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Save power


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Free - Utility Bidding System Just Released!

You select the rate and term you like. There is No Fee for this service; our compensation comes directly from the utility providers for providing them with qualified customers like you. Get started:

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Save power

  1. 1. Save Power ARE YOU BEING OVERCHARGED?Free Online Utility Rate Bidding System YOU MAY HAVE A REFUND WAITINGBecome your own energy broker by FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY!using our online bidding system.Thereby, cutting out the middleman andtaking full control of your energyexpenses. Our system gives you theinformation, access and power tomaximize your savings and minimizeyour frustration.We charge you nothing for instantguaranteed pricing, at the lowest rates.Our compensation comes directly fromthe utility providers for providing themwith qualified customers like you.To get started go to:
  2. 2. Save PowerWhat is our Utility Rate Bidding System? How does Utility Rate Bidding System Work• BMER online website allows you to personally enter your own utility usage Instantly see pricing and into our bidding system. Our 19 suppliers send you direct real-time contracts from the leading pricing via email. You will receive electric & gas providers in market updates, links to support, and your market. Within 48 hrs transparent contract terms. see customized bids from providers actively• There is no time wasted searching competing for your around, no middleman, and no gimmicks. When you have identified a business. price you want, you have the power to execute the deal immediately (or enlist our help in negotiating terms). You can even start the bidding up to 6 months prior to end of your current agreement! To get started go to: