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Trabajo de ciencias juan manuel b


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Published in: Technology, Lifestyle
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Trabajo de ciencias juan manuel b

  1. 1. Experimento planta sin luz del sol Colegio Colegio ReuvenFeuerstein Nombre: Juan Manuel Ballesteros Ovalle Grado cuarto Fecha: 17/10/2013 Bogotá D.C.
  2. 2. Plant without sun light MY EXPERIMENT I sow 2 plants one of the plants is taller than the other plant. I put the tall plant one day whit sun other without sun etc… The other plant is all the days whit sun My experiment`s steps first step I sow 2 plants, a plants is taller than the other plant The taller plant is the plant that I make the bad things. Second step I put the samller plant with a lots of sun all the day
  3. 3. So the smaller plant have more light than tall plant Third step Whit the taller plant I put in a place that don’t have light but no All the days one day whit sun one day without sun etc… My results The taller plant, the plant that don´ that have sun growfaster than small plant. The plant that have more sun. This was my results of my experiment that I want to compare in this photos startfinish
  4. 4. You can see that the difference of the distance of the taller plant to small plant in the first photo is smaller than the finish photo. What I learned in this experiment? I learn that the plants that have few sun grow faster than a plant that have lots of sun. MADE FOR: JUAN MANUEL BALLESTEROS OVALLE