Smart Chicago presentation to the Knight Community Information Challenge webinar


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  • We are about technologyEverything we do relates to technology. We are of and about the InternetWe believe in the transformative power of the Internet to change lives and build economic developmentWe are openWe are a small organization looking to make the biggest impact possible. We can’t do that by being tight or closedWe work in the open, using & publishing open source technologyWe have methods for others allowed “in”, whether as contributors, observers, users, whateverWe seek to be of use to everyoneWe believe in the power of the network. The network needs everyone in it to be powerfulWe work on solutions that cover the entire cityWe seek meaningful paths to participation for all Chicagoans in all of our workWe focus on ChicagoOur middle name. We do seek to scale our solutions, but not without serving Chicago
  • Boston tries to solve this.
  • Boston tries to solve this.
  • Creating a culture of shared learning.
  • Smart Chicago presentation to the Knight Community Information Challenge webinar

    1. 1. Community Information ChallengeWebinar1Daniel X. O’Neil@danxoneilMay 1, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda2• Short intro to Smart Chicago Collaborative• Overall: Civic Innovation in Chicago project• Specific example: Civic User Testing Group@danxoneil
    3. 3. TechnologyOpenEveryoneChicago3@danxoneil
    4. 4. Smart Chicago Collaborative4• A civic organization devoted to improving livesin Chicago through technology• Devoted the concept of open– opensource, open process, open minds• Everyone means everyone• Chicago is our middle name@danxoneil
    5. 5. @danxoneil 5
    6. 6. Civic Innovation in Chicago6• Looks at public and private information thatcan be used to engage residents, solvecommunity problems and increasegovernment accountability• Vast project with partners likeWBEZ, nonprofits, State of Illinois, City ofChicago, Cook County, and local developers• Making all the great data published in Chicagomore ubiquitous and useful to real residents@danxoneil
    7. 7. @danxoneil 7
    8. 8. The Civic User Testing GroupMay 5, 2013 8• The Civic User Testing Group (CUT Group) is a setof regular Chicago residents who get paid to testout civic apps• $5 for signup, $20 for testing• The real mission? Co-creation• There is a large and growing community of "civichackers" in Chicago• The problem is the apps do not get wideacceptance by the people they were made for —regular residents of the city of Chicago.