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Film Pitch PowerPoint


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Film Pitch PowerPoint

  1. 1. V/H/F  ‘V/H/F’ is a horror film (VHF stands for ‘very high frequency)  The tagline is: ‘It won’t be ignored’  It is aimed at young females (from the age of 15 up)  We have a fairly large budget of £20,000,000
  2. 2. Similar Films  A unique selling point of this film is that it will be made by the same director who made the American remake of ‘The Ring’, Gore Verbinski.
  3. 3. Similar Films
  4. 4. Narrative  Mina has moved into her very own house, and she is living alone for the first time in her life. Things are okay at first, except she can never pick up any signal through her phone, TV and radio and all she can hear is white noise.  She eventually starts to hear a voice through her the static, though she can never really tell what the voice is saying.  Mina tries to figure out where the voice is coming from, but the more she responds to the voice the more it tries to speak to her.  She soon realizes that the voice is from a ghost called Amelia Abaddon, and finds out that she has no good intentions.
  5. 5. V/H/F During the trailer I want to highlight the following points:  The fact that our protagonist has moved into a new place  When the static/lack of reception starts  Her research into why it’s happening  Her first encounter with the ghost
  6. 6. Characters  Wilhelmina ‘Mina’ Hope  Female, 21  She is the protagonist of the film  She is pessimistic and always thinks the worst, which is why people don’t really believe her ghost stories.  She is strong willed, and always pushes through her fears.
  7. 7. Characters  Carin Baldwin  Female, 20  She is the best friend of our protagonist  She’s a very optimistic person, which cancels out Mina’s Pessimism.  Although she’s a very supportive friend, she doesn’t really believe Mina’s claims.
  8. 8. Characters  Amelia Abaddon  Female, 12 (she’s been 12 for a while)  She is the antagonist of the film  She wants Mina out.
  9. 9. Setting  The film will mainly be set in the protagonists new house, which is out in the country- but next to a cemetery. (Cemetery)
  10. 10. Music  A lot of white noise is going to be included in the film and the trailer. Mainly as diegetic sound.  Dark ominous music that creates the atmosphere and represents Mina’s fear.  Like the pacing of the trailer, the music will start off slow, but will get faster.
  11. 11. Pacing  The trailer will start off slowly, while the setting and situation is established. It will the speed up into a montage which previews the horror in the film.