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Development contrasts


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Geography KS4 development indicator activity

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Development contrasts

  1. 1. How many of these countries can you name?
  2. 2. Happiness Rank the five countries in terms of happiness What makes people happy? Can it be measured? Could you be poor and happy?
  3. 3. Freedom and human rights Rank the countries in order of freedom and human rights Focus on the statements Think about how the countries are governed Are some human rights more important than others?
  4. 4. Health & Education Rank the five countries in order of health and education Which of the development indicators relate to health and education? Is there a relationship between wealth and education and health? Do all countries prioritize health and education?
  5. 5. Standard of Living Rank the five countries in order of standard of living Standard of living = “material wealth” or the quality and quantity of goods and services available to people and the way these services and goods are distributed within a population
  6. 6. Quality of Life Rank the five countries in order of quality of life Quality of life = This term can be used to describe how happy an individual or group of people are. It consists of two aspects: physical well-being includes things such as health and diet, and feelings such as stress or happiness. Unlike standard of living, quality of life, especially where feelings are concerned, cannot be measured directly.
  7. 7. Group Leaders Your group have to create a final ranking of the five countries in order of DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT: Meeting the needs of people and improving their standard of living both socially and economically A RANDOM member of the group will be selected to make a short presentation to the rest of the class. This task helps you answer a question on contrasts in development and different ways of measuring development.