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Word of the week blood

  1. 1. Judy Flores Word of the week Blood►Blood is the vital fluid found in human and other animals.►Blood provides oxygen and nutrients’ to the body organs and tissues.►Blood carries away waste products►Blood is pumped around the body through the circulatory system by the heart.►The average human being has 5 to 6 liters of blood in their body.►55% of the blood is made of liquid called plasma►Plasma is a clear yellow liquid that is mainly water and protein.►45% o the blood is made up of red blood cells.►Red blood cells get their red color from hemoglobin.►Hemoglobin transport oxygen through the body.►1% of the body is made up of white blood cells.►The white blood cells help fight infection.►Everybody has blood of a certain type, which is called your blood group.►The most common group is the O type►People with O type can donate their blood to anyone►There are also blood groups A, B and ABThere are many expressions in English that use the word blood1) Blood is thicker tan water- Proverbs- relationships are strong2) Blood shed- The shedding of blood to take a life or murder.3) Cold blooded- Lacking of emotions.4) In cold blood- Deliberately when not aroused in emotionally.5) Hot blooded- Passionate6) Blood up- arouse the temper7) Blood boils-grow angry8) Blue Blood- royalty or aristocracy9) Fresh blood- New blood, new members admitted to a society or organization.10) Half blood- Of mixed race11) To run in the blood- a characteristic shared by members of the family.12) Own flesh and blood- Near relatives, children brothers and sisters.13) Young blood- someone who brings youthful freshness and vigor.14) Blood clot- Blood that is turned solid to stop bleeding.15) Blood bank- A collection for transfusion16) Bloodbath-Savage, indiscriminate killing; a massacre.17) Blood bother- a person bound to another by an oath or solemn friendship.18) Bloodlust- the desire to shed blood19) Bloodthirsty- eager to bloodshed.20) blood sport – pastimes involving the killing of animals.21) Blood wagon- Slang- an ambulance22) Blood hound- a very big dog with a good sense of smell used for tracking people.23) bloodletting- The action of allowing blood to grain from the body formerly a medicaltreatment. Now used figuratively.24) Bloodshot- eyes red from inflammation of the blood vessels of the white part od theeye. 1
  2. 2. Judy Flores25) Blood- An intensive slightly vulgar expression used in common speech to addintensity to an expression, example: It’s bloody cold!26) Blood diamond- aka. Conflict diamond mined in war torn African countries by rebelgroups to fund their campaigns.27) Bloodstained- Marked with blood28) Blood spatter- blood in drops or small splashes.29) Blood feud- A feud involving the members of a family or clan.30) Blood money- Money gained at the cost of anothers life or livelihood31) Bloody Mary- A cocktail usually made of vodka, tomato juice, and seasonings.32) bloodguilt- The fact or state of being guilty of murder or bloodshed.33) Bloodcurdling- Causing great horror; terrifying. 2