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Sharing slides from 3/19/13 Agile Leadership Network talk given in Research Triangle Park. The agenda covered "what the heck is Stoos", "hierarchical bureaucracy" as an attractor, exercises of "better leadership" and "Customer Delight" as preferred attractors, finishing with a great panel discussion.

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Stoos intro

  1. 1. “..organizations can become learning networks of individuals creating value, and that the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living rather than the management of the machine.” Stoos - January 6-7, 2012Catherine Louis – Deborah Hartmann Preuss – Esther Derby – Franz Röösli – Jay Cross – John Styffe – JonasVonlanthen – Julian Birkinshaw – Jurgen Appelo – Kati Vilkki – Klaus Leopold – Melina McKim – Michael Spayd – Peter Hundermark – Peter Stevens – Rod Collins – Roy Osherove – Sanjiv Augustine – Simon Roberts – 1 Steve Denning – Uli Loth Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  2. 2. AGENDA• About Stoos.• We’re in a bit of a mess. • attempts to fix the mess seem to fail. Complexity scientists would say that this hierarchical bureaucracy that we revert to is an “attractor”.• We’ll talk about two attractors that I have found that work to energize organizations.• The remaining part of our session will be exercises on “leadership” and “customer delight”, finishing with a fun fishbowl panel. 2 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  3. 3. “STOOS” 3 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  4. 4. 2009: Conclu ...WE ARE IN A BIT failure of tradi OF A MESS • Rate of Return on Assets has fallen 1965 fa 75% since 1965. • Fortune 500 Firms in 1955 vs. 2011 - 87% are gone. 5 • Customers are gaining and wielding h unprecedented power as reflected in increasing customer disloyalty. Today • 1 in 5 workers is fully engaged.Source: Deloitte’s Center for the Edge: The Shift Index 4 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  5. 5. WHO’S IDEA WAS STOOS? Blog: http://www.scrum- breakfast.com 5 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  6. 6. WHAT IS STOOS?• Initial “Stoos” event, January 2012 in Stoos, Switzerland. ~21. Formation of “Stoos Network” linkedin group, creation of happened at this event.• Stoos Stampede event, July 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ~750• Stoos Connect event, world-wide, multimedia streamed event.• Stoos Network linkedin group, ~2000 members worldwide, with over 25 satellite groups and growing.• Stoos Network is movement of like-minded people seeking to energize organizations in ways that make them better for the organizations themselves, better for workers, better for customers, and better for our society. 6 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  7. 7. IMPORTANT POINTS• Stoos is a movement with no formal structure.• We support all models that support doing business better. Stoos gathering did not endorse any one new management model over others, and this trend continues.• It is a “neutral” forum where there is information about new and better ways of working.• It is a forum where you can ask questions, share thoughts and opinions and enter debate openly and freely.• We believe that together we can reverse this “messy” trend. 7 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  8. 8. 8 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  9. 9. EXERCISE 1: AGILE & LEADERSHIP• Pretend you have just started at a new, very Agile company. You’ve been there 2 months.• The company is making money, delighting customers, and you love your job.• For some reason you have to talk to your manager. • A: What do you need to talk to him/her for? • B: What “attribute” would you like to see in this person?• Example: • A: Career Development. • B: I’d like her to have a HUGE network for me to tap into. Exercise: 2 minutes on stickies, then read-out. GREAT servant leadership becomes an attractor. 9 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  10. 10. Traditional Management Making money for shareholders Managers are controllers Top down commands of individuals Bureaucracy: Rules, Efficiency, cost cutting plans, reports Self-reinforcing: Changing one thing makes no difference!Source: Radical Management - Steve Denning. 10 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  11. 11. Radical Management Making money for Delighting Customers shareholders Managers are Peer-to-peer Manager as enabler, controllers of Top down commands conversations impediment remover individuals Efficiency, cost Radical transparency, Bureaucracy:linked, Dynamically Rules, cont. cutting improvement flatter network plans, reports Self-reinforcing: Do all five at the same time!Source: Radical Management - Steve Denning. 11 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  12. 12. CUSTOMER DELIGHT Delighting CustomersPeer-to-peer Servant Manager as enabler,conversations impediment remover Leadership Radical transparency, Dynamically linked, cont. improvement flatter network Agile (Scrum, Lean, XP...) 12 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  13. 13. THE NEW BOTTOM LINE Making money is the result of the firm’s actions, not the goal.By focusing on delighting the customer, the firm makes a lot more money than they would if they set out to make money. 13 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  14. 14. DELIGHTING CUSTOMERS GOES BEYOND AGILE• Shift from an output to an outcome . The goal is not “working software”, it’s that this working software delighted customers.• Shift from customer satisfaction to customer delight . The customer must be positively surprised and excited!• Shift from an implicit goal to an explicit goal. Making it explicit locks it in. (Example, Zappo’s, Trader Joe’s.)• Customer delight is now the definition of “done” in Scrum.• It’s the bottom line for the whole organization.• Customer delight is measured.• What are some examples of firms that GET THIS? 14 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  15. 15. MEASURING CUSTOMER DELIGHTThe simplest and most effective measure of customer delight is the Net Promoter score (NPS.) Fred Reichheld: “The Ultimate Question”: “How likely is it that you will recommend this firm, service, or product to a colleague or a friend?” -1 +1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Subtract the number of scores of 0-6 from the number of scores of 9-10. IGNORE 7‘s and 8‘s. Compute the percentage of the result. This is your net promoter score. 15 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  16. 16. EXERCISE 2: What does Customer Delight feel like?• Pair up: Find someone and tell them about a time when you were truly delighted about a product or service.• Then listen to their story.• 60 seconds each. Exercise: 2 minutes. 16 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  17. 17. EXERCISE 3: Focusing now on your project:• What is it that you are working on? A product, service, feature, event?• Pair up, tell someone about the project/product/service you are working on.• 60 seconds each. Exercise: 2 minutes. 17 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  18. 18. EXERCISE 4: Who is your key customer?• Who is the crucial customer you really need to delight?• Pair up, 30 seconds each. Exercise: 1 minute. 18 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  19. 19. EXERCISE 5:What do your key customers value? Want? • What do your customers value? Do you know? • What do they want? • Pair up, 3 minutes total. Exercise: 3 minute. 19 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  20. 20. EXERCISE 6: What do your customers not like?• What is it that your customers might not like about your product/ project/service/event..?• What might be bugging your core customers with the way things have happened so far, or may happen later?• Pair up, 3 minutes total. Exercise: 3 minute. 20 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  21. 21. EXERCISE 7:How could you delight your customers more?• Now working as a table team, pick one of the projects and discuss how you could delight your key customers more and/or sooner?• Examples: could you delight your customers by doing less? By customizing? By creating a new business model?• What impediments stand in your way of doing this? Write impediments on sticky notes - one impediment per note. Exercise: 4 minute. 21 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  22. 22. EXERCISE 8:Evaluate the pros/cons of Customer Delight. Is it worth it?• Now working as a table team, discuss the tradeoffs in delighting your key customers.• Examples: what delights one customer might irk another - is it worth it? Does delighting the customer costs more, are the returns worth it? Can you find a way of delighting the customer by doing less? Exercise: 5 minute. 22 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  23. 23. FISHBOWL PANEL REVIEW How might a focus on Customer Delight enable change in your organization?How might a focus of better leadership skills enable change in your organization? If you were stoking the STOOS fire, what would you do next? Remaining time 23 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC
  24. 24. CATHERINE LOUIS• Specialty: Agile transitions in the scope of large, multi-nodal solutions, high-reliability systems. Enabling change to build speed, flexibility in business• 20+ years of development experience (software, hardware, services, operations) in complex product development• Extensive operations and business development experience in technical marketplaces worldwide.• 12 years as SAR II and K9 handler with Wake Canine Search and Rescue • find me on linkedin at http://www.linkedin/in/catherinelouis • find me on twitter @catherinelouis • find me in email: 24 Copyright 2008 -2013 CLL Group, LLC