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Development of a Windows 8 app based on ImmobilienScout24 REST API


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Development of a Windows 8 app based on ImmobilienScout24 REST API

  1. 1. Entwicklung für Windows 8am Beispiel einer Anwendung auf Basis der ImmobilienScout REST API
  2. 2. Entwicklung für Windows 8 Alexander Kraskov bis Februar als Entwickler tätig für das Developer Garden Projekt der Telekom Uwe Kaminski Manager für Developer Portal und Community, Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation
  3. 3. Developer-Basics: ToolsWindows 8 Consumer Preview Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool SD Card or USB Stick with downloaded .isoInstall Windows 8 on your device (32 or 64 bit)
  4. 4. Developer-Basics: ToolsMicrosoft Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8 Could be installed on Windows 7 or 8 Contains Windows 8 Simulator
  5. 5. Developer-Basics: Pre requirementsWindows Live account ( Whatever runs Windows 7 will also be able to run Windows 8 Optional advantage: TouchScreen devices
  6. 6. Developer-Basics: Knowledge C/C++ C#/VB.NET JavaScriptWinRT yes yes yesSilverlight/XAML yes yes noHTML no no yesDirectX yes no noCodesharing Legacy Windows Legacy Windows Websites, HTML Apps, professional Apps, indie Xbox, apps, ... Xbox, other Windows Phone platforms... Apps, ...
  7. 7. Basic development concept1. C# Objects with Mock-Data2. XAML-Pages and Bindings3. «Real Data» from IS24 REST API
  8. 8. Data Binding
  9. 9. UI Design Patterns Hierarchical Linear Screen areas while reading navigation navigation Example: Web browser Screen areas while interacting
  10. 10. ImmobilienScout24 APIREST, OAuth, JSON oder XMLFeatures: Search for real estates Contact realtor Shortlist functions Send or share real estates Region autocompletion search
  11. 11. Known IssuesThere is no Map-UserControl aviable yet in .Net Framework 4.5ListBox/ListView: There is no «Scrolled» Event so its impossible to detect the lists endListBox and ListView block UI while adding many new items
  12. 12. WorkaroundsBing Maps SDK for metro style apps (beta)Bing Maps API, static Picture with specified coordinates and manual implemented controls (zoom, etc)Using of VisualTreeHelper to find a ScrollBox in ListViewsUsing of PeriodicTimer to add new items
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Any questions?