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Turning Space into Place


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A Teachmeet presentation

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Turning Space into Place

  1. 1. “Place is security,space is freedom” Yi-Fu Tuan
  2. 2. turning space into place
  3. 3. A place comes into existence when humans give meaning to a part ofthe larger, undifferentiated space. (Tuan)
  4. 4. Challenge for educators? ming e beco gam Ch ildren video Children ed to orlds, no longea ddict tasy w enjoy pla r fan ers warn ying teach outdoors P rin ce o pupils ne f Wales: arents b an their ed to go P outside t p la y child ren from o develo utside c h ara c te p p laying o r
  5. 5. Some ideas to help students to (re)connect with place
  6. 6. Fake planning notices… What would you miss from your local place if it was to disappear?“Our proposal is to turn The Chocolate Box into a KFC. The reasonfor this is because Wellington does not have a fast food takeawayand we have a lot of cafes.”If you disagree with this please tell us on our website
  7. 7. “We are proposing to change NatWest, Fore Street, into ‘Wellingtonreptile house’. The reptile house will be funded by Amphibian Inc; andNatWest plan to be moving to Swansea. Sorry for any inconvenience.”
  8. 8. Think inside the box…
  9. 9. Landscape in a box Venice by Melissa…
  10. 10. Landscape in a boxKatie’s box..representingHa Long Bay,Vietnam
  11. 11. Katie describes herbox…I have always lived in HalongBay.Here, on our little Bar-hangwe are born, we fish, we die.We spend our lives floatingabout in the bay, neverstepping on land.Life here is peaceful, no bills,no loud streets or tiresscreeching.We live here. In the grasp ofnature. By Katie Drohan
  12. 12. The “real” HaLong Bay…
  13. 13. What do places sound like?
  14. 14. Fieldwork: Investigating topocide…
  15. 15. Find evidence of topocide Go somewhere you like that is in danger of disappearing or changing forever. What is threatening to kill this place? Take photographic evidence and submit it to your local authorities. Topocide is the killing of a place and can result in buildings, landscapes and meaningful places being lost forever.http:/
  16. 16. Be on TV…Put on a performance for a CCTVcontroller. You could improvise a short play, show offa dance routine or hold a full blown talent show. Bring the ghost pier back to life… Spot the ghostly remains of Westward Ho!’s Pier at low tide. Bring the pier back to life in your mind and draw what you think it may have once looked like. Write a strange(r) play… Go to a charity shop and buy some random clothes that used to belong to other people. Draft and perform a short play about the strangers who used to wear the clothes. RIP… Find the oldest person buried in your local graveyard. Leave a flower on their grave.
  17. 17. The TV studio at the end of the worldUnderground,somewherenear Bristol… Fake planning notices project: Landscape in a box: Soundscapes in a box: Mission Explore: Photos: all © Noel Jenkins //