Marketing suggestion for the hunger games using digital technologies


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New Media Advertising class group project at Sookmyung Women's University, report ver.

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Marketing suggestion for the hunger games using digital technologies

  1. 1. Hunger Game Catching Fire Team Mocking Jay
  2. 2. INDEX I. Situation Anaylsis 1. Product and Client background information 2. Market Information 3. Target Analysis 4. Client’s current or recent marketing communication campaign 5. SWOT analysis II. The Solution: Digital Touch Point Design 1. Mobile Media #1 2. Mobile Media #2 3. OOH Media 4. Integrated Media 5. OOH Media + Social Media 6. Others III. Conclusion 1. How can our marketing Strategy be integrated? 2. How will this digital media recommendation will enhance our client's current or recent advertising campaign?
  3. 3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire I. Situational Analysis 1. Product and Client background information Product Type Movie Category Action, Fantasy, Thriller Target group PG15, around age group of 15-20’s The Hunger game trilogy is series of science-fiction books targeting young adult written by Suzanne Collins. The movie is based on these books that are consists of The Hunger Game, Description Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. Second version which is Catching Fire will be released in Korea on November 21st. The Hunger Game is also popular due to its main actress who is Jennifer Lawrence. After Katniss won the Hunger Games with Peeta, she became a figure of rebellion against the absolute power of Panem. President Snow warns Katniss that he is inspecting her and forces her to participate in the Hunger Games again. Katniss has no other choice Storyline but to participate in the Hunger Games as well pretending Peeta’s spouse, in order to get support. Eventually, she participates in the Hunger Games with other previous victors. However in a twist of events, Katniss faces a situation where she doesn’t know who is on
  4. 4. her side or enemy. These events arise because secretly Katniss is being part of plot against the president. 2. Market information 1) Film Market Analysis in Korea Hollywood movies stand strong compare to Korean movies Koreans prefer Hollywood movies to Korean movies. Such an evidence is that according to Korea Film Council, Thor: The Dark World, which is popular Hollywood movie, is box-office hit in Korea for the last week of October in 2013. Moreover, in the same period another Hollywood movie called Gravity ranked second place followed by Korean movies that consist third to fifth places. First movie of Hunger Game was box-office failure in Korea The previous series, ‘The Hunger Games’ failed in box-office success in Korea despite huge success in other countries such as the U.S. and European countries. ‘The Hunger Games’ only reached about five hundred thousand viewers within 10days after its release in Korea from April 5th 2012 to April 14th 2012. The cause of this failure can be defined as lack of awareness. First, the original novel written by Suzanne Collins didn’t succeed ranked 19th in bookstores while it ranked #1 New York Times bestseller and translated into 26 languages in 38 territories. Also, actors and actresses who performed in the movie were not famous enough to do star marketing. Though Jennifer Lawrence, who played Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger
  5. 5. Games was quite popular celebrity in the States, she wasn’t well-known actress in Korea when the movie was released. This low awareness of both original novel and celebrities has resulted only 500,000 viewers. 2) Competitor Analysis Our team has analyzed the market regards to the movie that will be released on the same month and also those movies that are in the similar category or have similar target groups as to Hunger Game. 2.1. Thor: The Dark World Competitor #1 Thor: The Dark World Category Action, Adventure, Fantasy Target group 12A The film is opened to all age groups At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Storyline Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth. 2.1.1. Thor’s Marketing effort  Online platforms: - Official homepage: /
  6. 6. - Facebook page: (Marvel Korea)  Active Celebrity Marketing Explanation: The movie publisher, Marvel Korea, played ‘Star marketing’ and ‘SNS Marketing’ at the same time. Tom Hiddleston who played ‘Loki’, one of a main characters in the movie, came to Korea to promote the movie. He danced while interviewing and wrote his name in Korean ‘ (heart-shape) Korea’ for fans. He also showed on TV program, SNL Korea, and played a comical role with Korean comedians. Every single one of them was made as short video clips and released based on their SNS pages. 2.2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 ( Competitor #2 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Category Animation, Comedy, Fantasy 2)
  7. 7. Target group Universal Inventor Flint Lockwood thought he saved the world when he destroyed his most infamous invention -- a machine that turned water into food causing cheeseburger rain and spaghetti tornadoes. But Flint Storyline soon learns that his invention survived and is now creating food-animals - "foodimals!" Flint and his friends embark on a dangerously delicious mission to battle hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, hippotatomuses, cheespiders and other foodimals to save the world - again! 2.2.1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Marketing effort  Online platforms: - Official Site: - Facebook page:  Active Interactive Marketing
  8. 8. Explanation: The movie publisher, Sony Pictures Korea, runs many promotional events especially for children and their parents. Food monsters, main animated characters, visit elementary schools, toy shops, and family restaurants following the schedule on their Facebook page. Event sketching video is available on their official site and Facebook. Another Facebook contents is ‘YomiYomi Contest’, which provides information about how to make Food Monsters by using groceries at home and picks the winner among participants. Moreover, Jung Jun-ha, a famous comedian known as a big eater, is a PR ambassador for the movie. His interview video to celebrate the special day such as Pepero day, and many photos are available on their Facebook page and website. 3. Target Analysis
  9. 9. 1) Main Target: 10-20s We chose our target audience to be from ages 15-20s because teenagers in their 10s and 20s watch 7.2 and 10.9 movies per month respectively, which is the highest of all ages. Teenagers also prefer action and fantasy movies over other genres. 2) Previous marketing Lionsgate’s target audience was made up of female fans 14-25. However, the target marketing needed to extend to men as well as girls because the target IMAX cinemas had much bigger male audience. Therefore, we chose our main target 15-20s both boys and girls. 4. Client’s current or recent marketing communication campaign 1) Marketing Campaign Type Official Website Interactive Marketing (for US fans only) Title "The Hunger Games Ultimate Fan Challenge" Type Competition Description Fans can involve in various competitions and win prizes such as IMAX tickets or invitation to premiere red carpet. Goal To attract fans participation and to earn word of mouth through fans’ sharing Facebook Interactive Marketing (for Korean fans only) Title “Hunger Game Facebook Quizzes Event”
  10. 10. Type Events and Quizzes Description Through its Facebook fan page, they have posted quiz events and gave prizes for those fans who participated. Along with Facebook interactive marketing efforts, the fan page often gave informative content as well, which explained about the characters of its movie in a very creative way. Goal To earn more likes in Facebook and to build strong bond with fans Webtoon about Hunger game Title “Hunger Game Webtoon” Type Webtoon, cartoon Description Goal The movie promoted its story with cartoons Since the movie is released in series with complex story plot, Hunger Game cartoon was designed to give overall context of the movie for the effort to gain more interests of fans. Others - Celebrity Marketing: Idol group 4minutes is the ambassador of Hunger game #2 - Banner advertising - TV movie teaser After the client and its background analyzing, we could figure out that current marketing strategies in Korea are focused only on increasing people’s awareness. Therefore our
  11. 11. marketing strategies will be specified and detailed into level of awareness, preference and sustainability. 2) SWOT analysis Strengths It provides IMAX and 4D version. It has lot of attractive features that can be Weakness Current marketing strategies are only for increasing awareness of the movie. used for marketing. Opportunities Jennifer Lawrence is getting popular in Korea. Competitors are using aggressive marketing such as inviting famous actor or Hollywood Blockbuster is loved in Korea’s film market. II. Threats interacting with people by making Food Monsters. The Solution: Digital Touch Point Design A Guideline for Overall Marketing Strategies 1) Concept “Be the member of Hunger Game” 2) Concept Description Our marketing goal is to make everyone feel to be a part of the movie, Hunger Game. We suggest various interactive experiences related to the movie by using various media as touch points. Every contents will be connected to participants’ own SNS for the word-of-mouth. 3) Overall Marketing Process Description
  12. 12. Participants will get different ‘mobile badges’ as a reward for participating the events. There are five different types of badge for five different events, but no limitation in collecting the number of badges. For each week, the winner will be picked according to the number of badges they collect. The ranking will be noticed on mobile app and can be shared by all users. The detailed information will be followed in mobile media of the report. 1. Mobile Media #1 1.1. Title: Hunger Game Mobile Badge competition 1.2. Touch point: Hunger game official mobile application
  13. 13. Describe the key characteristics When one download this mobile application, the app enables one to accumulate badges that she or he can earn taking QR code. The idea is to earn fans’ interest and to build loyalty of the film. Collecting five badges is possible by participating in various advertising platforms such as Hunger Game magic mirror, interactive game, and other promotional campaigns. Provide rationale This mobile application will integrate all the promotional campaigns we try to do. Hardcore fans will actively participate in this campaign and try to attain prizes the campaign offers for those who get the highest number of badges. Develop your strategy and advertising creative by using this platform - Strategy: Put different badges in various Hunger Game advertising platform and encourage the target group to collect by using Hunger Game official app. - Creativity: Not only the mobile application gives people motivation to participate in various campaigns but also to actively engage in every campaign not just as passive recipients. Thus, delivering one unified voice to consumers, which is our concept “we are Hunger Game member” Explain How This Works 1) First, download the hunger game official app. 2) One launches app, the explanation will be shown how one can receive badges
  14. 14. 3) The application provides different menus for each promotional campaign 4) One can earn badges from following examples Official poster Magic mirror Bus station heater (local based) Official promotion video Mobile games Movie ticket etc There is no limit to the numbers of gathering badges but one must have at least one badge from each color to be qualified for the winner of the prize. One must register in order to participate in this mobile campaign and person who collects the most badges will get the biggest prize. Also, this app is integrated with influential social media like Kakaotalk, Facebook and Twitter so people can share their ideas about the film or the campaign itself spontaneously through the mobile platform. 2. Mobile Media #2 2.1. Title: Interview Generated Content & Voice Overlapping Interactive Marketing 2.2. Touch Point: Integration of Voice activity detection (VAD) technology and mobile application. Describe the key characteristics
  15. 15. By utilizing the technology called Voice activity detection (VAD), also known as speech activity detection or speech detection, one can ask questions to characters of the movie which then the questions will be matched to the ready-made videos that answers most appropriately to the questions. The interview content will be made as video and can be shared for fun, or one can just do it for fun without sharing. Though this technology that is now available in various fields such as Siri in iPhone and also the voice typing system that automatically types by detecting what the voice says have not been used actively in marketing area. Like the Naver Jisikin( ) this marketing effort is to generate user generated content and to provide information of the movie, which in this case the video that answers to the questions automatically. Provide rationale People who participate in this promotion not only experience as if they are part of the movie, but this fun idea of dubbing their voices over the movie clip or to get automated video answers will create unique user generated contents that people love to share with their friends. Develop your strategy and advertising creative by using this platform Strategy #1: Interview with the Hunger Games’ participants Creative: Users can create and share their original contents, not just sharing what is already available. In addition, it is good chance to ask and get answers of what they are wondering about the story or of the characters they feel connected during the movie, which makes possible for the fans to interact with the movie actively. Strategy #2: Overlapping users’ voice in the spot video
  16. 16. Creative: For example, the movie The Dark Knight Rises held special marketing campaign that gathers users’ chant on, which had begun from its production stage. Inspired from this campaign, this strategy suggests that people can record their voice over personal and official movie trailer. Explain how this works  Strategy 1: As replacing Caesar Filckerman, who is the character for the Hunger Games depicted as the host, the users of this interactive video content generator will interview the Hunger Games’ characters through mobile application. One can select and continue interviews with only one character or with several of them. The selected characters will be shown on the mobile screen with answers to the users’ questions, the whole dialogues will be recorded as form of video interview. This recorded video also can be uploaded and shared so that other people can watch the users’ generated interview. The interview that gets most responses by
  17. 17. viewers will be the winner of ‘The best interviewer in Panem’(Panem is all the game districts in the movie) and be announced as the winner on the Hunger Games official website.  Strategy 2: People can read and record the given dialogue or script through mobile applications and once the recording is done, the dialogue will be automatically dubbed in the trailer or spot video that able users to have their own content of the Hunger Games with their voice overlapped. Also, by getting permission from the users for collecting users’ voice, recorded voice will be gathered and can be used for official trailer or spot video that can be promoted through on Facebook or other social networks. 3. OOH Media 3.1. Title: Hunger Game Heater 3.2. Touch Point: OOH advertising for waiting shelter → Bus shelter Examples) Describe the key characteristics of this platform
  18. 18. Winter in Korea is awfully cold for people to wait for buses or to wait for their turn in amusement parks. By installing heater at the bus shelters would grab people’s attention and also would provide people with connection of warm and hot image to the title name Catching Fire, which the title includes fire. However, since the target audience is young adults this OOH media has to effectively deliver the message only to those groups and to utilize this mechanism more cost efficiently since turning heater could come expensive. Thus, one can only use the heater when they download the application of the mobile app, which works as unified platform of all the marketing efforts we provide so far, offering switch that one can turn on the heater based on the location base. To be more specific, mobile app provides a menu that shows OOH bus shelter located in different districts (in the movie, the characters fight for the survival in different district). Provide rationale (Explain why this platform is recommended) One of effective way to promote its movie is to advertise at bus shelters since people would likely to spend few minutes waiting and this advantage would give fairly good exposure time compare to the other media. Also, this unique way of promoting the movie is also expected to go viral through social network systems as well. The heater will be installed at major transfer stations or major university bus stops such as Hong dae, Shinchon, and Ewha. The shelter will be connected with whoever utilize the app that gives signal to the bus shelter. Develop your strategy and advertising creative by using this platform Strategy: This idea is to integrate mobile platform with OOH.
  19. 19. Creative: Most OOH advertisings have been solely adopted to raise the awareness of the product or service. However, mobile connection with OOH would attract more people to download the application, which would eventually yield more touch points for the prospects. Explain how this works Type1: People who saw the heater promotion through SNSs 1) People can download the application through mobile or PC 2) The mobile application provide the locations where the heaters are 3) People who are staying at the heater can launch the app and the location based system will turn on the heater Type2: People whose first touch point is the bus shelter 1) People can easily download the app with provided QR code 2) Launch the app and then use it as the same process mentioned above 4. Integrated Media 4.1. Title: Integrated Touch Point Marketing (OOH digital media + social media + emerging media) 4.2. Touch point: Interactive game promotion (combination of game and social network) Launch a promotion for the movie goers to experience the Hunger Game through interactive game. Ranking of the participant will be shown on mobile application and other official owned media. Describe the key characteristics of this platform
  20. 20. Above examples is called 3D eyefinity that allows gamers to feel as if they are immersing themselves in the game by providing three sides of the monitor, which gives illusion of one being inside the game. For our idea is to use three beam projectors to provide full experience of one being inside the game not just with small monitor. In addition to this, use technology that Wii currently has to play the game with actual arrow gadget. Provide rationale (Explain why this platform is recommended) People who came to movie theater will have the chance to participate in this promotional interactive game. They will be asked to share with their friends of the movie in order to play the game and then encouraged to download the mobile application of Huger Game when they want to get notification of various competitions or other promotion benefits. Also, participants’ rankings will be shown through mobile application, which then can be shared with their friends. Not only this platform will give the vicarious experience of the Hunger Game, but also shared ranking will indirectly advertise the movie to other prospects. Since
  21. 21. this indirect promotional posts will be shown as the friend recommended movie to other prospects, this interactive game platform could reduce the adversarial relationship between advertiser and the consumer since friends are recommending the movie to other friends not the advertiser. Develop your strategy and contents by using this platform Strategy: Attract people to participate in the interactive game that is unique and easy to play at the movie theater for further promotional effort to people who have not yet aware of the movie Huger Game. Explain how this works 1) People at the movie theater are encouraged to play the interactive game. 2) Before start of the game people are asked to connect the profile of their Facebook. 3) After playing the game participants’ rankings will be posted on their walls with glimpse of promotional message of Hunger Game. 5. OOH Media + Social Media 5.1. Title: Try on Hunger Game Clothing through Magic Mirror 5.2. Touch Point: OOH → ‘Magic Mirror’, a media pole which has a camera
  22. 22. Describe the key characteristic of this platform ‘Magic Mirror’ is a photo booth which uses augmented reality. This project will be collaborated with designers’ survival show, Project Runway Korea. The mission will be “Design new clothing for 12 characters in 12 districts.” There are 12 districts in the movie and people in each district have different lifestyle. New designed clothing should reflect the characteristics of each district. The winner’s clothing will be displayed in movie theaters through ‘Magic Mirror’, which uses augmented reality. Visitors can wear the clothes virtually through this platform. People can also take pictures and share them through SNS channels. Provide rationale The first touch point of this project is ‘TV program’. It means Hunger Game can be widely known through it. So, ‘Magic Mirror’ can get much more attention since it will be installed
  23. 23. after the TV show. ‘Magic Mirror’ will give interactive experience to visitors in theaters. Develop you Strategy and advertising creative by using this platform Strategy: This idea uses three touch points in serial, ‘TV (Project Runway Korea)- OOH (Magic Mirror) - Social Media (Participants’ SNS channels)’ Creative: ‘Magic Mirror’ adopts new technology, Augmented Reality. People can easily experience virtual reality through this platform. Explain How this Work 1) People standing in front of the Magic Mirror can see themselves wearing the clothes for Hunger Game. 2) Design their own photo background by using images, items, quotes shown on the movie. 3) Touch the screen to take a picture after all set-up. 4) Share personal pictures through Mobiles App and SNS. 6. Others 6.1. Title: Interactive Shooting Game for Hunger game 6.2. Touch point: Collaboration with Lott World amusement park. Describe the key characteristics This interactive shooting game idea is to maintain the movie’s popularity further by collaborating with one of the most popular amusement parks in Korea which is Lotte World. Regardless of the age group, interactive game called 4D shooting game in Lotte World is
  24. 24. loved by many people. Since the game content lasts for a very long period, Hunger Game can develop the game content for this attraction and then provide the content to gain or to maintain the level of awareness of the movie. Provide rationale While the storyline of the Hunger Game is about survival game, there is high potential to extend its business into gaming industry as well. Thus, developing a game content related to the movie can play a big role to sustain already earned fans and also to lure more prospects in. Develop your strategy and advertising creative by using this platform Strategy: Develop game content of 4D attraction for Lotte World → Hunger game can actively promote the attraction to Hunger game fans in Korea. Thus, the strategy is beneficial for the both parties. Creative: Not only the content can be employed in the theme park attraction but also the content can be applied to anywhere from online game to home family video game like Wii. Ripple effect of developing the content has positive impact for the consecutive series of Hunger Game, which in this case, sustaining the awareness of the movie.
  25. 25. Explain how this works These 4D shooting theatres have four elements that allow people to experience 4D effect. Those effects are 3D screen, sound effect, wind blow, and moving chair. One uses a gun to shoot any enemies, or obstacles directly pointing at the screen to earn score, and these scores are later accumulated to decide the winner among the participants. What is more interesting of this game is that the game automatically takes photos of the participants and shows the ranking by listing the photos at the end of the game, so the participants do not have to put their names in which personally think the function is labor-saving. III. Conclusion 1. How can our marketing strategy be integrated? A) We utilize one unified platform, which in our case is the mobile application. Even though we launch numerous digital promotional campaigns with totally distinct touch points, one eventually gets congruent message because the platform of our campaign is consolidated. Since one can enjoy several interactive games with the application also including the bus shelter heater, one will be more motivated to download it. Rationale behind such a reason is that the application will not be seen as just one time usage that the cost (i.e. searching for the application, downloading time, putting information, and other psychologically burdensome tasks) of downloading is considered time-consuming.
  26. 26. 2. How will this digital media recommendation will enhance our client’s current or recent advertising campaign? A) Current marketing activities are only focusing on awareness stage such as using idols, online banner, and teaser advertisings. Although, the client has Facebook page, the page is not actively used, thus, more touch points are needed to promote the film. Our integrated marketing effort will offer consumers with experience to be part of the movie. At the end, this interactive marketing effort can lead consumers to the preference stage, which is shown below as the figure. Moreover, expanding the clients business into game content business could be a long-term strategy to build sustainable relationship with its fans.