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Coastal flooding


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Carteret Islands case study

Published in: Education, Technology
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Coastal flooding

  1. 1. The Carteret Islands: Paradise lost?
  2. 2. Carteret Islands: Where?
  3. 3. Carteret Islands: What?
  4. 4. Carteret Islands: Who?
  5. 5. Carteret Islands: The impact of coastal flooding Video:
  6. 6. Carteret Islands: Causes of flooding? Some theories: Sea level rise? (due to global warming, melting ice, thermal expansion of sea, isostatic readjustment) Islands are sinking? (tectonic plate movement) Man-made? (dynamite fishing breaking up reef, water extraction
  7. 7. Carteret Islands: Environmental impact? King Tides Water supply Mosquitoes Beach erosion Soil salinity (salt content) Coconut trees and mangroves
  8. 8. Carteret Islands: Economic impact? Cost of food Government aid of $2 million for resettlement Reliance on aid
  9. 9. Carteret Islands: Social impact? Culture and tradition Elderly Lifestyle Hunger Reliance on aid
  10. 10. Carteret Islands: Political impact? Bougainville 1990 ’ s civil war Government aid of $2 million Local people of Bougainville