Pretotype and pitch: accelerating your product development


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Fail Fast & Often!

Pretotyping is an approach to developing and launching innovation that helps you determine if you are building the right "it" before you invest a lot of time and effort to build "it right". Pretotyping helps you to fail ... fast enough and cheaply enough that you'll have time and ability to try something different.

A pretotype is a mock-up of the intended product or service that can be built in minutes, hours or days instead of weeks, months or years. The art and science of pretotyping is aimed to help innovators:
* Identify the core feature and experience of the new potential product.
* Decide what features can – and should – be mocked-up (or dramatically simplified).
* Use mock-ups to systematically test and collect feedback and usage data.
* Analyze data to determine the next step.

Fail fast and learn from it:
Most new products and services fail. Failure is an unavoidable part of the innovation process; and some failures are much harder to take – and survive – than others.

In many cases, the innovative product or service was well thought out, planned and built. The team put a lot of time and effort to give it lots of cool features, they tested and debugged it, shined it and made it look as good as the possibly could – just to find out that they put all this time and effort on ... the wrong product. They built something that people did not want or need.

If your new product or service fails fast (and at a lower cost), you will have the time, resources and energy to try something else – and keep trying until you have a hit. To increase your odds, just like baseball, you need more "at-bats". But if you've spent months and years and tons of money on a single idea - just one chance at the ball - you may have ran out of time, money and energy.

This workshop is designed to help you "see the fun" in pretotyping and failing fast and often.

Attributions: Alberto Savoia,

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Pretotype and pitch: accelerating your product development

  1. 1. Create your Market Pretotype: Innovation by accelerating your requirements value chain Attribution: Alberto Savoia Prepared by Catherine Louis - email catherinelouis - twitter http://www.linkedin/in/catherinelouis - linkedin (919) 244-1888
  2. 2. 2 A Pretotype, Pitch, and ILI and OLI measurements. ‘Pitch’? An attempt to promote / sell your ideas. Note: this definition does not include “and get feedback”. ‘Pretotype’? A test of the initial appeal and actual usage of a potential new product by simulating its core experience with the smallest possible investment of time and money. ‘ILI & OLI’? A measurement of the user’s initial and ongoing level of interest. What we’ll be creating:
  3. 3. 3 innovators beat ideas pretotypes beat productypes building beats talking simplicity beats features now beats later commitment beats committees Pretotyping Manifesto* source:
  4. 4. 4 don’t finish what you’ve started failure is an option scarcity bring clarity the more the messier reinvent the wheel play with fire Pretotyping Manifesto addendum: source:
  5. 5. Tools: 5 Model (draw how your app works and what it looks like on the phone!) Product Box (create a box to describe your ‘done’ product) Paper, pens, pencils, your team, your collective wetware Hint: you need customers for this exercise! Rules: There are none other than BE RESPECTFUL. Locate the experts in the room, use them. Use whatever you need.
  6. 6. More Tools: 6 Particularly useful for fake door pretotypes to test ILI and OLI using Google/Facebook ads. Omnigraffle: Shares across multiple pages and spits out clickable html: Mobile App pretotyping: Appery - free, cloud-based app platform - Dapp: about $5 for IOS: Hint: you need customers for to pretotype. MIT’s App Inventor: And even more drag and drop app builders:
  7. 7. Product Management - from ‘idea’ to ‘launch’ 7
  8. 8. 8 • Many Agile teams believe they are involved in this stage of developing a product. Product Management - from ‘idea’ to ‘launch’
  9. 9. 9 Product Management - from ‘idea’ to ‘launch’
  10. 10. Iterate through the requirement value chain to Preto & Pitch!: 10
  11. 11. Creating your Pretotype: 11 1.Pick your Target Market Snapshot (ex: Elderly, living alone in their home.) 2.Create the pretotype and pitch (iterate! - suggest a 45 minute timebox.) 3.Deliver the pretotype and pitch (last 15 minutes, 4 minutes per table) 4.Meanwhile: Have a facilitator be on the lookout for what might be in the Product Roadmap (ex: First delivery = Smart phone app - next, web app.) 5.It’s also possible to tease out User Stories while pretotyping: What-If’s, and list technical assumptions 6.Retrospective (last 10 minutes)
  12. 12. Retrospective aHaaa... 12 Pass the ball: share any aHaaa moment you had during the last hour, toss the ball to someone else!
  13. 13. THANK YOU!!! 13 Catherine Louis - web: catherinelouis - twitter http://www.linkedin/in/catherinelouis - linkedin
  14. 14. Catherine Louis • Specialty: Agile transitions in the scope of large, multi-nodal solutions, high-reliability systems, with large teams of several hundred to several thousand R&D employees. • Client companies include large power and telecommunication firms, spanning both hardware and software development. • Over 20 years of software development experience in complex product development. • Focus on Agile methods; Agile R&D; Strategic Planning. • Agile Transitions communications: enabling change to build speed, flexibility in business. • Extensive operations and business development experience in technical marketplaces. • Volunteer: 12 years as SAR II and K9 handler with Wake Canine Search and Rescue. – find me on linkedin at http://www.linkedin/in/catherinelouis – find me on twitter at catherinelouis 14