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Using Digimap


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Published in: Education
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Using Digimap

  1. 1. 10 ideas for using Digimap inyour coursework
  2. 2. Maps at different scalesUsing maps at differentscales is a simple way todescribe the location ofyour study area in detail.
  3. 3. Calculate precise grid referencesThe gridreference tool letsyou work out 10figure gridreferences(accurate to 1m)
  4. 4. Measure area and distanceDon’t forget to usethe measuring toolswherever possible.Mention this in yourmethods section forextra credit.
  5. 5. Add labelsLabels can easily be added, and combined with other typesof annotation.
  6. 6. Add place marksCreate placemarks to highlightfeatures ofinterest.There are severaldesigns to choosefrom.
  7. 7. Create desire linesTo create desire lines simply add place marks andjoin them with the line drawing tool.This is a great technique for showing how farvisitors have travelled to a destination.
  8. 8. Add filled polygonsFilled polygons arequick and easy todraw. They can beused to highlightareas of interest,for exampledifferent land uses.
  9. 9. Add and annotate shapesCreate shapes withthe Shape tool.Shapes can befilled, scaled andmodified with textlabels andmeasurements.
  10. 10. Create buffer circlesBuffer circles canbe used to delimitsampling areas orto record resultsas an accurateproportional circleto represent adata set.
  11. 11. Add geo-located photosThis is a greatfeature to showthe location ofphotos that youhave taken.Reduce the size ofyour photo beforeuploading it.