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  1. 1. greet class add a thunk do the registerstart a debate…
  2. 2. Tutor Time?Do ideas come from inside or outside your head?
  3. 3. Practice key words? Would you rather live underdemocracy or a dictatorship led by Father Christmas?
  4. 4. SubjectspecificStarter?
  5. 5. Make your ownWhich is the more important invention, the … or the …? What is the most important part of a …?
  6. 6. Is there more future than past ?Thunks lend themselves to…• Writing an answer down on a scrap of paper• Moving students into groups to develop their arguments• Think pair share• Live voting using a spreadsheet based graph that can be changed as arguments are made• Challenging the more able to argue against the view they actually hold• Asking the less confident / able students to say who made the best point
  7. 7. Can you stop thinking? The Little Book of Thunks Ian Gilbert Independent Thinking Series £6.00 Kindle £7.00 book