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Class 18

  1. 1. Urban Legends CLASS 18
  3. 3. URBAN LEGEND CHARACTERISTICS are told seriously (believed by the originating culture)  are circulated by word of mouth  vary constantly by particular details  have a meaningful message or moral  preserve a central core of traditional motifs or elements  could not have possibly happened in so many localities to so many different people 
  4. 4. WHY DO WE SHARE URBAN LEGENDS? 1. They are entertaining – often about the bizarre, fascinating, or frightening aspects of our culture. 2. They reflect the hopes, fears and anxieties of our time. They can assuage or exacerbate our fears. They can leave positive messages. (They explain what happens when boys and girls go out and make out in cars or when babysitters don’t check often enough on the kids.) 3. They are social and provide social interaction.
  5. 5. WHY ELSE? 4. They attempt to explain supernatural or unusual happenings in the natural world. 5. They promote stereotypes. (The woman is often rescued by the policeman or the man; the escaped lunatic is always out to murder the poor unfortunate unknown female. The gang members will stop at nothing to become initiated. All hunters are stupid.) 6. They are about symbols of our culture and our reactions to them.
  6. 6. URBAN LEGENDS - BY CATEGORY Animals and Insects Urban legends and Netlore about animals and insects: Alligators in the Sewers; Maggots in the Brain; Spiders in the Hairdo; The Mexican Pet; The Choking Doberman. Celebrities Urban legends, rumors and gossip about celebrities: Bill Gates, the Antichrist; Celebrity Stomach Pump; The Elevator Story; Richard Gere and the Gerbil; 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda; Jennifer Lopez' Billion Dollar Booty. Ads Christmas Christmas History: Facts, myths, folklore and trivia pertaining to the celebration of Christmas and the origins of seasonal holiday traditions.
  7. 7. MORE CATEGORIES Classics "Alligators in the Sewers," "The Hook," "The Microwaved Pet," and "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light?" Crime Urban legends and Netlore about crime and criminals: ATM Envelope Poisonings; The 'Blue Star' LSD Tattoo; The Body in the Bed; The Nigerian Scam; Double Whammy; Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light? Dubious Quotes Amazing, isn't it, how often we find that famous people never really said some of the clever, funny, shocking, and horrid things attributed to them! Facebook Rumors & Hoaxes A comprehensive listing of rumors and hoaxes on and/or about the social networking service Facebook. Fake News A continuously updated roster of fake news stories misrepresented as real ones -- hoaxes, parodies, spoofs, political satires, jokes, and outright disinformation -- presented as "the news."
  8. 8. MORE CATEGORIES Funny Urban Legends Urban legends can be as funny as the most hilarious jokes -indeed, sometimes the distinction between the two types of folklore is blurry. Some of the funniest urban legends are, in fact, old or new jokes told convincingly enough to seem true. Does the distinction really matter? Maybe not. The important thing is, they make us laugh. Gross & Disgusting Urban Legends The most revolting, gross, disgusting urban legends and Netlore to be found -- horrible infestations, repugnant medical conditions, and repulsive human behavior. Scary Urban Legends Horror Stories!!! This is your directory of scary stories, even scarier rumors, the absolute scariest urban legends, with myths and hoaxes guaranteed to make you very afraid.
  9. 9. MORE CATEGORIES Health / Medical Rumors, hoaxes, urban legends and old wives' tales related to health and medicine. Photo Fakery: Hoax Photos and Viral Images Photo Hoaxes: Okay, a few of the credulity-stretching images and videos featured in this category aren't fakes -- some are authentic -- but most, you'll find, are demonstrably bogus, altered, or at the very least misrepresented. Politics / Law / Government Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to government, politics and politicians. Sex and Scandal Ribald rumors, salacious gossip and scandalous myths from around the globe.
  10. 10. HOMEWORK: Bring in an urban legend to share with the class.