Assignment 2 research & planning of sweded trailer


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The research and planning of a sweded trailer

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Assignment 2 research & planning of sweded trailer

  1. 1. Assignment 2: Research & Planning of Swede Judy Katia Patrycia Noor Trailer to swede: ‘Ted’
  2. 2. Option We picked option 2: Each person has a different job Judy Locations Katia Costume, props & actors Patrycia Script Noor Storyboard
  3. 3. Research Part A (Swede research) Judy File name Film link Jaws atch?v=TeSXbsmKL_k Avatar atch?v=VER9EmjHoEA&safe= active Avengers atch?v=2aLgdMz0p5Y&safe= active The Hobbit atch?v=WMbL3oLUMoc&saf e=active Inception atch?v=nLbX1G9CkUg&safe= active Olympus Has Fallen atch?v=n62boLlltQ&safe=active Screen grab
  4. 4. Research Part B (Trailer Research) Judy Film Name Film Link Skyfall watch?v=6kw1UVovByw& safe=active Pitch Perfect watch?v=UMS1S3YxyoY&s afe=active The Perks Of Being a Wallflower watch?v=9rWKrtym8Hs&s afe=active Oz the Great and Powerful watch?v=YhLaBpvS7os&sa fe=active 2012 watch?v=rvI66Xaj9o&safe=active Screen Grabs
  5. 5. Research Part A (Swede research) Katia Film name Film link Jaws watch?v=TeSXbsmKL_k Tokyo Drift watch?v=VtcLfPn_FMk Jurassic Park watch?v=ddmiVl2PfDk&saf e=active Pacific Rim watch?v=fRAqvsD1uxw Thor 2 watch?v=wskbymJRnTc Screen grabs
  6. 6. Research Part B (Trailer Research) Katia Film name Film link Enchanted watch?v=8VzckcesYKs&safe =active Fast And Furious 6 watch?v=4AFZEkFiqKE&saf e=active Juno watch?v=QuN0Z65sp5c Screen grabs
  7. 7. Research Part A (Swede research) Patrycia Film name Film link Jaws watch?v=TeSXbsmKL_k Avatar watch?v=VER9EmjHoEA&s afe=active Iron man 3 watch?v=o5SiyOnwhyg&sa fe=active Avengers 2 watch?v=F4CW6jzVuRs&sa fe=active Screen grabs
  8. 8. Research Part B (Trailer Research) Patrycia Insidious watch?v=fBbi4NeebAk Ted watch?v=9fbo_pQvU7M Men In Black watch?v=Y2r9AIfYcV8men Brother Grimm watch?v=LfXQpg5m0iI Charlie And The chocolate Factory watch?v=jyB4s9eox2o
  9. 9. Research Part A (Swede research) Noor Film name Film link The dark knight rises watch?v=P2mGihl_coA&sa fe=active Pacific rim watch?v=CrpjTMmqmeo& safe=active Iron Man 3 watch?v=PEVKFbr0sEc&saf e=active The Avengers watch?v=itZdwGzvLVk&saf e=active MIB watch?v=79v0X0rPeDw&s afe=active Screen grab
  10. 10. Research Part B (Trailer Research) Noor Film name Film title & link Bad Teacher v=q7eRiOR86hY Snow white and the huntsman v=VY67V0wOlz8 Life Of Pi v=j9Hjrs6WQ8M Ted v=8YBlnHxkCJc Screen grab
  12. 12. Long Term Planning DAY Mon Tue Details of planning Each person to have completed the swede and trailer research. Each person works on their individual work. Script and Storyboard work together to help each other. Wed Script and storyboard help each other. And locations and Costume, props & actors help each other. Thu Finish off individual work and put all the power points together. Fri Start filming some scenes at school in the media room. Film at Katia’s house after school. Sat Film some scenes at Katia’s house. Sun Film the rest of the scenes at Judy’s house.
  13. 13. Storyboard (Noor) - Missing
  14. 14. Script (Patrycia) Page 1 2 3
  15. 15. Page 4 5 6
  16. 16. Props (Katia) Prop Research Buildings Idea/planning Construction • • N/A Make buildings out of cardboard Wigs • Borrow from the drama block Lego • Use Judy's globe • No wigs were used in the end Use Judy's brothers Lego to build some buildings • • N/A Globe • End product N/A
  17. 17. Prop Research Used as prostitutes. Barbie Dolls Idea/planning • Use real people as prostitutes instead. • Paper Clouds Were drawn on paper and cut out and attached to earrings to be moved more easily Construction • N/A End product
  18. 18. Costumes (Katia) Character Lori ( John’s girlfriend) – Robe Lori (John’s girlfriend) – Normal clothes John as a child – Pyjamas John’s casual clothes Costume Lori is seen wearing a towel when answering the door but we changed this to a robe. Lori is seen wearing the same outfit throughout the trailer. John is seen in pyjamas at the beginning of the trailer. Throughout the rest of the trailer John wears the same clothes.
  19. 19. Character Ted Costume A teddy bear onesie was borrowed for this. Make up was added to make the character playing Ted look more realistic. We borrowed some costumes for the prostitutes however barbies were used instead. The Prostitutes
  20. 20. Actors ( Katia) Character Research Actor Ted Free: Friday, Saturday N/A: Prostitutes Free: Saturday N/A: Before/after
  21. 21. Character Research Actor Lori Free: Friday, Saturday, Sunday N/A: John Free: Friday, Saturday N/A: Before/after
  22. 22. Locations (Judy) Restaurant Aquarium Supermarket Streets/buildings The Globe All the locations needed Inside the house: - bedroom - living room - bathroom -door frame Room of people The inside and outside of a car The Park
  23. 23. Where will these scenes be filmed? Globe: for this we will film a globe in front of a black screen. Restaurant: for this we will either film in a real restaurant or film lego. Streets and buildings: Lego buildings and cardboard cutouts will be used here. The Aquarium: this will be filmed in front of a fish tank with Lego figures or in front of a cardboard cutout. Room of people: this will be filmed in the living room with a group of people or in a Lego building with Lego figures. The Park: for this we will go to a park such as round wood or Hyde Park. Inside and outside of a car: we will film the inside of a car in an actual car and the outside of the car using toy cars behind Lego/ cardboard cut outs. The bedroom, bathroom and living room: these scenes will be filmed in different peoples houses from the group. Supermarket: We will film this with Lego or in a room that looks like a supermarket
  24. 24. Possible Locations Globe: in a dark room with a globe (Judy's house). Restaurant: In Judy's brothers room with his lego, or in someone's living room at their dinner table or in a restaurant. Streets and buildings: in Judy's brothers room with lego or cardboard cutouts. The Aquarium: in front of a fish tank in Judy's kitchen with Lego figures.
  25. 25. Location Scouting Globe: for the globe this can be filmed in Judy's brothers room in the dark. This location is always available to film in. Restaurant: this scene will be filmed in Judy's brothers room with Lego on his shelf. Streets and buildings: these scenes can be filmed at school in the corner of the media room, as all that will be needed is Lego or cardboard cutouts. This location is always available. The Aquarium: this will be done in Judy's kitchen as she has a fish tank there. This location is available. Judy's brothers room for the following scenes: - Globe - Restaurant Judy's kitchen where the fish tank is.
  26. 26. Room of people: this will be filmed in Judy's brothers room on his shelf with his Lego. This location is always available. The Park: this scene will be filmed in a park, such as Hyde park, round wood etc. Supermarket: this will probably be filmed in Judy's brothers room with Lego. Judy's brothers room for the following scenes: - room of people - the supermarket These three parks are some options for the park scene. They are all quite close and available. The first one is Emslie Horniman's Pleasance Park, the second Hyde Park and the third Roundwood Park.
  27. 27. The bedroom, bathroom and living room: for each one of these scenes they will either be filmed at Judy or Katia's house as Patrycia's and Noor's houses are unavailable. Inside and outside of a car: the outside of the car will be filmed in the corner of the Media room or in Judy's brothers room. Both locations are always available. The inside of the car will be filmed outside someone's house in their mum or dad's car. Judy's living room, bathroom and bedroom. The inside and outside of the car Katia's living room, bedroom and bathroom.
  28. 28. Final Locations The two main locations for this swede were Katia’s and Judy’s house. From Katia’s house her bedroom, corridor, bathroom, dinning room, living room, garden, front door and the parking space in front of her house were all used. From Judy’s house her kitchen and brothers room are used. Katia’s house was available both Friday and Saturday and Judy’s house was available both Saturday and Sunday. <- Outside of Katia’s house was used to film the car scene .
  29. 29. Katia’s Dinning Room – This was used to film the dinner date scene and one of the building scenes. Katia’s Living room – This was used to film all the scenes where the characters were sitting on a sofa.
  30. 30. Katia’s Bathroom and Corridor – This was used to film the fight scene and where Ted and Lori are talking.
  31. 31. Katia’s Garden – This was used to film the park shots in. Katia’s Bedroom – This was used to film the globe scenes in and the fight scenes.
  32. 32. Judy’s Kitchen – This was used to film the aquarium scene in front of the fish tank. Judy’s Brothers Room – This was used to film most of the lego scenes and when John was little.