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Teamworks Campaign Blueprint

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Teamworks Campaign Blueprint

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Marketing Campaign Blueprints Using iMarketing Automation
  2. 2. Lead Generation The following Customer Relationship Drip Campaigns Marketing blueprints are designed to Nurture Promotions illustrate typical communication Lead Capture Forms Win/Loss Surveys interactions with prospective and Welcome Campaigns current customers. From lead Electronic Newsletters generation to event marketing, these Customer Satisfaction Surveys Event Marketing blueprints provide a visual step-by-step Inactive Customer Surveys template to help you nurture, grow and Win-back Campaigns retain your customers. Content Editable Websites Membership Recruitment Donor Development Up-sell/Cross-sell Promotions Constituent Relations 2
  3. 3. Lead Generation With Variable Print Marketplace Direct Direct Website Radio/TV Mail Contact Lead Lead Lead Lead Capture Capture Capture Capture Survey Survey Survey Survey iMarketing Automation Segmented List Personalized Landing Page w/ form Print on $$ Sales $$ Demand 3
  4. 4. Drip Campaign Marketplace Direct Website Contact Lead Lead Capture Capture Form Survey iMarketing Automation Ongoing 1st Nurture Microsite Step w/ form $$ Sales $$ Programs Email 2nd Microsite Step w/ form $$ Sales $$ Email 3rd Microsite Step w/ form $$ Sales $$ Email 4
  5. 5. Website “More Information” Marketplace Website “Contact Us” Form Auto Microsite Response w/ form $$ Sales $$ Email iMarketing Automation Ongoing No Received? Nurture Programs Segmented $$ Sales $$ List Yes Direct Microsite Mailing or 5 w/ form Phone Call
  6. 6. Newsletter Marketplace Direct Website Contact Newsletter Sales Sign-up Qualification $$ Sales $$ Form Survey iMarketing Automation Microsite w/ Past Newsletters Opt-In Newsletter List Microsite w/ Articles Microsite Scheduled w/ White Newsletter Papers $$ Sales $$ Sales Qualification Survey 6
  7. 7. Sales Qualification Marketplace Direct Website Contact Sales Qualified Qualification Leads $$ Sales $$ Survey iMarketing Automation Segmented Lead List Unqualified Sales Leads Qualification Qualified Leads $$ Sales $$ Contact Update Form (status change) 7
  8. 8. Targeted Campaigns iMarketing Automation Segmented Segmented Segmented List #1 List #2 List #3 Target Target Target Email Email Email Message Message Message #1 #2 #3 Personalized Sales Landing Capture $$ Sales $$ Page w/ Offer Form 8
  9. 9. Multimode Up-sell iMarketing Automation Segmented List Direct Email Mail Offer Offer Sales Microsite w/ Survey Capture $$ Sales $$ Form Contact No Telemarketing Update Responded? Campaign Survey $$ Sales $$ (Secure) Yes 9
  10. 10. Our Team Is Here To Help Your Team Win TeamworksGlobal is a talented group of business strategists with a creative flair. We specialize in customer relationship marketing strategies using traditional and new media communications. We create award-winning campaigns, collect and manage data, analyze results, and orchestrate marketing initiatives to increase positive impressions, generate leads, retain customers and improve ROI (return on investment). We are here to contribute to your success by providing expertise to your in-house staff, teaming with your existing agency, or functioning as an outsourced marketing department to help grow your business. May we help you? 10
  11. 11. Judy Lane | Director of Success 815.729.1390 | 815.919.7704 11