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Bookr (1)

  1. 2. I'm reading Sense and Sensibility. It is about a girl who has to leave her family and went to another city. So she falls in love with a boy named John and then she has to leave him. The book was written by Austen and it was published by Macmillan. It was printed in Thailand in 2009. I chose this book because I found it very interesting and my friends said that it is very good. The book has 118 pages.
  2. 3. . Norland Park was an old house in Sussex. The Dashwood’s family lived there for many years. Mr. Dashwood invited his nephew and his family to live with him in Norland Park. Mr. Dashwood had never married or had children, so his nephew was his only heir. Henry Dashwood would inherit the property. Henry has married twice. His first wife died so he married again and had three daughters. Mr. Dashwood had written in his will that the property was for his nephew, but before he changed the words of his will. Harry, Henry’s son was his inheriter. But he was a very young child so John should look for everything.
  3. 4. Few days later, Henry died. the house in Norland Park was Fanny’s house now and she wanted Mrs dashwood and her girls to leave the house. Fanny was a very selfish woman, she had no kind feelings. She did not care about Mrs. Dashwood ‘s family. John gave his stepmother and her girls only 50 dollars from time to time and look for a house to them. His wife said that the girls were not need money at all. Fanny had two brothers. Their names were Edward and Robert. The boys came to stay in Norland park. Edward was not handsome but he had a pleasant face and very good manners, he was very shy. Elinor and Edward were always together. Edward was not shy with Elinor. Mrs dashwood was sure that they were falling in love, so she spoke to Marianne about it. Marianne said that Edward did not love Elinor because he was too quiet but said that he could be suitable for Elinor.
  4. 5. Fanny believed that Elinor was not good enough for her brother, she wanted to make Mrs. Dashwood understand this. Fanny said to her that her mother would be very angry if her brothers were tricked into unsuitable marriages. Mrs. Dashwood understood that Elinor was to poor to married with Edward.   The journey from Sussex to Devon for mrs. Dashwood’s family was very long. The family felt miserable. Devon was a beautiful country and the Dashwoods saw interesting views as they looked out the carriage windows. In the second day after breakfast, they had their first visitor – Sir. John Middleton of Barton park. Sir John was good looking, very friendly, gentleman. Lady Middleton was tall, well dressed and good looking. She was about thirteen years younger than her husband. Mrs. Jennings, lady Middleton’s mother, was very gossip.
  5. 6. One day, Marianne and Margaret went for a walk in the nearest hill. The weather was cool, but suddenly the rain clouds returned and the sky became dark, and the sisters turned back at once to go home. They ran as fast as they could but the rain was very strong. Then Marianne slipped on the wet grass and fell to the ground. She cried out in pain. Margaret was running too fast and she could not stop. Marianne had hurt her ankle and she could not move. She asked to her sister’s help, but she did not come back. So, a young man came over the hill. When he saw Marianne he tried to help her but Marianne had her ankle hurt and he lifted Marianne in his arms. The Dashwoods were very surprised to see Marianne in the arms of a strange young man. So, he put Marianne on the chair and went out.
  6. 7. In the other day, Willoughby called in the morning to take news about Marianne. Marianne and Willoughby both liked art, literature, music and dancing. He admired the same poets who she loved. She was delighted. Willoughby visited Marianne every day, but she could not walk but she did not care about this because she thought about Willoughby every time. She thought that he was the perfect men of her life.Elinor was not as happy as her sister. She often thought about Norland Park and in Edward Ferrars. On the day of the visit to Whitwell, everyone was excited. During the breakfast, a servant arrived with a post. There were several letters for Sir John and one for Colonel Brandon. Then he stood up quickly and left the room. He returned after about five minutes with bad news. He said that he had to leave to London at once.One day Willoughby was visiting Marianne and when the ladies returned she ran upstairs to her room.
  7. 8. Mrs. Dashwood asked what were the problem and Willoughby said that Mrs Smith had given orders to him. He needed to go to London at once. Marianne agreed to go for a walk with her sisters and they found Edward Ferrars and he was going to stay in Barton for several days. One morning Sir John appeared with five visitors in Dashwoods’ house. Marianne and Elinor did not like the Steeles. Lucy Steele’s conversation was amusing and enjoyable, she was not well educated and she did not have anything interesting to say. Lucy wanted very much to be Elinor’s friend. Onetime Elinor told her about Edward ferrars and asked for a secret and said that she trust in her. But Lucy said that she was engaged with Edward! Elinor did not believe that she was telling the truth and showed a letter for Elinor from Edward and Elinor did not want to believe.
  8. 9. Elinor sat down to talk with Lucy. she asked a lot of things about her engagement with Edward. Mrs. Jennings called Elinor and Marianne to make a trip to London with her. Elinor did not want to go because she was afraid to see Edward with Lucy, but Marianne wants to see Willoughby and they decided to accept the invitation. The trip to London took three days. When they arrived they settled in a room very comfortable and Elinor wrote a letter to her mother and Marianne for Willoughby. Some time later Willoughby went to London. Elinor was thinking that her sister had not told her all about her engagement with him.After a few days, Marianne wrote another letter to her lover and how he had not answered the others she was very unhappy and disappointed.
  9. 10. The sisters were invited to a big party. Getting there Marianne saw Willoughby and went to talk to him, but he did not want to talk to her and continued talking with another woman. Elinor and Marianne went away. Marianne wrote, in the other day, a letter to him. He replied, saying he did not love her. She was unhappy, she thought that she would never be happy again. Mrs. Jennings said to Elinor that Willoughby was getting married.   In the end of the story, Marianne was very ill, but after she was much better. Edward did not get married with lucy. His brother married lucy. So, Edward asked Elinor to marry him. Marianne discovered that she was loving Colonel Brandon, and they married. So, the sisters were very happy and with their loves.  
  10. 11. I liked the book very much, but I think that the final was not very good. For me, Elinor could not have married with Edward. He made her unhappy, but she loved him. The story is so exciting and full of problems, I like this.
  11. 12. Glossary Word 1: nephew Grammar component : noun Meaning: a son of one’s brother or sister, or of one’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Example to the book : ‘’invited his nephew and his family to live with him.’’ My example : my nephew is so unkind.   Word 2 : delighted Grammar component : adjective Meaning : very pleased and happy Example to the book : ‘’John Dashwood was delighted with Fanny’s idea.’’ My example : She was delighted with her new home.    
  12. 13. Word 3 : shall Grammar component : noun (wrong ) – modal verb Meaning : used to say what you will do in the future Example to the book :’’ this way we all shall be happy.’’ My example : I shall have to be careful.   Word 4 : pleasant Grammar component : adjective Meaning : enjoyable or attractive and making you feel happy Example to the book :’’but he had a pleasant face’’ My example : The restaurant was large and pleasant.  
  13. 14. Word 5 : pity Grammar component : noun Meaning : to show that you are disappointed about something and you wish things could happen differently. Example to the book :’’ it is a pity that Edward does not share.’’ My example : It's a pity that he didn't accept the job   Word 6 : suitable Grammar component : adjective Meaning : having the right qualities for a particular person, purpose, or situation. Example to the book : ‘’I suppose that he might be suitable for Elinor ‘’ My example : We are hoping to find a suitable school.
  14. 15.   Word 7 : teased Grammar component : verb Meaning : to laugh at someone and make jokes in order to have fun by embarrassing them, either in a friendly way or in an unkind way. Example to the book : ‘’so she laughed and teased them.’’ My example : She used to tease me about my hair.   Word 8 : foolish Grammar component : adjective Meaning : a foolish action, remark etc is stupid and shows that someone is not thinking sensibly. Example to the book : ‘’the old lady was being very foolish.’’ My example : I've never heard anything so foolish in all my life.
  15. 16. Word 9 : heavily Grammar component: adverb Meaning : in large amounts, to a high degree, or with great severity. Example to the book: ‘’soon rain began to fall heavily’’ My example : His wife was heavily pregnant at the time.   Word 10 : paths Grammar component : noun Meaning : a track that has been made deliberately or made by many people walking over the same ground. Example to the book : ‘’all the paths became wet and muddy’’ My example : I walked nervously up the garden path towards the front door.  
  16. 17. Literary Project assigned by Juliana Paniago. CCBEU – Goiânia – Goiás May 2010