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#CivicSummer at 1871


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This is the presentation we used to help guide our Friday session at #CivicSummer at 1871

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#CivicSummer at 1871

  1. 1. Civic Innovation Summer @ejacqui @danxoneil
  2. 2. Field trip to 1871 Everybody loves field trips.
  3. 3. Tour of 1871 • 1871 is a digital startup center of Chicago
  4. 4. Tour of 1871 • What service does 1871 serve to the community? • It gives tiny companies and startups a place to meet and work together without having to spend huge overhead ($$$) on an office
  5. 5. • Allows community members to share ideas and work together on tech projects • This photo is from Chicago’s OpenGov Hack Night at 1871
  6. 6. Tour of 1871 • What kind of companies come to 1871?
  7. 7. Tour of 1871 • Sometimes an entire startup will base themselves out of 1871, like A Better Chicago, iHeartArt, Weave the People • Others will work out of 1871 occasionally: Knight Lab, members of the Obama campaign
  8. 8. 1871’s Starter League • What is Starter League?
  9. 9. 1871’s Starter League • Starter League used to be Code Academy, a coding resource that helps you learn new programming languages • Starter League partnered with a local company, 37signals, to teach programming at 1871
  10. 10. 1871’s Starter League • Starter League teaches classes on HTML, CSS, all they way up to Ruby classes • Not just programming classes: UI/UX design classes too • Starter League shows you don’t have to get a university degree to start getting into tech
  11. 11. Jobs at startups • It’s not just about programmers!
  12. 12. Jobs at startups • Project managers • Product leaders • Sales people • Social media experts • Office managers • Public/press relations • What else?
  13. 13. Speakers • Mari Huertas: project manager • Jason Kunesh: user experience designer • Rayid Ghani: data analytics • Gene Leynes from Yolobe
  14. 14. 1871 companies • What were their paths to creating companies? • Where did they work before? What interests did they have? • What was the catalyst to drive them to start a new company?
  15. 15. More 1871 speakers! • Jimmy Odom from WeDeliver • Dirk McCoy from Spendbot • Rod Rakic from OpenAirplane