Marketsensus presentation april 2011


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Over 122,000 market research report.
Our clients report an average increase of 87% ROI
Fresher Research, Better Marketing

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Marketsensus presentation april 2011

  1. 1. Fresher ResearchBetter MarketingMarketsensus Research and Innovation Clients ReportHigher ROI of 87%
  2. 2. Fresher Research = Better MarketingWorld’s Latest Market Research  Marketsensus Provides access to over 122,224 reports consolidated from over 90 publishers. We bring together over 3,500 of the world’s leading consultants, publishers and researchers to give you access to updated insights, data and analysis.  Over 140 Fortune 500 companies trust Marketsensus  Clients who partner with Marketsensus report on Average 98% return  Custom Research team with a special focus on HK and China Consumer Market ....“Insight provided by Marketsensus through its research reports provided intergral information for a successful marketing campaign for customer loyalty, retention and confidence“ Anna Radford Barclays CapitalPage  2
  3. 3. Marketing Department ResourceThe Marketer’s Resource 1 Over 122,224 Research Reports 2 China/ HK Consumer Insights Team 3 Global Custom Research Capabilities 4 Value-add Annual Subscriptions 5 Network of ExpertsPage  3
  4. 4. How We Get Fresh ResultsPresentation Contents 1 Who we are 5 Accuracy 8 Over 122,000 Innovation, trend and analysis reports12 Short Client list13 Custom Research Team17 Syndi-cus20 Case Studies23 Report ListPage  4
  5. 5. Data AccuracyReliable Access to Credible, Timely Data SecondaryAdvanced industry specific Researchmodels are used to ensuredata completeness and Information directlyaccuracy Advanced collected from company Benchmarking and industry sources Data Updates Expert Panel ValidationExpert panel validationsacross the industry Forecasting Robust forecasting models that combine quantitative Over 20,000 and qualitative inputs surveys and Interviews monthlyPage  5
  6. 6. Fresher Research – When You Need itGain a Competitive Edge Solutions For the Marketer  Track industry trends and  Make decisions faster, more competitors knowledgeably  Identify new business and revenue  More effective marketing opportunities - increased profitability communications  Develop strategic plans  Targeted product offerings  Gain Insights into consumer  Maximise on research investments behavior  More cohesive, goal driven teams  Understand trends affecting industry and consumer  Understand threats both competitive and environmentalPage  6
  7. 7. Industries Covered Consumer & Retail Energy & Transport Telecommunications Financial Services Life Sciences Technology & Media Manufacturing & ConstructionPage  7
  8. 8. Covering the Entire Industry360 degee view from every angle SWOT Consumer Analysis Insights Competitor Company Market Report Analysis Country Competitive Outlook Analysis Fresher research Better marketingPage  8
  9. 9. Knowing Your MarketOn a macro and micro level Market Analysis  Reports providing analysis and insights into capacities, market shares, comainies and competitive landscapes Industry Analytics  35,000+ reports across 12 Industries and 200+ countries Country Outlook  Country reports provide indepth analysis of the market across sectorsPage  9
  10. 10. Knowing Your CustomerIntimate, actionable knowledge Consumer Behavior Insights  A glance inside the minds of your customer, at a fraction of the cost of custom research Trends till 2016  Trends influencing consumer purchases now and in the future Consumer Preferences  Consumer preference reports reveal tastes in drinks, food, coloursPage  10
  11. 11. Knowing Your CompetitorsGiving Your Strategy the Green Light Company Profiles  245,000+ reports for over 145,000 companies across 25+ industries and 200 countries and 200+ countries Deals and Alliances Analysis  Over 6,500 Deals & Alliances reports covering 85,000+ deals Includes financial deeals landscape and deal summary by region and market Strategic Analysis  Detailed strategic (SWOT) analysis for 45,000+ companies including all Forbes 1,000 and S&P 500 companies covering analysis on strengths, weakness, opportunities and threatsPage  11
  12. 12. Since 2005Page  12
  13. 13. Publishing Partners Gardner PublicationsAccess China Business Insights Juniper Researchandmarkets ABS Energy Research Inc Business Monitor Global AdvertisingAktrin International Keynote RFC Accustream pub Agt Strategies China KnowledgeAnalytiqa Press Koncept Analytics RocSearch Berlecon Ibisworld Bridgehead Infobusiness researchApollo Managed Care Cientifica Life Science Analytics Snapdata International Consulting and consulting Asia Market and Business Snapshots Canadean JGB ISA - InternationalArab Advisors Group Datamonitor Development International Publisher Strategic Analysis Datamonitor Industry China ConceptAroq Profiles Marketstrat Summit Consulting JupotermediaAsia Market Info & Dev Mind CommerceCo. Dedalus Consulting Publishing Summit Strategies CIR Ledbury ResearchAsia Pacific Telecom Multicultural MarketingResearch Li Digital Vector Resource Telecomtrends Condor Advisers Inc MintelBarnes Reports Espicom Organic Monitor Textiles Intelligence Corebrand Proteus Insight Riedel MarketingBerg Insight Euromonitor Ovum Utilis Energy Datacomm Research GroupBlackfriars Global Data PMR Publications ValuEngine, Inc. Freedonia Group Schonfeld and Assoc Primary Research Timely DataBOABC Global Markets Direct Group Verdict Juniper Resources Gardner PublicationsBorrell Associates HBS Consulting PRM Worldwide Videorex IncBuddeComm Hot Telecom ReportsFromChina ResearchandmarketsPage  13
  14. 14. Research and InnovationWhere research drives profits  The text that you insert  If you don’t want to use  The text that you insert will retain the same style the style and size of the will retain the same style and format as the fonts as used in this and format as the placeholder text. placeholder it is possible placeholder text. to replace it by selecting different options.Page  14
  15. 15. Specialist HK - China Insights TeamUnderstanding strategic advantage From first to third tier cities Leverage our experience and expertise to establish or expand your brand in Hong Kong and Greater China. Master the cultural idiosyncrasies from first tier to third tier and from North to South to maximize your success. We provide vision into consumer behavior and demographic breakdown of china’s cities for you to seize your firm foothold in the market. We have designed the following programs to drive continuous innovation of your company in China. Choose from an entire 360 suite of services or select which of our research and innovation systems works for you.Page  15
  16. 16. Covering Luxury, Consumer and Retail in ChinaSpecialist insights Luxury Consumer Retail • Our non-traditional • Proven market • We continuously track approach to research research and measure your combining access to methodologies and customer’s actual in- experts in the access to luxury store experience and consumer goods consumers buying patterns, giving market in China you the data to • Able to both build on and challenge improve performance existing ideas about consumer and • Analysts with fact-gathering and where it counts the retail in Hong Kong and Greater critical thinking skills China most. • Increase sales conversion rates • Grow your customers basket size • Improve profit margins • Reduce customer wait times • Lower store abandonments • Improve staffing policiesPage  16
  17. 17. Syndi-CusThe future of research aquisition 40- 70% Syndicated Find 40 to 70% of base research with Marketsensus syndicated reports. Our clients use our reports to gain an understanding before undertaking custom research 30-60% Custom Research Custom research forms the balance of the research avoid duplicated solutions, focus your budgets on research you need “Since changing to Marketsensus for research I now get an extra two focus groups per year from my marketing budget”Page  17
  18. 18. Syndi-cus ProcessHow it works We deliver the research in Clients find research to Our proposal includes presentation, video, understand the overview research report from ppt, word, excel or a of subject Marketsensus combination Completed Research Report Brief Proposal Methodology Research We develop a brief with We chose the right the client for further methodology to gain secondary analysis actionable informationPage  18
  19. 19. Marketsensus Custom ResearchLuxury and consumer product offerings Customer  Understand your customers in a highly fragmented market Segmentation  Understand growth of next tier cities In-Store  Revitalise your brand through many touchpoints at the store level Experience Channel  Understand the many channels and their consumer demographic Identification  Discover most profitable channels and partners in ChinaCultural Behavior  Infuse your brand identity with chinese cultural values. Studies  Strike at the heart of consumer desirePage  19
  20. 20. Marketsensus Custom ResearchLuxury and consumer Market  Eliminate underperforming advertisments and reduce redundancyAd Effectiveness  Define what words and why, covert more customers to your brand Market  Strategic roadmap for your company in China Entry/Expansion  Map the road for future expansion  Improve the probability of the success of your next launch NPD  Test your brand extension and market acceptance Feasibility  Discover the market, define it measure it and assess success rates Studies  Forward planning with accurate expert analysisPage  20
  21. 21. Luxury consumer insights ChinaCase Study Our client is a large advertising agency. The client wanted to understand motivations for luxury purchases and the meanings associated with luxury in three different demographics in China, HNWI, mass affluent, and the middle class. We carried out the study in ten cities in China. We explored purchasing motivations and meanings for wine, travel, property, apparel, cars, handbags, watches, business gifts, food and beverages. Methodology: Commencing the study we began in-depth discussions with leading experts on luxury consumer profiles, trends, and consumption habits as the basis for our video footage. Information gathered would be used to develop the discussion guide for our ethnographic lifestyle research. We collected first-hand information on luxury lifestyles, consumption habits, and opinions Methodology: Ethnographic lifestyle study. Respondents gathered together with friends in their home. We ask respondents to carry a diary and write thoughts of luxury, experiences and how they come into contact with luxury on a continuous basis. Our team worked with respondents browsing luxury magazines to discuss preferences. We filmed our respondents at the point of purchase for luxury goods, and restaurants. We enquired about choices and behaviors. We incorporated all of this into videos and reports for our client to understand luxury desires and behaviors in China.Page  21
  22. 22. Luxury Sporting GoodsCase Study luxury sporting goods case study Our client is in the sporting accessories market. They were curious about how they could exploit the strength of their vast distribution channels in China. We decided a brand extension would be the bridge to greater profitability. We partnered with them at the discovery stage of for a brand extension. Methodology We asked various online sporting communities to predict what consumers would buy next. The beauty of this method is that we didn’t rely on asking individuals what they would do we asked what they thought other people would do (shown to be a more reliable source – research shows that we are unreliable witnesses to our own motivations) in the future. People are social animals and very good and noticing other people are doing. We used the what crowd to predict which brand extensions would do well and which would fail in the marketplace. In doing this we saved our client 50% of their proposed budget and 50% of the time it would have taken with monadic methodsPage  22
  23. 23. Luxury Apparel and Fashion TrendsCase Study luxury apparel and fashion trends case study Our client is a large global consultancy, one of the biggest in the world. They specialise in economic analysis and forecasting providing in-depth coverage of over 160 countries and 140 industries around the world. We prepared a report on emerging trends in the apparel and fashion industry in China for them to deliver to their clients. We segmented the trends into product, gender and age. Methodology Our team scoured fashion magazines, fashion websites, blogs and other industry reports relating to textiles and apparel sales. Our team also monitored online communities and social networks for consumer conversations relating to brands in China. We then went on to interview key executives at major apparel stores, such as Zegna, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood Gieves & Hawkes, Kiton, Brioni, Hermes, Lanvin, Givenchy Armani, Missoni, and Ferragamo.Page  23
  24. 24. Reports available from MarketsensusDownload and read within 24 hours Trend Reports Innovation Reports Innovations and NPD in Dairy: Emerging Future Flavor Trends in Food: New opportunities in opportunities, flavor trends and new healthy, sensory innovation ethical and premium products Functional Food & Drink Consumption Trends Innovation in Natural and Organic Food and Drinks: Winning NPD strategies and future trends Future Flavor Trends in Soft Drinks: New opportunities in healthy and ethical products for natural, healthy, and exotic flavors Innovations in Confectionery: Key trends, growth Future Trends in Beer and Wine: Emerging markets, opportunities and emerging markets private label and innovation Innovations in Spirits: Key product trends, growth Growth Strategies in Bakery and Cereals: Key trends strategies and forecasts to 2012 and future product opportunities Key Trends in Nutraceutical Food and Drinks: Growth Strategies in Meat, Fish And Poultry: Emerging Novel ingredients, new applications and future consumer trends, NPD strategies and future revenue opportunities opportunities Foodservice in Asia-Pacific Growth Strategies in Ready Meals: Consumer drivers, Beer in Asia-Pacific new meal opportunities, innovation and format and flavor trends Profit Foodservice in Asia-Pacific Air Fresheners in Asia-Pacific Healthy Snacking: Future Trends & New Insights Apparel Retail in Asia-Pacific Growth Strategies in Meat, Fish And Poultry: Emerging consumer trends, NPD strategies and future opportunities Healthy Snacking: Future Trends & New InsightsPage  24
  25. 25. Reports available from MarketsensusDownload and read within 24 hours Trend reports Luxury reports Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Clothing, Accessories and Luxury Goods Retailing in Convenience China Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Emerging Markets – Growth Opportunities for Italian Connectivity Fashion and Luxury Goods Companies Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Global Luggage Market: Trend for Luxury Continues Comfort Global Luxury Goods Market Report: 2010 Edition Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Sensory Global Luxury Retailing Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Global Watch Market Report: Focus on Luxury Watches Individualism (2010 Edition) Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Luxury Furniture Industry Looks at Emerging Markets for Health Growth Trade and trade policy: clothing imports, retail demand Luxury Goods Market: Developing Regions Offer Huge and trends in five key emerging markets Opportunities Authenticity & Provenance Trends: Consumer Insights Shiseido Tsubaki Case Study: Breaking into the luxury and Marketing Opportunities hair care market with an effective marketing strategy Consumers Hot And Soft Drink Preferences: New Trends & Future Perspectives Advertising in China Ethical and Wellness Food and Drinks for Kids: Key product trends and manufacturer strategies Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods in Asia-Pacific Food Nutrients and Ingredients: Attitudinal and Behavioral Trends in Asia PacificPage  25
  26. 26. Reports available from MarketsensusDownload and read within 24 hours Food and Beverage Clothing reports Baby Drinks in Asia-Pacific to 2013 Childrenswear in Asia-Pacific Asian Polyester Market: Focus on China Baby Drinks in Asia-Pacific to 2013 Clothing: Asia-Pacific Industry Guide Baby Drinks in Asia-Pacific to 2013 Stain protection in apparel: new developments offer safer Beer, Cider and FABs in Asia-Pacific to 2013 solutions Canned food in Asia-pacific to 2012 Talking strategy: insights from John Cheh of Esquel into the opportunities and challenges of making apparel in Chilled & Deli Food in Asia-Pacific China Apparel Retail: Global Industry Almanac Chilled Food in Asia-Pacific to 2013 Changing apparel sourcing strategies Chinese Markets for Fast Food Fast track: US retail sales in six performance apparel Confectionery in Asia Pacific - Product Launch Quarterly sectors Global apparel markets: product developments and Dried Food in Asia-Pacific to 2014 innovations, 2nd quarter 2010 Agricultural Products in Asia-Pacific Global Textile and Apparel Sourcing—The Views of Four BrandsPage  26
  27. 27. Marketsensus OfferingsResearch and Innovation for every company  Subscriptions to databasess, newsletters and country profiles Subscription  Over 122,000 syndicated reports. Fresh new reports updated daily Syndicated Reports  A team to carry out custom research, experienced, credible professionals deliver actionable Custom Research insightsPage  27
  28. 28. Confidentiality and IP OwnershipWithin memberhsip ethics of esomar membership Chinese walls All custom research IP belongs Staffing rules to the client Independent expert opinions Clean desk, clear screen Legal Privilege Principle – ‘Need-to-know’ Confidentiality as element of quality Pre- and post-involvement confirmation of expert’s role Strict ‘ethical research’/business conduct guidelines Member of EsomarPage  28
  29. 29. Our manifesto is to build long term relationships with few clients. We like to take the steps to gain a deep understanding of our clients business and their customer base. We collaborate on every step of the marketing process to add value to each aspect of the brand communication and product offering. Our bespoke insights deliver richness to consumer and retailing in China in 2011 and beyond. Contact Details Every day we learn all sorts of stuff useful information about consumers in China. We are happy to impart our knowledge to ignite your future success in China. We welcome your call. MarketSensus Limited is a private limited company registered in Hong Kong SAR with the company number 1169792. The registered office is 1102 Hollywood Road Chinachem Building Cenral Hong Kong Phone: +852 2810 9840 Fax: +852 2810 9843Page  29