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Class 1


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Published in: Education
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Class 1

  1. 1. + Class One
  2. 2. + Greensheet  ELIT 22 Mythology and Folklore 2014  Judy Hubbard  Office: F11M  Office Phone: 408 864-8476  email:  Office Hours: Monday -Thursday: 12:30-1:30  or by appointment
  3. 3. + Course Emphasis In this course we will read, analyze and evaluate a number of selections of mythology and folklore. We will be comparing and contrasting the mythological traditions not only across cultures but also across time. We will be looking at the impact of mythology and folklore on various cultures in terms of beliefs, values, behaviors, literature, art, and trends. We will be reading about heroes and tricksters, incest and cannibalism, fairies and witches, ghosts and spirits, quests and wars, creation and destruction. We will be ending the quarter with presentations about superheroes of your choice, as you show us how superheroes (and/or villains) are built upon classic myth, legend, and folklore elements. It’s a lot of fun because in many ways, our myths rule us, tease us, inform us, entertain us and shock us. We don’t hold back in this class. Myths are about the darker and the lighter parts of our lives and our psyches.
  4. 4. + Website: In order to do the homework, you must use this site, so have it handy. I will post all important documents and any additional information. Instructors are now limited as to the number of handouts they can give to students, so I have posted your additional readings on the website. When I ask you to print up documents, make sure you bring in hard copies. I will want you to take notes and use them for presentations.
  5. 5. + REQUIRED TEXTS World Mythology: Donna Rosenberg. Third Edition Classic Fairy Tales Edited by Maria Tatar
  6. 6. + COURSE REQUIREMENTS  Assigned Reading (see list)  Quizzes 50 points (Varying points for each)  Midterm 30 points  Participation 25 points  Group Presentation 25 points  Final Essay 40 points  Final Exam 30 points
  7. 7. + GRADING:  A = 183-200 points  A- = 181-182 points  B+ = 179-180 points  B = 163 - 178 points  B- = 161-162 points  C+ = 159-160 points  C = 141-158  D+ = 139-140  D = 120 -138 points  N/C = 119 and below
  8. 8. + Important: assignments and dates  Homework:  Maybe it’s hard to get the reading done for a class, but if you come without having done it, you can’t participate. I will remind you about the homework assignments for each class at the end of the class. If you are asked to print something up, do it! You should not be reading off your phone. You need a hard copy in class. I don’t allow texting in class, so phones should be off. You will also be getting quizzes to make sure you keep up with all reading. We do a lot of group discussion in this class, so come prepared to participate. If you miss a class, you can go to the website and find the number of the class presentation that you missed.
  9. 9. + Class rules Classes run more smoothly if we follow some general rules. I will follow them too. No texting in class Computers only for the purpose of taking notes please. No cell phones on in class, no ringing and no answering during class time. If you have an emergency situation and you need to leave early, let me know before class; otherwise, I’ll expect you to be there for the entire class.
  10. 10. + Almost there….. Please attend every day during the first week or I will assume that you have dropped. When people are trying hard to add, I want to try and give away empty spaces while I can. Attendance is also important because you have to be here to participate, an important part of the grade. Finally, Welcome! I'm looking forward to exploring mythology and folklore with you this quarter. I'm finding the reading exciting and thought provoking and I hope you will too. I know I will learn a lot from you, and I appreciate the opportunity to share what I know and have learned.
  11. 11. + Class activity  Get into a group with three or four people (preferably people you don’t know.  Learn your names and then make lists of the following:  What are the characteristics that make up a hero/heroine?  Who are your favorite  fictional heroes?
  12. 12. + Homework: Due Sept. 25  Find the website:  You will also need to refer to the site for missed class information and updated information.  Get World Mythology and read the following reading: Rosenberg: pp. 82-88 The Creation of Titan and the Gods pp. 94-99 Demeter and Persephone