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Eng o net


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Eng o net

  1. 1. 20 03 O-NET Part One : Language Use and Usage 1. Oral Expression Directions : Choose the best answer. 1.1 Conversation Conversation 1 : Two students are talking in front of their classroom building. Ploy : Hi there . There’s no point going in. Dome : Why? ____1____? Ploy : There are no fans, no lights. Dome : Not another power cut. Any explanation for it? Ploy : ____2____ the transformer blew up during the night. Dome : Blew up? Why? Ploy : Oh, I don’t know all the technicalities. Dome : I’m sure you’re ____3____. I bet it’s just a short circuit and they’ll fix it in no ____4____at all. Ploy : Well that’s not what the technicians ____5____. They told me it would take at least until noon. Dome : That means no class, I assume. Ploy : _____6_____. These students will use any excuse to get out of class. Dome : That’s not fair. It’s a pretty solid excuse .____7____,we can’t study in a dark, airless room,_____8_____? Ploy : Yes, that’s true, ____9____I’m afraid we are going to get behind the other groups. Dome : Well, you can always study on your own. Ploy : I know I can, but I’m not very disciplined. Dome : That’s too bad. Anyway, since there is no class, what do you want to do? Ploy : ____10____. Dome : Right. Let’s go. 1. 1. What’s up 2. What else in new 3. What’s on 4. What’s the big idea 2. 1. Looks 2. Seems 3. Shows 4. Sounds 3. 1. frank 2. telling me 3. exaggerating 4. talking it over 4. 1. way 2. time 3. sweat 4. Chance 5. 1. said 2. will say 3. have 4. are telling 6. 1. For sure 2. Feel free 3. Fair enough 4. Forget it 7. 1. In conclusion 2. By and large 3. More or less 4. After all 8. 1. do we 2. can we 3. have we 4. shall we 9. 1. or 2. and 3. then 4. but 10. 1. Let’s take some ice cream. 2. How about some ice cream ? 3. Why should we go for some ice cream? 4. Do you prefer some ice cream ? Conversation 2 : A job interview, Mr. Rain, the general manager of Phuket Island Hotel, needs a public relations officer. You are the first person to be interviewed for the job. Mr. Rain : A lot of foreign tourists come to our hotel, ____11____. You : Well, I can speak English and a little Chinese. Mr. Rain : Very good! How well do you speak English? You : ____12___,but I’m not very good at writing. Mr. Rain: What hours can you work? You : I can work mornings and afternoons. Mr. Rain: ____13____. You : Yes. I can work in the evenings, too. Mr. Rain: Good. There are several things necessary for our public relations. First. ____14___and secondly, deal with people who are angry of bad- tempered. Do you think you can do that? You : Yes. ____15____ I can get along well with people. 11. 1. How many foreign languages do you speak? 2. Which foreign languages do you use well? 3. Can you speak to the English and the Chinese people? 4. What do you think about English and Chinese? 12. 1. My speaking is well 2. Speaking is better 3. I speaking it quite well 4. Very good speaking 13. 1. How are your evenings? 2. Will you work evenings? 3. Do you like the evenings? 4. What about working evenings? 14. 1. he can often ask the guests to stop complaining 2. he must sometimes listen to the guests’ complaints 3. he usually should complain about the guests’ complaints 4. he frequently may want to listen to the guests’ complaints 15. 1. So do I. 2. I do too. 3. I think so. 4. That is true.
  2. 2. 21 1.2 Situational Dialogs 16. You got a letter entitled “CONFIDENTIAL”. It means that the letter is _______. 1. a top secret 2. for a confident person 3. for the public 4. an announcement 17. Seven is talking to you, but you don’t hear him clearly, so you just say : “_______” 1. Can you speak out? 2. I beg your pardon? 3. Could you please repeat after me ? 4. Would you mind turning it up? 18. After a fun and interesting lecture, a student writes a note to the lecture : “_______” 1. An unconvincing lecture! 2. What an invaluable lecture! 3. I understand your lecture, surprised! 4. How nice you are! 19. Your friend would like to ask you something , but you are in a hurry. You hurriedly say to him : “________” 1. Give me a ring 2. Trick or treat ? 3. Wanna call me? 4. Take a chance. 20. Nadia’s brother loves cowboy films, but Nadia cannot bear them. So you say to them : “Come on , ______”. 1. the pot called the kettle black 2. fine feathers make fine birds 3. one man’s meat is another man’s poison 4. there’s no smoke without fire 21. You have been lately told that Thaksin was charged with corruption against the country. You say to your friend delightedly: “______” 1. What a poor man he is! 2. It serves him right. 3. How unfortunate! 4. It is a big mistake. 22. At a very important summit, you are going to deliver a speech in front of one thousand people. You are extremely nervous, so you tell the M.C. “ Mr. Sanya , _______”. 1. I am green with envy 2. You are the apple of my eye 3. I have the butterflies in my stomach 4. You are second to none 23. Your friend asks you if he can borrow your car to pick up his mother at the airport. You accept genuinely and say : “______”. 1. Be my guest, here is the key 2. Please feel free to ask the key from me 3. I’d love to, key please 4. Find the key yourself, and I will take it 24. At the party, your boss introduces you to his beautiful wife. The very first sentence you are going to say is : “______” 1. How do you do ? 2. Nice meeting you, ma’am. 3. What’s up, madam ? 4. Hi 25. After the party you see a cute girl waiting for a bus, so you go to ask her. “______” 1. Why don’t you go home? 2. Do you need a ride? 3. Would you like me to send you? 4. Are you waiting for my arrival? 26. An M.C. on TV program is going to take a commercial break. He says to the audience : “______”. 1. Just relaxed 2. Go back soon 3. Sit still 4. Stay tuned 27. Someone shouts “Mind your step ! ” He intends to tell you to be ______. 1. careful 2. active 3. patient 4. nervous 28. You are late for the concert and it is going to start in a few minutes. You say to your friends : “ Come on. ______” 1. Hands up ! 2. Shake a leg! 3. Smell a rat ! 4. Watch out! 29. You see the sign “Please check change before leaving” This notice informs you that ______. 1. the shopkeeper will not exchange items bought here 2. make sure the shopkeeper has given you the right money now 3. make sure you have the correct change before you buy something 4. you must give the shopkeeper the exact money 30. A man who sat beside you at the train station forgot his briefcase on the table. You notice it and take it to him and say : “______” 1. I think it must be yours. 2. Will you ever want to take this with you? 3. Why don’t you bring this with you? 4. Sir, you should have forgotten this. 1.3 Vocabulary Directions : Choose the best answer. 31. The popularity of Japanese products has caused some American industries to call for restrictive import quotas. 1. ineffective 2. limited 3. dangerous 4. illegal 32. Marriage can have a difficult time when both spouses are headstrong. 1. unhappy 2. stubborn 3. steadfast 4. brilliant 33. Fluoride deters tooth decay by reducing the growth of bacteria that destroys tooth enamel. 1. refutes 2. overwhelms 3. inhibits 4. loosens 34. Footnotes sometimes explain a word or an idea, but more often they merely cite the source of authority for what the author says. 1. correct 2. expand on 3. criticize 4. refer to 35. Birds play a large part in plant reproduction by disseminating seeds across large areas. 1. crushing 2. finding 3. ingesting 4. spreading 36. Her job as lawyer for a big corporation has a lot of _______. 1. charm 2. hazard 3. extortion 4. prestige 37. In the present economic climate, building a luxury hotel hardly seems a _______ plans. 1. viable 2. suspicious 3. peculiar 4. furtive 38. Mafia is an influential ______ who engaged in criminal activities. 1. clique 2. participant 3. criminal 4. resource
  3. 3. 22 39. King Edward VIII ______ the British throne in 1936 so that he could marry Mrs.Simpson, a divorced woman. 1. abdicated 2. eradicated 3. evoked 4. suffocated 40. Merger proved to be very _______ for both companies. 1. lucrative 2. defective 3. sensitive 4. authoritative 2. Error Identification Test Directions : Four parts of each sentence below are underlined and marked with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Identify the underlined part that makes the sentence incorrect. 41. It is not necessary right that senior people 1 2 should have the authority because they have 3 more experience. 4 42. In the opinion of psychologists, the costumes 1 people wear to parties sometimes expresses 2 subtle insight into their true personalities. 3 4 43. They were grateful for the help of their 1 2 many kinds and generous neighbors. 3 4 44. He cannot accuse of that crime for the 1 2 reason that he was out of town when 3 the crime was committed. 4 45. People choose to live in or near Paris 1 2 because it is a major center of business, 3 entertain, and the arts. 4 46. In financial world , knowledge is power so 1 anyone who receives information in advance 2 is in position to profit. Its system is eminent 3 and good - recognized. 4 47. John Dewey is generally considered one 1 of the greatest modern educational 2 3 philosopher. 4 48. The prisoner, now 65, no longer looks like 1 his most recent photograph, who was taken 2 3 20 years ago. 4 49. She was in a beauty parlor getting her hair 1 wash when a messenger burst into the 2 3 room to announce that he had a telegram 4 for her. 50. Former United States President Herbert 1 Hoover lived longer after the end of his 2 term of office than any another President . 3 4 Part Two : Writing 1. Sentence Completion Directions : Choose the best item to complete each sentence correctly. 51. The young lady _____ went to one of the best art-schools in France. 1. mother is a medicine doctor 2. a medical doctor whose mother is 3. whose mother is a medical doctor 4. whom mother is a medical doctor 52. The play should have begun at night, but the curtain _____ until half past eight. 1. didn’t rise 2. should rise 3. had risen 4. should have risen 53. Did you notice the little girl _____? 1. to take the chocolate and run 2. taking the chocolate and run 3. took the chocolate and ran 4. take the chocolate and run 54. This record is very important because it records _____ . 1. the last meeting of the two famous representatives 2. the last meeting of the famous two representatives 3. the meeting of the last famous two representatives 4. the meeting of the two famous last representatives 55. _____ the articles were not allowed to publish in the company’s yearbook. 1. Mainly criticized the present administration board 2. Criticizing mainly the present administration board 3. Criticizing mainly the administration of present board 4. Criticizing mainly the administration of the present board 56. _________ as their diameter is the same. 1. DVDs resemble compact discs 2. DVDs and VCDs are different in several ways 3. Compact discs have little in common with DVDs 4. DVDs can be used for data storage, including movies with high video and sound quality 57. Drawing its inspiration from Japan’s successful One Village One Product (OVOP) program , ____ . 1. Thaksinomics became the theme economic policy to solve grassroots’ problems 2. Thai economic academics criticized Thai Rak Thai’s popularism in many negative aspects 3. Thailand’s OTOP program encouraged villagers to improve local product quality and marketing 4. Thai PM Thaksin selected one superior product from each tambon to receive formal branding
  4. 4. 23 58. After a course of active orthodontic treatment by using dental braces, _______ . 1. the teeth are prone to stay perfectly non-aligned 2. microtrauma will always be the negative side-effect 3. painkillers are usually prescribed by dentists to relieve the patients’ toothaches 4. patients will often wear retainers 59. The Louvre Museum in Paris, one of the ______ and _______ famous ________in the world. 1. large, the, museum 2. larger, the more, museums 3. largest, most, museums 4. largest, the most, museum 60. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was a student at the faculty of Arts , Chulalongkorn University. _________, Thai royals had always studied abroad. 1. During that time 2. Prior to that 3. From her 1st year to 4th year 4. At that moment 2. Cloze Directions : Choose the phrase that best completes each blank space in the passage. Passage Global warming refers to the increase in___61___ of the Earth’s near–surface air and oceans in recent decades and ___62___. The global average air temperature near the Earth’s surface rose 0.74 ± 0.18°C ___63___. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes, “most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperature since the mid- 20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations” via the greenhouse. Natural phenomena such as ___64___ have probably had a small warming effect. These basic conclusions have been endorsed by so many scientific societies and academies of ___65___. 61. 1. the high temperature 2. the average temperature 3. the abnormal temperature 4. the changing temperature 62. 1. a generation before 2. the process of climatic changes 3. its projected continuation 4. the world’s densely populated areas 63. 1. during the 20th century 2. in the next 10 years 3. since 2000 A.D. 4. because of only man-made disasters 64. 1. tsunamis and outbreaks 2. solar variation combined with volcanoes 3. flash floods accompanied by famines 4. bloody warfares mixed by terrorisms 65. 1. public health 2. political science 3. environmental science 4. sanitary engineering Part Three : Reading 1. Cloze Directions : Choose the words that best completes each blank in the passage One of the most asked questions about etiquette, a set customs and rules for polite behavior, is: “Why do we have these rules, and who invented them?” About 11,000 years ago, humans made a big change in the way they lived. They found they did not have to ____66____ wander through the forest hunting animals and gathering huts and berries to eat. ____67____ they learned about planting seeds and do domesticating animals. They discovered that they could live in one place, and ____68____ was not such a desperate daily struggle. There was more, food, more leisure time, more security. Soon after, they began to develop ways of getting ____69____ with as little fighting, anger and ____70____ as before. Eventually, the rules changed as way of living changed. But the reasons for these rules are as valid now as they were at the beginning. Young people like things ____71____. So you can tell them that there are two basic __72__ of behavior the have held up through the centuries : be kind and treat people with respect. The second most asked question is : “Why should I follow these rules ?” We learn the rules of etiquette ____73____ knowing them gives us confidence. If you know how to ____74____ wherever you are, you will be more at ease, people will get the message that you are a ____75____ person. 66. 1. naturally 2. gradually 3. continually 4. immediately 67. 1. Seldom 2. Instead 3. However 4. Therefore 68. 1. reality 2. experience 3. knowledge 4. survival 69. 1. across 2. along 3. up 4. over 70. 1. sense 2. pleasure 3. impression 4. confusion 71. 1. expected 2. explained 3. taken 4. told 72. 1. attitudes 2. parts 3. acts 4. guidelines 73. 1. that 2. when 3. for 4. although 74. 1. change 2. behave 3. show 4. arrive 75. 1. considerate 2. generous 3. well-to-do 4. decisive
  5. 5. 24 2. Reading Passages Directions : Read each passage and choose the best answer to each question that follows. Passage 1 Study the information of academic grading system of Harvard University below. Choose the best answer to each question. LETTER MEANING VALUE A Excellent 4.00 A- Almost Excellent 3.75 B+ Very Good 3.25 B Good 3.00 B- Fairly Good 2.75 C+ Fair 2.25 C Satisfactory 2.00 C- Minimum Satisfactory 1.75 D Poor 1.00 F Failure 0.00 R Course repeated later - (The previous grade of the repeated course Will be replaced by “R” and is excluded From GPA calculation) S Satisfactory - U Unsatisfactory - W Withdrawal with Permission - WF Withdrawal with F* 0 *(Withdrawal from course after time limit.) AUD Audit and non- credit - I Incomplete, used in case - a student fails to complete his/her class assignments within the time limit or is absent from the examination with approval from the University due to exceptional reasons. WP/IP Work in Progress - NR No Report - TR Transfer Credits - Student grades are computed at the end of each semester, and may include : • Quizzes • recitation • term papers • class participation • book reports • attendance • assignments • midterm and final examinations These requirements may vary with each course. 76. How many classes are there in the normal evaluation ? 1. 5 2. 6 3. 9 4. 10 77. Supposed that Golf got “W” in calculus, it would be assumed that he ______. 1. withdrawed the course in time with the lecturer’s consent 2. cut classes without instructor’s permission 3. could not attend enough classes but he was given some privileges 4. withdrawed the course after time limit 78. We may make a guess that AUD arises if ______. 1. a student needs to gain some more credits from attending the class only 2. a student pays no attention to the course he has taken 3. a student feels that it is useless to get AUD in his grade report 4. a student attends a course regularly but it is not necessary for him to take the exams 79. If Mike happens to have a serious accident on the way to the concert , which makes him stay in a hospital for a long while, which letter may he obtain for this health reason ? 1. NR 2. U 3. I 4. F 80. Which of the followings may not included in students’ grade computations ? 1. assignments 2. attendance 3. reports 4. trips Passage 2 With increasing development and use of computer technology, there is a new disease to worry about. Computers, are infecting computers in corporations, homes and university. These viruses spread exponentially, much like biological contagion, and then disrupt the affected systems. The virus secretly attaches itself to other programs and can then delete or alter files. The damage is generally activated by using the computer’s clock. Then, any program that is executed may be exposed to the virus, including program spread through telephone connections. Because of the increasing incidents of virus infiltration, businesses and agencies are becoming wary of sharing software. Security policies need to be increased as immunity programs are being fully developed.
  6. 6. 25 5 10 15 20 30 25 81. Which of the following is the best title of this passage? 1. Be Aware 2. Stop the Clock 3. Deleting Files 4. Sharing Software 82. The people most interested in reading this passage probably would be ______. 1. medical personnel 2. computer users 3. government workers 4. health researchers 83. It is inferred that a company can best protect itself from the virus by ______. 1. keeping clean 2. spreading programs by telephone 3. setting the clock correctly 4. not using shared software 84. The virus is ______. 1. a microbe 2. an insect 3. a disk 4. a program 85. If the virus infects a computer, the result would probably be ______. 1. lost information 2. a broken computer 3. sick personnel 4. disconnected telephones Passage 3 The economic crisis in 1997 made Thai citizens from every region, both the public and private sectors, aware of the vulnerability of the country's economic foundation and the problems of heavy reliance on foreign investment, technology, and markets. This led to serious attention being given to the study and analysis of His Majesty's address on the topic of "Sufficiency Economy". With the main duty of formulating the National Economic and Social Development Plans as well as coordinating the country's development at policy level, the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) considered it most appropriate to use the royal philosophy of "Sufficiency Economy" as a guideline for determining policy, planning and formulating the implementation plan at all levels. This will create a correct and uniform understanding among all the parties concerned, as well as serve as a guideline to help Thai people earn a good living and the country in overcoming the economic crisis. As a result, after a review and evaluation of His Majesty's addresses on Sufficiency Economy as well as other related topics, the NESDB sought His Majesty's consideration and his Royal permission for further reference. "Sufficiency Economy" "Sufficiency Economy" is a philosophy bestowed by His Majesty the King to his subjects through royal remarks on many occasions over the past three decades. The philosophy provides guidance on appropriate conduct covering numerous aspects of life. After the economic crisis in 1997, His Majesty reiterated and expanded on the "Sufficiency Economy" in remarks made in December 1997 and 1998. The philosophy points the way for recovery that will lead to a more resilient and sustainable economy, better able to meet the challenges arising from globalization and other changes. Philosophy of the "Sufficiency Economy" "Sufficiency Economy" is a philosophy that stresses the middle
  7. 7. 26 35 40 45 path as the overriding principle for appropriate conduct by the populace at all levels. This applies to conduct at the level of the individual, families, and communities, as well as to the choice of a balanced development strategy for the nation so as to modernize in line with the forces of globalization while shielding against inevitable shocks and excesses that arise. "Sufficiency" means moderation and due consideration in all modes of conduct, as well as the need for sufficient protection from internal and external shocks. To achieve this, the application of knowledge with prudence is essential. In particular, great care is needed in the utilization of untested theories and methodologies for planning and implementation. At the same time, it is essential to strengthen the moral fiber of the nation, so that everyone, particularly public officials, theorists and businessmen, adheres first and foremost to the principles of honesty and integrity. In addition, a balanced approach combining patience, perseverance, diligence, wisdom and prudence is indispensable to cope appropriately with critical challenges arising from extensive and rapid socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural changes occurring as a result of globalization. 86. Why did Thai public resort to pay more attention to “Sufficiency Economy” after 1997? 1. That was because His Majesty the King has taken this issue seriously. 2. That was because they encountered an economic ordeal from globalization era. 3. That was because they thought the National Economic and Social Development Plans were not workable. 4. That was because they could still rely on foreign investment, technology, and markets. 87. It seems that a correct and uniform understanding among all the parties concerned in “Sufficiency Economy” is vital since ______. 1. this leads to a guideline to help Thais earn a good living and defeat the economic problems. 2. this can tie all Thai people to stay calm in the present political and social crisis. 3. this is the best performance of NESDB in the past 10 years. 4. Thai people feel more loyal to the King because of his royal initiation. 88. What style of writing is used to create the first paragraph? 1. classification 2. cause–effect justification 3. comparison 4. commentation 89. How many years ago was “Sufficiency Economy” addressed by His Majesty the King? 1. about 10 years ago 2. about 20 years ago 3. about 30 years ago 4. about 40 years ago 90. What is the main point of the philosophy? 1. To create richness, wealth, and economic growth 2. To overcome poverty, illiteracy, and political unrest 3. To sharpen the abilities to compete with economic rivals in globalization 4. To recover from crisis and establish sustainable development 91. The way to accomplish the ultimate goal of the philosophy is to ______ . 1. seek methods to shield against inevitable capitalism 2. stress the middle path on the middle class 3. modernize the country through western economic theories 4. apply the knowledge with moral awareness focusing on grassroots 92. We can infer from the passage that “Sufficiency Economy” comprehensively covers ______ . 1. globalization, crisis, and middle path 2. balanced approach, moral, and honesty 3. middle path, prudence, protection against shocks 4. public officials, theorists, and businessmen 93. The word “indispensable” ( line 48 ) can be replaced by ______. 1. vital 2. impossible 3. creative 4. accessible
  8. 8. 27 94. We may identify from the passage that external shocks originate from ______ . 1. economic crisis in 1997 2. environmental problems in 20th century 3. corrupt officials and dishonest businessmen 4. globalization and its adverse effects 95. The passage mainly tries to tell the readers about ______ . 1. ways to achieve a balanced development strategy through cost minimization 2. how to be moral people especially with honesty and integrity 3. what “Sufficiency Economy” offers to help Thai people survive in drastic changes resulting from globalization 4. things Thai people at all levels should do so as to be the rich regardless of moral concerns 96. The word “vulnerability” (line 3) means ______ . 1. turning point 2. standing point 3. strong point 4. weak point 97. “Sufficiency Economy” seems to be anti- globalization concept when judged by its content. To put it another way, “Sufficiency Economy”can be partly described as ____ . 1. internationalism 2. individualism 3. decentralization 4. localization 98. “Sufficiency Economy” best reflects His Majesty the King’s ingenuity in perfect ______ . 1. estimation 2. versatility 3. courage 4. morality 99. NESDB is liable to comprises _____ . 1. Thai public in general from all regions and classes 2. senior representatives from academics, technocrats, and specia l experts in various areas of knowledge 3. top government officials and successful businessmendeprived of development administration knowledge 4. professional gurus in the fields of fiscal and social administration 100. The passage implies that ___________. 1. integrated knowledge utilization sometimes does not work in a developing country like Thailand. 2. sufficiency Economy has nothing to do with Political and Social issues. 3. a holistic approach should be taken into account when we talk about country development. 4. economic crisis never arises only when we terminate the export – oriented policy.
  9. 9. 28 03 O-NET 1. 1. What’s up 2. 2. seems 3. 3. exaggerating 4. 3. sweat 5. 1. said 6. 1. For sure 7. 4. After All 8. 2. Can we 9. 4. but 10. 2. How about some ice cream ? 11. 1. How many foreign languages do you use well ? 12. 3. I speak it quite well 13. 4. What about working evenings ? 14. 2. he must sometimes listen to the guest’s complaints. 15. 3. I think so. 16. 1. a top secret 17. 2. I beg your pardon ? 18. 2. What an invaluable lecture ! 19. 1. Give me a ring 20. 3. one man’s meat is another man’s poison 21. 2. It serves him right 22. 3. I have the butterflies in my stomach 23. 1. Be my guest , here is the key 24. 1. How do you do ? 25. 2. Do you need a ride ? 26. 4. Stay tuned 27. 1. careful 28. 2. Shake a leg ! 29. 2. make sure the shopkeeper has given you the right money now 30. 1. I think it must be yours. 31. 2. limited 32. 2. stubborn 33. 3. inhibits 34. 4. refer to 35. 4. spreading 36. 4. prestige 37. 1. viable 38. 1. clique 39. 1. abdicated 40. 1. lucrative 41. 1. necessary 42. 2. expresses 43. 3. kinds 44. 1. accuse of 45. 4. entertain 46. 4. good – recognized 47. 4. philosopher 48. 3. who 49. 2. wash 50. 4. another 51. 3. whose mother is a medical doctor 52. 1. didn’t rise 53. 3. took the chocolate and ran 54. 1. the last meeting of the two famous representatives 55. 4. Criticizing mainly the administration of the present board 56. 1. DVDs resemble compact discs 57. 3. Thailand’s OTOP program encouraged villagers to improve local product quality and marketing 58. 4. patients will often wear retainers 59. 3. largest, most, museums 60. 2. Prior to that 61. 2. the average temperature 62. 3. its projected continuation 63. 1. during the 20th century 64. 2. solar variation combined with volcanoes 65. 3. environmental science 66. 3. continually 67. 2. Therefore 68. 4. survival 69. 2. Along 70. 4. confusion 71. 2. explained 72. 4. guidelines 73. 3. for 74. 2. behave 75. 1. considerate 76. 4. 10 77. 1. withdrawed the course in time with the lecturer’s consent 78. 4. a student attends a course regularly but it is not required for him to take the exams 79. 3. I 80. 4. trips 81. 1. Be aware 82. 2. computer users 83. 4. not using shared software 84. 4. a program 85. 1. lost information 86. 2. That was because they encountered an economic ordeal from globalization era. 87. 1. this leads to a guideline to help Thais earn a good living and defeat the economic problems 88. 2. cause – effect justification 89. 3. about 30 years ago 90. 4. To recover from crisis and establish sustainable development 91. 4. apply the knowledge with moral awareness focusing on grassroots 92. 3. middle path, prudence, protection against shocks 93. 1. vital 94. 4. globalization and its adverse effects 95. 3. what “Sufficiency Economy” offers to help Thai people survive in drastic changes resulting from globalization 96. 4. weak point 97. 4. localization 98. 2. versatility 99. 2. senior representatives from academics, technocrats, and special experts in various areas of knowledge 100. 3 . a holistic approach should be taken into account when we talk about country development.