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5 ict tools


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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5 ict tools

  1. 1. 5 essential ICT tools for constructivist learning
  2. 2. What? Record podcasts direct from a web browser Download podcasts from iTunes Why? Create revision materials Students teach students Easiest way to create and share podcasts How? Go to website link and create an account Ensure you have a microphone Audioboo also works on mobile phones
  3. 3. What? Real time collaboration with text documents Why? Devise class notes, mark and improve scripts, peer assessment, back channel questioning etc. How? Go to website link No registration needed Share the address of your pad using the IWB
  4. 4. What? Text voting made easy (and free) Live updates in PowerPoint Why? Engages students. They think longer before committing to a vote Download data in Excel How? Go to website link and create an account Also consider: Poll Everywhere (voting and text walls)
  5. 5. What? Online sticky notes Why? Get feedback Collate opinions / responses Collaborate on homework How? Go to website link and create an account
  6. 6. What? Google Earth Why? Useful for ALL subjects not just geography Create and share spatial data Analyze and describe spatial data Add multimedia and create interactive tours Constantly expanding gallery of GE resources How? Free download Plenty of how-to guides available.
  7. 7. The most used ICT tools in my bag...