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The Bermudas Triangle


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The Bermudas Triangle

  1. 1. Judy Flores MaterialsBEFORE READINGDiscuss these questions:Look at the map. What countries form the Bermudas Triangle?What do you know about the Bermudas Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle has been a topic of hot discussion and interest for many yearsbecause so many strange occurrences have taken place in this area of the world that liesbetween the southern eastern coast of the United States and the islands of the WestIndies. Basically, if you draw a line from Miami to Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico toBermuda and then Bermuda back to Miami you would have the area that is known as theBermuda Triangle. Many boats, airplanes, and ships have mysteriously disappeared in theBermuda Triangle with no explanation for what happened to the crafts or the individualson board. In the past 100 years, more than 1000 lives have vanished in the BermudaTriangle. For many years individuals attributed the disappearances and strange events toextraterrestrials or aliens because there simply was no other explanation for what washappening in this area of the world. In fact, in 1974 Charles Berlitz wrote about themysterious Bermuda Triangle in a book that sold almost 20 million copies in more than Copyright by Judy Flores
  2. 2. Judy Flores Materials30 languages. This is because the entire world is intrigued by the unknown that is theBermuda Triangle.(2)However, the unknown of the Bermuda Triangle does have some explanations otherthan extraterrestrials or aliens flying down and snatching up boats, ships and airplanes.Some simply say that accidents happen and while some of those accidents occurred inwhat is known as the Bermuda Triangle, many more have occurred outside of it. Then,there are those looking for something more substantial to answer the questions of theBermuda Triangle. One such result is that methane gas hydrate is the explanation for thedisappearances of boats and planes over the years.(3)In 1981 a geochemist by the name of Richard McIver introduced his theory of the rolemethane gas hydrate plays in the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. His theory wasthat to the North of the Bermuda Triangle huge landslides occur on the continental shelf,which results in large stones and sludge falling rapidly to the sea floor and ultimatelyrupturing the sea floor which covers a layer of gas hydrate. When the seafloor isruptured the hydrate is released rapidly as well as methane within the hydrate causing ahuge surge of gas which erupts from the surface of the water with no warning. When thishappens any ship, airplane, or boat within the vicinity will be in immediate peril becausethe water and air no longer have the same density, causing the vessels to sink rapidly andlie to rest covered by sludge on the floor of the ocean.(4)While this is a somewhat viable theory, most people prefer to believe in somethingmore extraordinary that happens in the Bermuda Triangle. Because of its triangular shapeand strange events many individuals believe it is a portal to another world, outer space, oreven the Lost City of Atlantis. Also, people claim to have an unusual feeling when theyare in the Bermuda Triangle, as if something is calling to them from another place andtime. Many claim there is something strange about the Triangle because it is the onlyplace on earth where the compass points true north. There are no definitive answers as towhich theory is the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, or if the extraordinary BermudaTriangle is simply a myth that has been created over the years. However, no matterwhether you choose to believe in one myth or other, or a combination, or simply believethe Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than a lot of hype, you will probably still beapprehensive when traveling in the area simply because of the question, “What if.” So,until more concrete information is found that points to one solid answer behind thedisappearances of boats, ships, planes and people in the Atlantic’s Bermuda Triangle it isup to you to decide if the Bermuda Triangle’s disappearances are simply accidents playedup into something dramatic or whether there truly is something otherworldly about theBermuda Triangle. So, what do you think? Are the Bermuda Triangle myths fact orfiction? READINGA. Answer the following questions1. Why is the Bermudas Triangle a topic of interest for many people?2. Where is the area known as the Bermudas Triangle? Copyright by Judy Flores
  3. 3. Judy Flores Materials3. To whom is attributed the disappearances and strange events that occurs in theBermudas Triangle?4. What was Richard McIver explanation of the frequent disappearances and strangeevents of the Bermudas Triangle?5. What do most people prefer to believe and why?6. Is there a concrete answer to the mysterious things that occur in the BermudasTriangle?7. What do you think? Is the Bermuda Triangle a myth, real fact or fiction?B. Finding the Main IdeaWrite a sentence from the first paragraph that states the main idea of the story____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C. Vocabulary Check: Look back at the text where the word is written Match the wordsto the definition. Write the correct letter on the lines. Use a dictionary if necessary.____1. occurrences(1) a. grab, take____2. crafts(1) b. considerable____3. vanished(1) c. the downward sliding of a relatively dry mass of earth and rock.____4. intrigued(1) d. incidences, happening____5. snatching(2) e. the chemistry of the composition and alterations of the solid matter of the earth.____6. substantial(2) f. a projecting ledge of rock or a balcony____7. geochemist(3) g. a vehicle intended to be launched into space____8. landslides(3) h. mud____9. shelf(3) i. fascinated, interested____10. sludge(3) j. disappearD. Vocabulary BuildingRead the word that is in bold or expression in its context and match it with the correctmeaning. The paragraph number is in the parenthesis. Use a dictionary if necessary___1. rupturing(3) a. a device used to determine geographic direction___2. vicinity(3) b. publicity, propaganda___3. peril(3) c. anxious or fearful about the future; uneasy___4. vessels(3) d. characteristic of another world, especially a mystical or transcendental world___5. viable (4). e boat___6. compass(4) f. practical___7. hype(4) g. exposure to risk of harm, danger___8. apprehensive(4) h. surrounding area___9. otherworldly(4) i. to break Copyright by Judy Flores
  4. 4. Judy Flores MaterialsDetails are facts and small bits of information about the topic. Details answer thequestions Who? What? When? Why? and How?E. READ FOR DETAILSReread the selection and answer WH questions about the Bermudas TriangleWHO?WHAT?WHEN?WHERE?WHY?HOW?A conjunction is a word that connects other words or groups of words. Conjunctions are:for and, but, or, yet, soF. Underline the conjunction in each sentence.The first one is done as an example.1. The sea that covers the Bermuda was dirty, and the bottom floor of the sea was hard tosee.2. The Bermuda Triangle has been a topic of hot discussion and interest for many years3. For many years individuals attributed the disappearances and strange events toextraterrestrials4. When the gas blow up the surface of the water, any ship, airplane, or boat within thesurrounding area will be in immediate danger.5. His theory was that to the North of the Bermuda Triangle huge landslides occur on thecontinental shelf, which results in large stones and sludge falling rapidly to the sea floorand ultimately rupturing the sea floor Copyright by Judy Flores
  5. 5. Judy Flores Materials6. Because of its triangular shape and strange events many individuals believe it is aportal to another world7. There are no definitive answers as to which theory is the truth behind the BermudaTriangle, or if the extraordinary Bermuda Triangle is simply a myth that has been createdover the years8. Is the Bermuda Triangle’s disappearances simply accidents played up into somethingdramatic or something otherworldly about the Bermuda Triangle.Synonyms are words that have the same meaning or close to the meaningG. SynonymsRead each sentence. Then circle the word in parenthesis ( ) that is a synonym for theunderlined word.1. Ronald and Rose were ecstatic when they went to the Bermudas Triangle. (smart,happy)2. With cellular phones people can communicate with people around the world. (talk,live)3. Martha felt confident that she could do almost anything. (sure, surprised)4. Before Martha made friends in Hawaii, she felt secluded. (alone, unsure)5. Because they understand each other so well, many twins develop a special intimacy.(connection, language)The main verb shows the main action or a state of being in a sentence.A helping verb such as am, is, be, are, has, have, had, did, was, or will works with themain verb to show when the action or state of being occurs.H. Main and helping verbs: Read each sentence. Underline the main verb and write thehelping verb on the line. The first one is done as an example.1. She had seen most of the crime. __________had_________2. Joan is going to travel to the Bermudas this weekend. __________________3. Joan boyfriend will ask her about the trip. ______________________4. Louis has attended many trials like this before.________________________5. This is the first time I am traveling to the Bermudas. ___________________6. I am learning to use a dictionary _________________________________7. The winner of the trip to Bermuda is determined by a drawing.______________8. The children were beginning to fall asleep when the phone rang. _____________9. I will be finished in about an hour. ____________________10. They have been gone a long time. ____________________ Complete each sentence with a helping verb from the box below.has is was am have are be did will had1. I ________ reading The Bermudas Triangle.2. The story _____________ written by a survivor of The Bermudas Triangle.3. I ___________ never read anything like that. Copyright by Judy Flores
  6. 6. Judy Flores Materials4. It __________ motivated me to travel to the Bermudas to see its validity.5. The story____________ changing the way I see the Bermudas Triangle.6. The story __________ an impact on everyone who reads it.7. Martha wishes she __________ read the story of The Bermudas Triangle beforetraveling to the Bermudas.8. I _______ go to Bermudas next summer.9. The boats ________arriving at eight o’clock.10. What ________________delivered this afternoon?11. I will ___________ finished in about an hour.12. I hope you really ___________finish your homework.13. Jeremy ___________not like mathematics, but he __________like English. Think of a time you spoke up for something you believed in, even though itwas hard to do. Write three sentences about it. Use helping verbs.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright by Judy Flores
  7. 7. Judy Flores Materials The Bermudas TriangleH Cross Word PuzzleWords: Use only 10 words: occurrences, crafts, vanished, intrigued, snatching,substantial, geochemist, landslides, shelf, sludge, rupturing, vicinity, peril, vessels,compass, otherworldly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ACROSS DOWN 1. happening 2. a space ship 4. when something disappears 3. when someone grabs or takes 6. The chemistry of the away composition and alterations of the 5. something interesting or solid matter of the earth or a fascinating celestial body. 7. Something, such as a projecting 8. Mud, mire, or ooze covering the ledge of rock or a balcony, that ground resembles such a structure. 9. The downward sliding of a relatively dry mass of earth and rock. 10. considerable, significant Copyright by Judy Flores
  8. 8. Judy Flores Materials The Bermudas TriangleFind and circle the following words: apprehensive occurrences compass otherworldly snatching crafts peril substantial geochemist ruptured vanished hype rupturing vessels intrigued shelf vicinity landslides sludge G C S N A T C H I N G G L G C X J K V G A C I L Y K D U S L U D G E . S A V Z V C T X H Y Z G T P B L R E M N I J L E V I S N E H E R P P A K T I C N K X Z S B R U P T U R E D J O S I H S U B S T A N T I A L H W K R H N O I E S E D I L S D N A L J K U E I L I R E P G Z X S P A Y B G H P D T C H Z K V J G E O C H E M I S T I Y S D F E I U Z Y P Q F F A Y F U L J L D L S S A P M O C N Y E Q D R W A E J E Y L D L R O W R E H T O I R W S T H O F D Y O Z C D Y H V Z N T X S A S T S L U D G E G V V D H G C Y E H Y P E S M S N T O S W W Q I Q T V S W S D Y I N T R I G U E D T X J E S T F A R C S X W E Q Z J G L H X D X Z Q S O C C U R R E N C E S Copyright by Judy Flores