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Exploring Innovation Ecosystems as Networks: Four European Cases


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Exploring Innovation Ecosystems as Networks: Four European Cases
HICSS 2016, January 5-8, 2016, Kauai, Hawaii
Jukka Huhtamäki, Neil Rubens

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Exploring Innovation Ecosystems as Networks: Four European Cases

  1. 1. Exploring Innovation Ecosystems as Networks: Four European Cases Jukka Huhtamäki and Neil Rubens HICSS 2016, Kauai
  2. 2.  Innovation often takes place in the context of innovation ecosystems (Adner and Kapoor 2010, Russell et al. 2011, Autio and Thomas, 2013, Valkokari 2015)  New data, tools, and questions are available for insights on latent structures within innovation ecosystems (Basole et al. 2012, Still et al. 2012)  Network analysis allows analyzing the structure and structural dynamics of ecosystems of business and innovation (Russell et al. 2011, Basole et al. 2012)  In this study, we present a novel approach for measuring innovation ecosystems with socially constructed data and network analysis  …and contrast the results to a more traditional innovation indicator, Innovation Union Scoreboard to investigate their compatibility Introduction
  3. 3. Quantitative metrics
  4. 4. La Modest Innovator - Latvia Moderate Innovator - Hungary Innovation Follower - Estonia Innovation Leader- Finland
  5. 5.  Network analysis of socially constructed data yields into results that are comparable to traditional innovation indicators  Importantly, the approach allows completely new insights into the system-level structure of the innovation ecosystem  In order to fully utilize the new actor-level metrics in understanding innovation, we need equally specific output metrics for innovation performance  The new views allow and indeed insist new ways to conduct decision-making in the context of innovation ecosystems  Boundary specification has to be reconsidered – here we are following national boundaries even though innovation does not respect them! Conclusions
  6. 6.  Developing means and methods to move beyond the (sometimes) superficial statistical analyses and (often) case-specific qualitative analyses  …and to support interdisciplinary investigation of innovation ecosystems that seek to discover mechanisms and structures latent in innovation ecosystems, cf. critical realism in analytics (Bygstad and Munkvold 2011)  Imperatively, to enable true discourse between academic research, decision-making and policy-making for innovation (and business) ecosystems (cross-sector, cross- border, cross-domain) Future work
  7. 7.  Jukka is @jnkka @TampereUnitech  Neil is @activeintel  We are part of @ien_stanford  This research was partly sponsored by Tekes: Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Join the discussion