protected. In 2005, at the request of its athletes, Julbo developed its own range of helmets. Delighted by the brand's goggles, they wanted a helmet that would both meet their requirements and was perfectly adapted to their sport. Julbo has worked consistently to offer helmets that perform even better, have an improved finish and offer more protection. Julbo has developed high-performance and innovative technologies to meet their expectations.
  4. 4. Source: Annual report of the Association des médecins de montagne (Mountain Doctors Association) 2. The helmet // Why bother with a ski helmet? • In 2013, in France, 150,000 people were treated in hospital following a skiing accident. • 2.8% of accidents result in head injuries. • Injuries to the torso and head account for 18.8% of skiing accidents. • A third of head injuries are the result of collisions.
  5. 5. *Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission (USA) 2 // Some helmet figures • 44% of French adults wear a helmet when practising winter sports compared with more than 80% in Switzerland or Germany… • … while wearing a helmet reduces the risk of impact-related head injuries by 35%(*). • 11 deaths(*) per year on average could be avoided by wearing a helmet. • Average helmet wearing rates: Switzerland: 87% / Austria: 80% (estimate) - mandatoryfor under 15's -Canada:71% (95% among under 12's) /USA:57%
  6. 6. 3. Julbo technologies In order to meet the needs of users and provide them with the best combination of style, comfort and protection, Julbo has developed technologies to reduce weight and volume, improve field of vision and facilitate communication.
  7. 7. Techno video 3 // Hybrid II technologie This technology has been developed with the aim of reducing helmet weight while guaranteeing total protection and comfort.
  8. 8. 3 // Connect technology This technology was developed as a result of a simple observation: Using a mobile phone with a helmet is no easy matter. Julbo has therefore developed optimized on-board technology for its Symbios helmet so that wearers can make phone calls and listen to music. Significant ergonomic changes were made so that it can be used wearing gloves and mittens. A Bluetooth connection was chosen as it consumes little energy. The technology gives you a super-easy way of listening to your favourite track or answering your calls.
  9. 9. 3 // Injected ABS technology • Technology inspired by the construction of motorbike helmets • A rigid injected ABS shell is lined with EPS foam to absorb and diffuse impact. Disadvantage Weight Advantages Protection, durability of appearance, simplicity of production, price.
  10. 10. 3 // In-mold technology • Technology inspired by the construction of cycling helmets • An EPS shell which absorbs and diffuses impact, covered with a PC layer to protect from minor impacts and scratching. Disadvantage Helmet is more sensitive to day-to-day impact Advantages Protection, lightness
  11. 11. Sphère • A lightweight and stylish helmet combining top photochromic technology with in-mold construction. • The Zebra visor allows optimum vision in all conditions. 3 // Helmet with visor Integration of a visor was designed for people who don't like wearing goggles. This visor is less oppressive than goggles while offering excellent protection from the sun's rays thanks to good coverage of the face. The technology has also been designed for wearers of prescription glasses. The flip-up system gives them direct access to their frames and good venting prevents any fogging of optical lenses. Great care has been taken with the visual appearance of the visor, resulting in a fluid design and good integration on the helmet.
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