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The philadelphia experiment

  1. 1. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS by Mark Bean (Edited by Ken Wright)BEFORE READINGDiscuss these questions:Look at the picture. Describe in your own words what you see.What do you know about the Philadelphia experiment?(1-0)The following account is the story or legend of what has become popularly known asthe “Philadelphia Experiment,” also referred to as “Project Rainbow.” Much has beenwritten about this topic and the purpose of writing this article is an attempt to separatefact from rumor. The Philadelphia Experiment was an attempt by the U.S. Navy to createa ship that could not be detected by magnetic mines and or radar. However, its resultswere far different and much more dangerous than the U.S. Navy ever expected. Thetechnical data that has also been presented upon the subject hold far too much credenceto be ignored. Many of the stories associated with this infamous experiment are wild:Whispers of men “freezing” in time for months, rumors of men traveling through time,and horror stories of men becoming stuck in either bulkheads or the main deck of theship itself. Could any of this have actually occurred? Read the following account anddecide for yourself.© Copyright by Judy Flores 1
  2. 2. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS PROJECT RAINBOW(1)“Project Rainbow” was an experiment conducted upon a small destroyer escort shipduring World War II while the ship was in Philadelphia Harbor at the Navy Yard andwhile it was at sea. The purpose of the experiment was to make the ship invisible toenemy detection. The accounts vary as to whether the original idea was to achieveinvisibility to enemy radar or whether the prize sought after was more profound: opticalinvisibility. Either way, it is commonly believed that the mechanism involved was thegeneration of an incredibly intense magnetic field around the ship, which would causerefraction or bending of light or radar waves around the ship, much like a miragecreated by heated air over a road on a summer day. The legend goes on to say that theexperiment was a complete success ... except that the ship actually disappearedphysically for a time, and then returned. They wanted to “cloak” the ship from view, butthey actually achieved was apparent de-materialization and teleportation instead.HISTORY(2)Inthe early 1930’s, the University of Chicago investigated the possibility of invisibilitythrough the use of electric fields and magnetic fields. This project was later moved toPrinceton’s Institute of Advanced Studies. The research went unnoticed and continuedon until the 1940’s. The ship that was eventually used for the experiment, U.S.S.Eldridge (DE-173), was commissioned at the New York Navy Yard on August 27, 1943(Department of the Navy). According to Al Bielek, a man who claims to have been acrew member, the first tests performed were in July of 1943 and the final test wasperformed on August 12, 1943. However, others claim that the experiment took place onOctober 28, 1943. Substantial evidence points to the October date as being moreaccurate. The U.S. Navy has released the U.S.S. Eldridge’s deck log and war diary andat no time was the U.S.S. Eldridge in Philadelphia. However, the records could haveeasily been changed. The U.S.S. Eldridge’s war diary reads as such:(3)TheU.S.S. Eldridge remained in New York and the Long Island Sound until September16, when it left for Bermuda. From September 18 to October 15, it underwent trainingand sea trials. On October 18, it left in a convoy for New York and remained there untilNovember 1. From November 1 to the 2, it went on a convoy to Norfolk and onNovember 3 left in a convoy for Casablanca. The U.S.S. Eldridge arrived in Casablanca© Copyright by Judy Flores 2
  3. 3. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSon November 22 and stayed there until November 29, when it left for New York again inanother convoy. The U.S.S. Eldridge arrived in New York on December 17. FromDecember 17 to December 31, it traveled to Norfolk with four other U.S. Navywarships. Although this is not the entire war log, it is the log of the ship during thesuspected time the experiment took place (October 28, as mentioned above).(4)It would seem that the U.S. Navy never did experiments on the U.S.S. Eldridge at anytime, but the U.S. Government has been known to cover up because of national securitybefore. An example of such a situation would be the Manhattan project. This secretproject was the building of the atomic bomb and no word was ever said about it until itwas obvious that we had an atomic bomb. The U.S. Navy, in a search for a plausibleanswer, has suggested that perhaps the Philadelphia Experiment was confused withexperiments done attempting invisibility to magnetic mines. This was a process knownas degaussing. The U.S. Navy defines degaussing as:(5)“...a process in which a system of electrical cables are installed around thecircumference of the ship’s hull, running from bow to stern on both sides. A measuredelectrical current is passed through these cables to cancel out the ship’s magnetic field.Degaussing equipment was installed in the hull of U.S. Navy ships and could be turnedon whenever the ship was in waters that might contain magnetic mines...”(6)The U.S. Navy performed another experiment on the U.S.S, Timmerman’s generatingplant in the 1950’s. The experiment tried to obtain 1,000 Hz instead of the standard 400Hz from the generator. It resulted in light discharges. These light discharges may havebeen witnessed by Carlos Miguele Allende and caused him to start writing letters toprominent men in the scientific community. The U.S. Navy believes that Allendemistook the experiment on the Timmerman for the Philadelphia Experiment.(7) It has been claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment was partly an investigation intohow Albert Einstein’s “Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity1” mightbe used to advantage in the development of electronic camouflage for ships at sea.Einstein allegedly published his Unified Theory around 1925 - 1927 in German, in aPrussian scientific journal, but it was later withdrawn as incomplete. This research wasaimed at using intense electromagnetic fields to mask a ship from incoming projectiles,mainly torpedoes. This was later extended to include a study of creating radarinvisibility by a similar field in the air rather than in the water.THE STORY(8) The story begins in June of 1943, with the Destroyer Escort, U.S.S. Eldridge, DE-173,being fitted with tons of experimental electronic equipment. This included, according toone source, two massive generators of 75 KVA each, mounted where the forward gun1 A physical theory that combines the treatment of two or more types of fields in order to deducepreviously unrecognized interrelationships, especially such a theory unifying the theories of nuclear,electromagnetic, and gravitational forces.© Copyright by Judy Flores 3
  4. 4. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSturret would have been, distributing their power through four magnetic coils mounted onthe deck. Three RF transmitters (2 megawatt CW each, mounted on the deck), threethousand “6L6” power amplifier tubes (used to drive the field coils of the twogenerators), special synchronizing and modulation circuits, and a host of otherspecialized hardware were employed to generate massive electromagnetic fields which,when properly configured, would be able to bend light and radio waves around the ship,thus making it invisible to enemy observers.(9)The “experiment,” said to have taken place at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and also atsea, took place on at least one occasion while in full view of the Merchant Marine shipS.S. Andrew Furuseth, and other observation ships. The S.S. Andrew Furuseth becomessignificant because one of its crewmen is the source of most of the original materialmaking up the PX legend. Carlos Miguele Allende, also known as (A.K.A.) Carl MichaelAllen, wrote a series of strange letters to one Dr. Morris K. Jessup in the 1950’s in whichhe described what he claims to have witnessed: at least one of the several phases of thePhiladelphia Experiment. At 0900 hours, on July 22nd, 1943, the power to the generators was turned on, and the(10)massive electromagnetic fields started to build up. A greenish fog was seen to slowlyenvelop the ship, concealing it from view. Then the fog itself is said to havedisappeared, taking the U.S.S. Eldridge with it, leaving only undisturbed water where theship had been anchored only moments before.(11)Theelite officers of the U.S. Navy and scientists involved gazed in awe at theirgreatest achievement: the ship and crew were not only radar invisible but invisible to theeye as well! Everything worked as planned, and about fifteen minutes later they orderedthe men to shut down the generators. The greenish fog slowly reappeared, and the U.S.S.Eldridge began to re-materialize as the fog subsided, but it was evident to all thatsomething had gone wrong. When boarded by personnel from shore, the crewmembers above decks were(12)disoriented and nauseous. The U.S. Navy removed the crew from that originalexperiment, and shortly afterward, obtained another crew for a second experiment. In theend, the U.S. Navy decided that they only wanted to achieve radar invisibility, and theequipment was altered.(13) On the 28th of October in 1943, at 17:15, the final test on the U.S.S. Eldridge wasperformed. The electromagnetic field generators were turned on again, and the U.S.S.Eldridge became nearly invisible. Only a faint outline of the hull remained visible in thewater. Everything was fine for the first few seconds, and then, in a blinding blue flash,the ship completely vanished. Within seconds it reappeared hundreds of miles away, inNorfolk, Virginia, and was seen for several minutes. The U.S.S. Eldridge thendisappeared from Norfolk as mysteriously as it had arrived, and reappeared back inPhiladelphia Naval Yard. This time most of the sailors were violently sick. Some of thecrew were simply “missing” never to return. Some of the crew went crazy. The strangestresult of all of this experiment was that five men were found fused to the metal within theship’s structure.© Copyright by Judy Flores 4
  5. 5. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS(14)The men that survived were never the same again. Those that lived were dischargedas “mentally unfit” for duty, regardless of their true condition.(15)So, what had begun as an experiment in electronic camouflage, ended up as anaccidental teleportation of an entire ship and crew, to a distant location and back again,all in a matter of minutes!(16)Although the above may seem fantastic, one must remember, that in the 1940’s theatomic bomb was also being invented.AFTER READINGA. Answer the following questions1. What is the Philadelphia Experiment?2. What is the Project Rainbow and what was the purpose of this project3. What did they want to achieve with the project?4. When was the ship authorized to carry out their duty or task?5. More or less when did the experiment take place?6. When did the ship crew receive training?7. Whose theory were the scientists trying to look into and what was the name of thetheory?8. When was the power to the generators turned on and what happened? Describe theatmosphere after the generator was turned on?B. Finding the Main IdeaWrite a sentence from the first paragraph that states the main idea of the story____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C. Vocabulary Check: Look back at the text where the word is written Match the wordsto the definition. Write the correct letter on the lines. Use a dictionary if necessary.____1. article(1-0) a. cover, hide____2. attempt(1-0) b. very high frequency radio waves reflected from their surfaces.____3. mines(1-0) c. lead____4. radar (1-0) d. having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious.____5. credence(1-0) e. change of direction____6. infamous(1-0) f. credibility____7. bulkheads(1-0) g. twisting____8. escort(1) h. made transparent to the naked eye____9. achieve(1) i. news paper or reference piece. Piece of writing____10. sought (1) j. wall____11. optical invisibility(1) k. effort, try to____12. refraction(1) l. an excavated area from which minerals, often in the form of ore, are extracted____13. bending(1) m. Attain© Copyright by Judy Flores 5
  6. 6. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS____14. mirage(1) n. in the flesh____15. physically(1) o. required wanted____16. cloak(1) p. optical illusionD. Vocabulary BuildingRead the word that is in bold or expression in its context and match it with the correctmeaning. The paragraph number is in the parenthesis. Use a dictionary if necessary____1. The research went unnoticed(2) and a. considerablecontinued on until the 1940’s.____2. The ship that was used for the b. let something outexperiment was commissioned(2) at theNew York Navy Yard on August 27, 1943____3. A man who claims to have been a c. floor surface across shipcrew(2) member was part of the experiment.____4. Substantial(2) evidence points to d. to experience or endure something, orthe October date. have something happen to you. Examination or experiment____5. The October date was the most e. the act of accompanying or escorting,accurate (2) date of the experiment. especially for protective purposes.____6. The U.S. Navy has released(2) the f. precisenews to the press.____7. U.S.S. Eldridge’s deck(2) log and h. a group of people working togetherwar diary were the newspaper that madepublic the news of the experiment. .____8. From September 18 to October 15, i. to put (a ship) into active service.U.S.S. Eldridge’s underwent(3) trainingand sea trials(3).____9. On October 18, U.S.S. Eldridge’s j. overlookedleft in a convoy(3) for New York andremained there until November 1.____10 The U.S.S. Eldridge traveled to k. keep a record of, a ships speed, itsNorfolk with four other U.S. Navy progress, and any shipboard events ofwarships(3) . navigational importance.____11. Although this is not the entire war l. a combat shiplog (3). it is the log of the ship during thesuspected time the experiment took place .____12. The U.S. Government has been m. to try to perform, make, or achieveknown to cover up(4) mistakes.____13. The U.S. Navy, in a search for a n. concealment, especially a planned effortplausible(4) answer was willing to release to prevent something potentiallyof their duties the men that participated in scandalous from becoming public.the experiment.____14 The Philadelphia Experiment was o. likely, or acceptable, credibleconfused with experiments doneattempting(4) invisibility to magneticmines.© Copyright by Judy Flores 6
  7. 7. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSE. Vocabulary ReviewComplete the following statements about the reading selection with the correctword or expression from the list below. Use each word or expression only oncehull bow stern claimeddischarged witnessed journal withdrawnelectronic camouflage allegedly torpedoes performed prominent1. ___________ is a magazine or periodical, especially one published by a specialist orprofessional body for its members, containing information and contributions relevant totheir area of activity.2. The body of a ship, excluding other parts such as the flagpoles and engines is a_________.3. ___________ is the front section of a ship or boat.4. Einstein published his Unified Theory in a Prussian scientific magazine but it was later________________________as incomplete.5. __________________is the rear part of a ship or boat.6. The Philadelphia Experiment was _________________ to be partly an investigationinto how Albert Einstein’s theory might be used.7. _____________________ is the use of electronic means, or exploitation of electroniccharacteristics to reduce, submerge, or eliminate the radar echoing properties of a target.8. Einstein ____________________published his Unified Theory around 1925 - 1927 inGerman.9. This research was intended at using intense electromagnetic fields to disguise a shipfrom incoming projectiles, mainly_______________.10.Michelle _____________ the murder of her father.11. The doctor ______________________- Stephanie from the hospital because she wasfeeling well again.12. The U.S. Navy ________________another experiment on the U.S.S, Timmerman’sgenerating plant in the 1950’s.13. Carlos Miguele Allende started to write letters to ________________men in thescientific community.F. Select the Best Answer.Go back to the reading; look for the word in bold in its context. Choose the meaning thatmakes sense in this context. Use a dictionary if possible.1. In the sentence “This included, according to one source(8), two massive generators of75 KVA source means: a. provider of information b. basis c. origin d. data2. According to the reading mounted(8) means a. escalate b. a mountain c. to increase in amount, extent, or intensity d. to build© Copyright by Judy Flores 7
  8. 8. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS3. In the sentence” Distributing their power through four magnetic coils(8) mounted on thedeck. a. loop curl b. knifes c. dagger d. switchblade4. The special synchronizing and modulation circuits(8), and circuits of other specializedhardware were employed to generate massive electromagnetic fields. a. spherical b. A closed, usually circular line that goes around an object or area. c. procession d. to make use of5. The generators were turned on, and the massive electromagnetic fields started to buildup(10). a. increase b. melt c. decrease d. feeding6. A greenish haze was seen to slowly envelop the ship, concealing(10) it from view. a. tossed b. devices c. cover up, hide d. scatter7. The fog(10) itself is said to have disappeared, taking the U.S.S. Eldridge with it, leavingonly undisturbed water. a. mist, vapor b. spray c. windy d. snowy8. Elite(11) in the reading selection means: a more talented, privileged, or highly trained than other b. mist, vapor. c. upsurge d. build up9. According to the selection gazed(11) means a. to look, stare b. to deny c. to agree d. to admire10. In the selection awe(11) means a. fear terror b. climax c. develop d. excessively11. According to the reading faint(13) is; a. madness© Copyright by Judy Flores 8
  9. 9. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS b. wisdom c. pale, faded d. narrow12. The strangest result of all of this experiment was that five men were found fused(13)to the metal within the ship’s structure. a. To become mixed or united b. confused c. electrified d. profound13. Regardless(14) means: a. in spite of b. despite c. even though d. all are correctG. Second ReadingRead the selection again. Circle whether the statement is T (true) or F (false). Write theparagraph number(s) where you found evidence for each answer.1. T F .In the early 1930’s, the University of Chicago investigated the possibility ofinvisibility.2. T F Einstein published his Unified Theory around in 1947 - 1949 in German3. T F The Philadelphia Experiment was an investigation into Albert Einstein’s theory.4. T F Many of the stories associated with this experiment are simple and totally true.5. T F The story of the Philadelphia experiment was said to be a horror story wheremen froze for months in the ship and men travelled through time.6. T F The story begins in June of 1943.7. T F The ship and crew were not radar invisible.8. T F On July 22nd, 1920, the power to the generators was turned on9. T F The electromagnetic field generators were turned on and the U.S.S. Eldridgebecame nearly invisible.10. T F The men that survived were discharged as “mentally unfit” for duty.Details are facts and small bits of information about the topic. Details answer thequestions Who? What? When? Why? and How?H. READ FOR DETAILSReread the selection and answer WH questions about the Philadelphia experiment© Copyright by Judy Flores 9
  10. 10. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS Instructions Page 9WHO?WHAT?WHEN?WHERE?WHY?HOW?© Copyright by Judy Flores 10
  11. 11. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT (CONTINUE)THE WITNESSES(1) Carlos Miguele Allende was born on May 31, 1925. On July 14, 1942, Allende joinedthe Marine Corps and was discharged on May 21, 1943 (Taken from the book titled ThePhiladelphia Experiment, pg 99). He, then, joined the Merchant Marine and wasassigned to the S.S. Andrew Furuseth. It was upon this ship that he claimed to see theU.S.S. Eldridge in action. Allende’s story was bizarre; he stated that he had witnessedthe U.S.S. Eldridge being transported instantaneously to Norfolk from Philadelphia andback again in a matter of minutes. Upon researching the matter further, he learned ofextremely odd occurrences associated with the project and wrote a basic summation ofhis newly learned knowledge in a letter to Dr. Morris K. Jessup. Dr. Jessup was anastronomer and Allende had been in the audience of one of Dr. Jessup’s lectures.Apparently having some respect for the man, he decided to entrust Dr. Jessup with hisknowledge. The letters were written oddly: with capitalization, punctuation, andunderlines located in various places. The letters were, also, written in several colors. Inhis letters, Allende revealed horrifying details of the Philadelphia Experiment to Dr.Jessup. Because Dr. Jessup was something of a believer in odd phenomenon he did notentirely dismiss the ideas presented to him. He wrote back to Allende and requested newinformation. The return address upon the letter never existed according to the mail-service, yet, Allende still received Dr. Jessup’s reply. Allende responded with moredetailed letters but the correspondence eventually discontinued because Dr. Jessupdismissed it as a hoax. During the time of Dr. Jessup’s and Allende’s correspondence,Dr. Jessup had just recently published his book titled “The Case for UFO’s.” AfterAllende had written to Dr. Jessup, this book was sent to the U.S. Navy and had hand-written notes inside the book. The notes were in the same writing as in the letters sent toDr. Jessup and eventually Dr. Jessup was asked by the U.S. Navy to view the notes.(2)Dr. Jessup recognized the writing immediately, but he was somewhat astonished, ashe had concluded earlier that it was merely a hoax to trick him. The notes in the bookwere more detailed than in the letters and were highly insightful, so Dr. Jessupeventually believed them and researched the matter. Unfortunately, Dr. Jessup could notfind any new leads. Only one tantalizing clue had shown up. Two crewmen had beenwalking in a park when a haggard looking man approached them. The man told them afantastic story about an experiment done in which most of the crew died or sufferedterrible side effects. He said that the government then claimed the entire crew was insaneso that when they came forward, they would merely be dismissed as a group of crazypeople who had merely concocted some fantastic story. After the conversation, one crewmember was convinced while the other was not. Eventually, the member that had beenconvinced contacted Dr. Jessup and told him the story. Although this was a substantiallead, Dr. Jessup was not getting very far and he found that his reputation in the scientific© Copyright by Judy Flores 11
  12. 12. JUDY FLORES MATERIALScommunity was worsening. Faced with overwhelming odds, Dr. Jessup eventuallycommitted suicide on April 20, 1959, believing “another existence of universe beingbetter than this miserable world” (The Philadelphia Experiment, p. 79). Some believethat his suicide was actually an assassination by government agencies to keep theexperiment quiet. Unfortunately for Dr. Jessup, a major clue in the puzzle turned upshortly after his death. This clue was a man by the name of Alfred D. Bielek.(3)AlBielek’s story is even more bizarre than Allende’s. He claims that he wastransported in time to the future and that here in the future he was brainwashed by theU.S. Navy. This brainwashing led him to believe that his name was Alfred Bielek,rather than his true name, Edward A. Cameron. Upon discovering his true identity, hetracked down his brother who had also participated in the experiment. Bielek claims thathis brother time traveled to 1983 and lost his “time-lock.” As a result, his brother agedone year every hour and eventually died. Bielek then claims that his brother was reborn.Needless to say, only a small group of people believe Bieleks story. Nearly everyonethinks that his stories are based on some truth, but he’s exaggerating the truth for personalreasons. This popular opinion seems to be reinforced when Bielek starts rememberingthings only after having seen the movie “The Philadelphia Experiment.” Bielek has aPh.D. in Physics, so he does have some technical experience. He is also a retiredelectrical engineer with thirty years of experience. Because of his obvious intelligenceand skill, he cannot be discounted entirely. Bielek stated that aliens provided thetechnology used in the Philadelphia Experiment. However, the germanium transistor,which was what Bielek said had been used, was invented by Thomas Henry Moray.(4)Bielek also stated that Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John Von Neumann, and Dr. NikolaTesla were involved in the project. Some controversy has arisen as to the participationof Tesla because he died in New York City on January 7, 1943, which was only a two-month period of time after the project took place. Einstein, on the other hand, suggestedsuch a project as this to the U.S. Navy on several occasions. Because of this, he wasprobably involved in the project. As for Von Neumann, there is no evidence to refute orpromote his active participation in the matter. There is evidence that supports the factthat he later continued on the experiment at a different time.(5)Theprinciple that lay behind the Philadelphia Experiment was the Unified FieldTheory. This theory states that gravity and magnetism are connected, just as mass andenergy are connected through the formula E = mc2. The official record states thatEinstein never solved the Unified Field Theory. However, the very nature of thePhiladelphia Experiment suggests otherwise. It is suspected that Einstein’s UnifiedTheory has become a government secret because it demonstrates that both time travel andinterstellar space travel can be performed by manipulating space-time. Space travel canbe accomplished without the assistance of a rocket engine.AFTER READINGA. Answer the following questions1. Who was Carlos Miguele Allende and what role did he play on the U.S.S. Eldridge?2. What was Allende’s story and did people believed him?3. What did Allende write about and to whom and where?© Copyright by Judy Flores 12
  13. 13. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS4. Who was Dr. Jessup and where did Allende meet him?5. State the name of Dr. Jessup’s book.6. At first did Dr. Jessup believe Allende’s story? And when did he believe Allende’sStory?7. What did Dr. Jessup do on April 20, 1959? State your own opinion about the situation.8. What was Alfred D. Bielek story about the occurrence of the Philadelphia experiment?9. Was Bielek a reliable person?10. What does the Unified Field Theory state?B. Read the selection again. Circle whether the statement is T (true) or F (false). Writethe paragraph number(s) where you found evidence for each answer.1. T F Allende joined the Marine Corps and was discharged on May 12, 19632. T F Allende revealed fascinating stories and wonderful details of the PhiladelphiaExperiment to Dr. Jessup.3. T F The return address upon Allende’s letter never existed according to the mail-service, yet, but Allende received Dr. Jessup’s responds.4. T F Bielek published a book titled “The Case for UFO’s.”5. T F Dr. Jessup never believed Allende and never investigated the matter.6. T F Carlos Miguele Allende committed suicide on April 20, 1959.7. T F Bielek was an FBI agent8. T F The principle that lay behind the Philadelphia Experiment was Einstein’sTheory.9. T F According to Einstein’s theory space travel can be accomplished without theassistance of a rocket engine.10.T F Alfred Bielek claimed he was brainwashed by the U.S Navy.C. Vocabulary Check: Look back at the text where the word is written. Match the wordsto the definition. Write the correct letter on the lines. Use a dictionary if necessary.____1.bizarre(1) a. disprove, to prove false____2.odd(1) b. to give as a trust to (someone)____3.summation(1) c. perceptive, aware____4.entrust(1) d. exciting____5.hoax(1) e. or else, in another way____6.astonished(2) f. between or among the stars____7.insightful(2) g. overpowering,____8.tantalizing(2) h. summary____9.shown up(2) i. to trick, prank____10.haggard(2) j. gets worse____11.concocted(2) k. surprised, amazed____12.substantial(2) l. fatigue, tired____13.worsening(2) m impose belief on somebody by destruction of the victims prior beliefs.____14. overwhelming(2) n. to come into being; originate____15.brainwashing(3) o. appear, to arrive____16.reinforced(3) p. considerable, important____17. arisen(4) q. make-up, invented© Copyright by Judy Flores 13
  14. 14. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS____18.refute(4) r. strange , weird____19.otherwise(5) s. out of the ordinary____20.interstellar(5) t. to give more strength or effectiveness to; strengthenD. Cognates are words that have similar pronunciations and spellings in both languages(English and Spanish), and frequently have the same meaning. There are thousands ofcognates shared by English and Spanish. Many of these are words with Latin or Greekorigins and words that have prefixes and suffixes derived from these ancient languagesExample: Destruction (English) Destrucción (Spanish)Look back at the stories and find 10 words that have similar meaning in Spanish1. ______________________ 6._______________________2._______________________ 7._______________________3._______________________ 8._______________________4________________________ 9._______________________5________________________ 10.______________________Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns ( Example: I hear loud music) Adverbs describeverbs.( Example : the music was playing loudly.)E. Adjectives and Adverbs Underline the adjective in each sentence1. Carlos Miguele Allende was starting a new project.2. Bielek thought that the Philadelphia experiment was the best research done.3. Dr. Jessup wrote an exciting book titled “The Case for UFO’s.”4. Some people say that Dr. Jessup’s book “The Case for UFO’s was a great book.5. After writing the book Dr. Jessup had a wonderful year. Underline the adverb in each sentence1. In Philadelphia the sky slowly grew dark.2. Allende walked quickly to his ship.3. The U.S.S. Eldridge got caught in a storm unexpectedly.4. The captain of the U.S. Navy was extremely mad when he heard the rumors of theapparent Philadelphia experiment.5. The captain completely rejected the Rainbow project.Possessive Pronoun is a pronoun that shows who or what something belongs to. My,your, her, its, our, and their are used before nouns. Mine, yours, hers, ours and theirsstand alone. His can be used before a noun or alone.© Copyright by Judy Flores 14
  15. 15. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSF. Possessive pronoun Circle the possessive pronoun in each sentence. Draw an arrow to the word it “owns” or “possesses.” The first one has been done for you as an example.1. I took my ticket and boarded the ship to Philadelphia.2. Mary usually turns in her homework late.3. Two crewmen gave their captain the documents related to the Rainbow project.4. Bielek claims that his brother time traveled to 1983 and lost his “time-lock.”5. Will you keep our tickets safe while we board the ship?6. May I borrow your ticket for a second?7. Some people believe that his suicide was actually an assassination by governmentagencies to keep the experiment quiet8. Their story was difficult to believe; therefore it was discharged as evidence.9. There is no evidence to refute or promote his active participation in the matter.10. Who has your science fiction book? Write the possessive pronouns that go with each subject pronoun. You can find them in the exercises above. The first example has been done for you1. I __my, mine_ 4. she _______ 6. we ____________2. you_________ 5. it _________ 7. they __________3. he __________ Choose five possessive pronouns from your answers above. Write a sentence using each one.1. _____________________________________________________________________2._____________________________________________________________________3._____________________________________________________________________4._____________________________________________________________________5._____________________________________________________________________© Copyright by Judy Flores 15
  16. 16. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT (CONTINUE)EVIDENCE(1) Thereis not much information or evidence that can be found that isn’t tainted withdoubt and speculation. The basic design has two large Tesla coils (electromagnets)placed on each hull of the ship. The coils are turned on in a special sequence and theirmagnetic force is so powerful that they can amplify Earth’s gravitational field andactually warp or compress space-time. Bielek also says that on August 12 every 20years, the magnetic field of the Earth reaches a peak and allows the synchronizationbetween the Tesla coils. The oscillator, which Bielek claims to have run the coils in aspecial pattern, looks more like an Army field kitchen refrigeration unit than anythingelse. Many believe that’s exactly what it is and Bielek’s story is just a hoax. However,Bielek gave it a technical name: the “Zero Time Reference Generator.” The oscillatorswould synchronize with the adjustable phase angle and created a scalar type wave(Anderson). Several scientists today have attacked Bielek’s testimony on this, as theybelieve a vector wave would have been more efficient and probable. Bielek also doesnot make clear if the power used is AC or DC, pulsed or rotating, and what themicrowave and radar frequencies are. In other words, Bielek provides almost no accuratetechnical information that can be used.(2)Rick Anderson however, may be able to shed some light upon the subject. He statesthat 4 RF transmitters were phased to produce a rotating field. This field was pulsed at a10% duty cycle. Instead of 2 coils, he says that 4 coils would have been set upon thedeck of the ship and would be run by 2 generators that were pulsed in a counter-clockwise motion. Anderson states that the Tesla coils use a total of 7,500 feet, or 1.42miles of #16 magnet wire. Because of this enormous quantity, no one has privatelyundertaken the experiment. The wire would be too expensive and also must to be woundin a special way (Anderson). Other scientists believe that Nuclear Magnetic Resonanceand the science of the Philadelphia Experiment are connected. Nuclear MagneticResonance is also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI.NOTE: The account of the events that occurred during this experiment with a U.S. Navy Warship in the Philadelphia Harbor in 1943 seems quite similar to several accounts of strange events experienced by individuals who have traveled through the Bermuda Triangle and survived to tell about them. Ship’s crews and aircraft pilots traveling through the Bermuda Triangle have reported strange clouds or fog and have reported their compasses going© Copyright by Judy Flores 16
  17. 17. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS into a spin. The spinning compasses would indicate movement through an intense rotating magnetic field. Three theories about the Bermuda Triangle indicating the presence of a Space-Time Warp in the Bermuda Triangle are provided on the Bermuda Triangle: Space-Time Warps Web Page at the “Gravity Warp Drive” Website.(3) Another scientist named Alexander S. Fraser believes that everyone is wrong about theelectromagnetic qualities of the experiment. He believes that it was never done withelectromagnetism, but with thermal fields. This thermal field could have caused theoptical mirage effect which several witnesses reported. Fraser says that Allende hadspoken of a “scorch” field, fire, and optical wavering, all of which are products of athermal field. As for the part about the U.S.S. Eldridge disappearing in front of their veryeyes, certain weather conditions have been known in the ocean to cause islands todisappear as well. These weather conditions were taking place the day of the experiment.(4)Another scientist believes that sonic and ultrasonic waves were used. The sonic wavescould have been used to create an “air blanket” around the ship, which is consistent withreports. There were many experiments done in the 1940’s with high power ultrasonicwaves, indicating a high probability of the Philadelphia Experiment being one of them.Strong sonic fields are known for having bad side effects upon humans, which is alsoconsistent with reports. The green haze, which was presumably around the ship, wascaused by “exciting the surrounding sea water with powerful ultrasonics resulting in‘sonoluminescense’ and related phenomena” (Anderson). The ultrasonic field wouldhave caused the crew to pass out and make the journey from Philadelphia to Norfolkseem to last only a couple minutes. Needless to say, the technicalities of the Philadelphia Experiment are a matter of hot(5)debate among scientists and no one seems to be able to provide any solid evidence. AsRick Anderson puts it: “An electronics person knows that, without a DETAILED,comprehensive THEORY behind bench set-up, he is not going to know how to set upvoltages and currents, power levels, frequencies, wave forms, pulse widths or dutycycles. If there’s a chance a circuit won’t work, Murphy’s Law dictates that it WON’Tmore often than not.”AFTER READINGA. Answer the following questions1. What did Bielek say about the design of the Philadelphia experiment?2. Explain why did Rick Anderson shed light according to the investigation of thePhiladelphia experiment?3. What did Alexander S. Fraser have to say about the way the experiment wasconducted?B. Read the selection again. Circle whether the statement is T (true) or F (false). Writethe paragraph number(s) where you found evidence for each answer.© Copyright by Judy Flores 17
  18. 18. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS1. T F There are many articles and information that shed light to the Philadelphiaexperiment.2. T F Bielek said that on August 12, 2001 there was another experiment done inPhiladelphia, which was a continuation of the experiment done in the late 1940’s3. T F Bielek gave the oscillator that ran the coils a technical name: the “Zero TimeReference Generator4. T F Rick Anderson stated that 4 RF transmitters were phased to produce a rotatingfield and that was what caused the ship to disappear.5. T F Alexander S. Fraser believes that everyone was wrong about the electromagneticqualities of the experiment. He believes that it was never done with electromagnetism,but with thermal fields.6. T F Other scientist believes that the sonic waves could have been used to create an“air blanket” around the ship.7. T F Many believe that’s Bielek’s story about what happened in Philadelphia was justa prank.C. Look back at the readings and find the characters of the story and state their main rolein the Philadelphia experimentCharacters Role1. Vocabulary Check: Look back at the text where the word is written Match the wordsto the definition. Write the correct letter on the lines. Use a dictionary if necessary.____1.tainted(1) a. a platform extending horizontally from one side of a ship to the other.____2.hull(1) b. to burn superficially____3.coils(1) c. to cause to flow out____4.warp(1) d. having a speed approaching or being that of sound in air,____5.scalar(1) e. mist fog____6.vector(1) f. quantity that has magnitude but no direction____7.shed(2) g. quantity that has both direction and magnitude____8.deck(2) h. the body of a ship____9. scorch(3) i. To turn or twist____10.sonic(4) j. loop curl____11.haze(4) k. contaminated, spoiled© Copyright by Judy Flores 18
  19. 19. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSA compound sentence is a sentence made-up of two sentences joined by a commaand the word or, and or butE. Compound SentenceRead each compound sentence. Circle the joining word and underline the two simplesentences it joins.The first sentence has been done for you.1. Mr. Allende could obey his government, or he could listen to his conscience2. The electromagnetic field generators were turned on again, and the U.S.S. Eldridgebecame nearly invisible.3. The following account is the story or legend of what has become popularly known asthe “Philadelphia Experiment,4. The accounts vary as to whether the original idea was to achieve invisibility to enemyradar or whether the prize sought after was more profound5. It would seem that the U.S. Navy never did experiments on the U.S.S. Eldridge at anytime, but the U.S. Government has been known to cover up6. The Manhattan project was a secret project which involved the building of the atomicbomb and no word was ever said about it until it was obvious that we had an atomicbomb.7. Einstein allegedly published his Unified Theory around 1925 - 1927 in German, in aPrussian scientific journal, but it was later withdrawn as incomplete.8. He believes that it was never done with electromagnetism, but done with thermalfields.9. Needless to say, the technicalities of the Philadelphia Experiment are a matter of hotdebate among scientists and no one seems to be able to provide any solid evidence10. Dr. Jessup recognized Allende’s handwriting immediately, but he was somewhatsurprised, as he had concluded earlier that it was merely a hoax to trick him.A possessive noun shows ownership. To form the possessive of a singular noun or aplural noun that does not end in –s, add ‘s. Add an apostrophe (‘) to a plural noun thatends in –sF. Possessives Underline the possessive noun in each sentence. Circle the word naming what it “owns.” The first one is done for you.1. Dr. Jessup’s book is about UFO’s2. Einstein’s theory was used in the Philadelphia experiment3. When he saw the FBI agent, Allende’s smile disappeared.4. Jessup was hired to investigate Allende’s case.5. He had to bring in the family’s mail.6. My sisters names are Kate and Nikki Replace the underlined phrases with a possessive noun. Write the possessive and what it “owns” on the line. The first one is done as an example. (Exercise Page 20)© Copyright by Judy Flores 19
  20. 20. JUDY FLORES MATERIALS Instructions Page 191. The brother of Allende joked about work Allende’s brother_____2. The newspaper of the Bensons was near the door ___________________3. The book that Jessup owned was about the UFO ___________________4.The owner of the store helped Allende with his story ____________________5. The agent that owned the company sold property ____________________6. The body of Jessup was cold and rigid. ____________________ What are some of your family’s favorite possessions? Write three sentences about them, using possessive nouns1. ______________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________________________G. Write the causes and effects of the Philadelphia experimentRemember: A cause is why something happens. An effect is what happens. CAUSE AND EFFECT CYCLE© Copyright by Judy Flores 20
  21. 21. JUDY FLORES MATERIALSH. Look back at the reading find and give a quick summary of what each theme is about. Titles Quick SummaryThe Rainbow ProjectThe WitnessEvidence© Copyright by Judy Flores 21