I'm Sorry Helen


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I love you

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  • It didn't take me a month to realize I truly loved you, when you first got mad at me, I realized how much I don't want to lose you
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I'm Sorry Helen

  1. 1. LOVE OF MY LIFE: HELEN VOBy (her idiot boyfriend): Julien Belen
  2. 2. REASONS TO LOVE (MAIN IDEAS) Humor Kindness High Tolerance Level of Me Craziness/Weirdness Braveness Cuteness Determination Undying Love For an Idiot Like Me
  3. 3. HUMOR Ahhhhh, *sigh* who could forget your amazing sense of humor.  Gay Jokes  As much as I don’t like your gay jokes, they’re funny.  Julien + Brandon  Straight as a Rainbow  OMG!!! Taylor Lautner and Dan Nguyen  As jealous as I am of these people because of those jokes it’s fun listening to you go on about them  Taylor Lautner – “It’s so bulgy”  Dan Nguyen – “Cutest Hair Ever Your humor is a part of you I love, I miss you cracking jokes, please be happy again.
  4. 4. KINDNESS Wow, out of all the people to be indirectly kind, I would have never expected it to be you tbh.  Generosity  You buy Salma food every day even though you can be cheap  You help people with HW even when you need help yourself  Caring  Man, I didn’t think anyone would stay up till 3:00 just talking to someone about his problems  You gave advice to me about love, even though you liked me Your kindness has gotten me out of rough times, but I was too stupid to return it to you.
  5. 5. HIGH TOLERANCE LEVEL OF ME Who in the hell as the tolerance level for me, I guess you :3  I’m antisocial  Even though I didn’t like socializing, you made an effort to make me a better person  You were able to make me talk more even when I denied you conversation  So many problems  Yeah I have lots of problems, but guess what you sat there all night listening to me. Yeah I hate myself, but you love me. I’m lucky to have a girl like you to be able to handle me.
  6. 6. CRAZINESS/WEIRDNESS Okay, you may think you’re a crazy bitch, but I still love you  Bipolar  I’m ready to handle everything about you, even if you have a crazy side. But if I can’t handle you in your worst, then I sure as hell don’t deserve you at your best.  Craziness  Your craziness makes you, you. Don’t think it’s a negative part of you. How else do you make these funny jokes then if you’re not weird then. xD Helen look, maybe you are a crazy bitch, but that doesn’t stop me from loving you. Your craziness makes you, you and I love you just the way you are.
  7. 7. BRAVENESS I didn’t know you had such a fucked up past, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there  Parents  With your dad leaving you when you were three, that’s probably why your crazy. But guess what I love your crazy  Your Own Problems  I know your problems, I know how you feel  I’ve been through all the pressure like you  I’ve been put down just like you’ve had  I’ve cut myself like you because of how depressed I was You are strong strong as a soldier. There’s no doubt you’re stronger than me, I’m like glass, fragile.
  8. 8. CUTENESS Er mah gerd, you so cute :3  Face  I love staring into your eyes, and falling into the ocean of it  I could pinch your cheeks all day but I’m not an asian auntie :3  I would do things like I got your nose, because it’s so cute xD  You hypnotize me with just your lips xD  The things you do  Squeals, Clapping your face, man you look cute even when you talk about cute things The bottom line is, I think your cute. :3 I wish I had noticed it sooner. So I could have stared at your face all day long.
  9. 9. DETERMINATION That’s just a nice way of saying stubborn xD but it’s still determination no less  Don’t Give up  Even when you’re wrong, you try to prove your point  Even when feeling down, you don’t give up ever, even if you did I’d be there to pick you up  Do So Many Things To Make Yourself Better  I couldn’t accept the fact you were going to exercise to look hotter, I tried to stop you to show you’re fine just the way you are, but you’re so determined :3 You’re a great person that never gives up, you do so many things for yourself, and even for me. Never change that about you.
  10. 10. UNDYING LOVE FOR AN IDIOT LIKE ME Well, I’m not sure if it’s undying anymore, but I’m so lucky to have a girl, who did have it for me  Even when I liked someone else you gave me advice even though you liked me  I’m stupid to see that, I was too stupid to not give you attention  Even if I’m a horny bastard you still complied to my requests  I’m not even proud of that side, he’s an idiot  I know I’m a whore, but I really love you for your personality I’m sorry if my love seems like it’s unreal because of the things I’ve done but, I love you for who you are, not your looks but your personality and everything that goes with it.
  11. 11. I’M SORRYI’m sorry that I broke your heart, because I was too stupid to see your love. I’m an idiot for being stuck in the past and not looking at what I have in front of me. I’ve never felt such strong feelings of my heart to someone. Everything about you I love. My past is fucked up, but I accept it now because it lead me to you. I’m sorry that my love feels unreal, and that you have to question my heart. But I want you to know that I really do love you. I really love you from the bottom of my Heart.I’m Truly Sincerely Sorry – Julien Belen