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Introducing solo


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Introducing solo

  1. 1. Introducing SOLO taxonomy So that both you and I can use the same language to describe how you are learningcredits
  2. 2. Pre-structural I’m not sure about this subjectcredits
  3. 3. Unistructural I have one idea about this subjectcredits
  4. 4. Multistructural I have several ideas about this subjectcredits
  5. 5. Relational I can link my ideas together to see the big picturecredits
  6. 6. Extended abstract I can look at these ideas in a new and different waycredits
  7. 7. Thinking about SOLO taxonomy The presentation relies exclusively on the work and ideas of…:John Biggs: Didau: Atherton: Coles: and The house analogy was originally created by James Atherton and the accompanying text and graphics are by David Didau and Tait Coles.