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Wesgro: Western Cape Tourism Marketing Plan 2014/2015


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Wesgro: Western Cape Tourism Marketing Plan 2014

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Wesgro: Western Cape Tourism Marketing Plan 2014/2015

  1. 1. tourism strategy 2014/2015 Judy Lain Chief Marketing Officer An inspiring place to discover
  2. 2. presentation structure • • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction Guiding marketing principles Key objective Brand Markets • International • Domestic Events Cape Town & Western Cape Convention Bureau Wesgro Film Promotion Wesgro Research Digital and social media CRM database World Design Capital 2014 An inspiring place to discover
  3. 3. introduction An inspiring place to discover
  4. 4. introduction The following presentation is for the purpose of our partners within the Western Cape Tourism sector to get an overview of how Wesgro will be approaching the marketing of the province for the next financial year (April 2014 – March 2015). The past few months have been of great introspection and interrogation for us. We have spent time reviewing what we have been doing for the past few years, and what we need to change to meet the dynamic and highly competitive world of tourism. Our purpose is to drive numbers (increase in visitors), value (increase in spend and bed nights) and identify opportunities to decrease the low numbers around seasonality. Our ultimate goal is to create more jobs and drive economic development within the province that we call home. Wesgro houses destination marketing, convention bureau, film promotion, trade and investment promotion, which means we have the ability to cross sell across all our units and drive business in the Western Cape This presentation is the property of Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for the Western Cape. Judy Lain, Chief Marketing Officer
  5. 5. guiding marketing principles An inspiring place to discover
  6. 6. guiding marketing principles The guiding marketing principles for our marketing plan are as follows: 1. Our role is to market the Western Cape as an inspiring place to discover throughout the year 2. To focus on both source and emerging markets that will show positive growth over the next few years (numbers and value) 3. To have measurable deliverables in place and show return on investment for money spent 4. Provide as much marketing support as possible to our regions 5. Develop communication based on research, insights and trends 6. Align our internal units effectively : Destination Marketing, Convention Bureau, Film Promotion, Trade and Investment Promotion and others such as Cape Craft Design Institute 7. Leverage digital and social media to drive the awareness of the province An inspiring place to discover
  7. 7. key objective An inspiring place to discover
  8. 8. key objective To drive feet through the door, be it the…. • • • • • • …airplane door …accommodation door …experience door rental door …retail door ….all doors relating to tourism in the Western Cape An inspiring place to discover
  9. 9. brand platform An inspiring place to discover
  10. 10. brand essence pyramid An inspiring place to discover
  11. 11. brand architecture We have develop a font that is truly unique to the Western Cape, with the vibrancy and inspiration always coming through on the west (left hand side of the font). Any of the regions, local tourism bodies and towns are welcome to use this font for their logo. We will develop the logo for you and supply it free of charge. However there are strict brand guidelines that need to be adhered to, to ensure consistency. As consistency ensures that we feel like one, which is much stronger from a marketing perspective. On the following slide, you can see an example of how the brand architecture works. An inspiring place to discover
  12. 12. provincial level regional level local level town level an inspiring place to discover
  13. 13. tone We are going to leverage the art of storytelling to build a brand story, an audience, an emotional connection and bring to life the culture behind the communities, the regions, the towns, the experiences and the events that are part of our province. By using a person to tell an authentic story about a place or experience makes it more engaging, inspiring and memorable. We encourage you to think about this when doing your communication. Who can tell your story? Everyone that tells a story about us, the Western Cape, is our brand ambassador, regardless if they are famous or just a visitor. An inspiring place to discover
  14. 14. An inspiring place to discover
  15. 15. markets An inspiring place to discover
  16. 16. source of visitors 2012 Share of Visitors 1% 1.30% 40.30% 57.40% Visitor trends indicate a clear distinction in travel patterns among the overseas and domestic market. An influx of overseas visitors was received across quarters one and four (summer/peak season), while domestic visitors dominated across the quarter two and three (winter/off peak season). (Source: Wesgro Research Publication: 2012 Annual Western Cape Tourism Trends) Domestic Overseas Africa No response An inspiring place to discover
  17. 17. international markets To drive awareness in the global market and position the Western Cape, we are taking the following steps: Step 1: Country Selection Step 6: Monitor and evaluate Step 2: Trade body and product input Step 3: Research (trade and tourist) Step 5: Marketing Step 4: Development of tourism platforms An inspiring place to discover
  18. 18. country selection An inspiring place to discover
  19. 19. country selection We have taken every country in the world and put them through four filters: Filter 1: Decision Support Model Proprietary tool of North West University’s TRADE research team. The model is used to identify realistic trade opportunities for countries, provinces and industry sectors in the form of high-potential product-market combinations including tourism. Filter 2: Year on Year Growth Year of Year Growth for the past three years with regards to international tourists into South Africa and the Western Cape An inspiring place to discover
  20. 20. country selection Filter 3: South African Tourism The Marketing Tourism Growth Strategy for South Africa by South African Tourism Filter 4: Sense Check We ran the data past various stakeholders for input to sense check based on their market knowledge and experience. Market Selection: • United States of America • Nigeria, Ghana and Angola • United Kingdom, Germany, France • Russia • India • China, Japan, Korea, Singapore • Australia, New Zealand An inspiring place to discover
  21. 21. trade body and product input We have extended an invite out to the trade bodies to invite their members to a think tank to discuss this country selection, identify alignments and leverage collaborative insights, learnings and opportunities.
  22. 22. research In-country research will be done via the following channels: Traveller: • Through social media, digital platforms, SAT and embassies we will gain a better insight with regards to who the traveller is, what are the barriers to them travelling to the Western Cape (for e.g. long haul, seasonality, safety) and find ways to remove these barriers Tour Operator: • How is their business changing, and how can we assist through the provision of content, tourism platforms, air access, visas etc to help support high volume, high value tourists throughout the year? An inspiring place to discover
  23. 23. development of tourism platforms The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) will take this market intelligence gathered through the research and assist in removing barriers (where possible) and develop tourism platforms to meet the growing demands and needs of tourists. An inspiring place to discover
  24. 24. marketing Marketing to the international market can happen through various channels. Channel selection, key messaging and content will be based on the what we learn through our research. Channels could include: • Trade shows • We have taken a decision to no longer attend the old format large scale exhibitions but rather focus on more focussed, strategically aligned road shows with product. Final list to be confirmed once market research complete • Media • Educational, joint marketing agreements, provision of content etc with selected media from countries selected • Digital channels • We are in the process on investigating which digital platforms for e.g. bing, WeChat are best to reach the market in selected countries An inspiring place to discover
  25. 25. monitor and evaluate Each marketing activity will be monitored and evaluated to measure its effectiveness and return of investment to see if what we have done has really driven feet through the door. Post campaign reports will be put together, and shared with interested parties. An inspiring place to discover
  26. 26. working example Herewith an example of how this process can work Step Source of Data / Support / Partnerships Outcome Market selection Four Filter System Japan Trade body and private sector input Think Tank and engagements Positive growth shown across all products Research SAT Online engagements and surveys Embassies (South Africa and Japan) Private Sector Tour Operators Older female market Avid bird watchers High value (length of stay, accommodation selected and spend) Will travel in our winter Development of Tourism Platforms Research, DEDAT Development of bird huts Marketing Wesgro (digital, content marketing, social media platforms, partnerships) Private Sector (Consumer to Business) Tour Operators (Business to Consumer) Western Cape Birding Sanparks Cape Nature Partnership with Western Cape Birding and Birding Forum in Japan to do a targeted campaign to reach these tourists, along with itinerary development Monitor and evaluate the process Engagement with campaign Increase in visits to birding huts An inspiring place to discover
  27. 27. domestic market An inspiring place to discover
  28. 28. domestic market The objective of our domestic marketing strategy is to ignite the passion in all South Africa’s to travel domestically, by taking affordable weekend getaways, in support of SAT’s domestic marketing campaign for 2014. Not only do we want people from the other provinces to visit us, but we want to get people within the Western Cape to travel between regions and discover the uniqueness and beauty we have. We will do this by showcasing hidden gems, regional events and niche tourism experiences and affordable offers across all our regions. An inspiring place to discover
  29. 29. domestic market We have developed a 12-month marketing programme, with each region having a month dedicated to them. The Wesgro team will visit each region with the relevant regional or local tourism body a month or two before their campaign month. Our team will be tasked to find the hidden gems, events and experiences that are unique to each area. This content will then be used to develop digital and social media campaigns that will help drive awareness domestically. This content will also be tailor made for our international market where applicable. Not only that, we are also doing campaigns around niche tourism themes, educational’s with tour operators, private sector and media, marketing and event support for regional events, while working closely with SMME’s. An inspiring place to discover
  30. 30. Month Region April Theme Educational Avi-tourism & nature with Sanparks and Cape Nature Events SMME’s Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Regional event X May Cape Karoo June Cape Garden Route and Klein Karoo Regional event X July Cape Winelands Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival X August Cape Overberg Regional event X September Cape West Coast Tourism Month Loeries X Wine and Cuisine Volvo Ocean Yacht Race X Regional events X October GHFM and Route 62 (Live broadcast) X Cape West Coast November December Cape Winelands and Cape Town Cape Town X January Culture and Music February Biking (MTB and Road) March Aqua-tourism J&B Met, Franschhoek Harvest Festival Cape Overberg X CT Carnival, Cape Argus PnP Cycle Tour, ABSA Cape Epic, CT Jazz, Design Indaba X X
  31. 31. events an inspiring place to discover
  32. 32. events Whether it is a regional event, or major event, events in general have the capacity to showcase our people and towns/city on a global stage. Events can drive visitor numbers, generate increased spend and also provide platforms for the visitor to interact with the local culture, local people and explore our scenic landscapes and towns. Going forward we are going to put more focus and resource on the marketing of the regional and major events to: • help drive tickets sales (where applicable) or visitor numbers • provide content and itineraries to help increase bed nights and spread across the province pre / post event All events that we support will feature on our new event portal that we are in the process of developing on our new website, but any event within the province may also feature, free of charge, on our events portal. Data forms will be on the new website for event organisers to fill in. An inspiring place to discover
  33. 33. major events The major events include: • Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon • Pick n Pick Knysna Oyster Festival • Loeries • The J&B Met • Design Indaba • Cape Town Carnival • ABSA Cape Epic • Cape Town International Jazz Festival • Volvo Ocean Yacht Race They offer us a great story to tell in the overseas markets and we have started the process of working with the event organisers to see how better we can work together and market these events internationally to drive visitor numbers to the province. An inspiring place to discover
  34. 34. regional events Regional events, have the opportunity to help drive an increase in domestic visitor numbers over the traditionally quiet winter time. These events also have a very important role in showcasing the uniqueness of their town / area, their culture and their people. We have also simplified the application process for funding for the regional events. Step 1: Events are to fill in the new application form (these have been supplied to all regional tourism organisations) Step 2: Event to submit form to RTO for selection (submission date to be obtained directly from RTO) Step 3: RTO to submit selection to Wesgro by 28th February 2014 Step 4: Wesgro will inform RTO by 31st March 2014 what events we are able to support, along with a proposal of how we will support both financially and non-financially An inspiring place to discover
  35. 35. An inspiring place to discover
  36. 36. An inspiring place to discover
  37. 37. cape town & western cape convention bureau We will continue to leverage our BestCities Global Alliance and partnerships with trade bodies and private sector to continue driving the highly lucrative business events sector for Cape Town and the Western Cape. We will also look at cross marketing opportunities with the destination marketing, trade and investment promotion teams when they go in-market. The services and support offered by the business unit include: • • • • • • • • Bid assistance including bid book production Convention planning support Delegate boosting Provision of destination marketing material Incentive meeting support Corporate meeting support Exhibition support BestCities Global Alliance network introduction An inspiring place to discover
  38. 38. an inspiring place to discover
  39. 39. wesgro film promotion Cape Town and the Western Cape offers international film makers the best of everything, from a wide variety of locations within two hours of the city centre to our world class infrastructure and talent. Our Film Promotion team, will work in partnership with our destination marketing team with marketing the province as a world class destination for film. Projects include (but not limited to): • Familiarisation hosting trips for film executives with regards to locations and infrastructure • Participation in international film exhibitions and festivals • Creation of maps / itineraries showcasing film locations from movies shot in our province • Destination marketing material • Marketing campaigns around films that have been shot in the province An inspiring place to discover
  40. 40. An inspiring place to discover
  41. 41. wesgro research Our team of economists that form the Wesgro Research Business Unit work incredibly closely with the tourism team to assist us in market selection, stats, trend analysis etc. We are in the process of developing on online portal and we will be encouraging products, regions and towns across the province to partner with us. The objective of this portal is to gather data with regards to occupancy rates, room rates, visitor numbers, reasons for visit, needs etc and convert this into usable and valuable reports for you to use in your business and marketing plans. An inspiring place to discover
  42. 42. digital and social media An inspiring place to discover
  43. 43. website ( We are changing our URL from to to help lesson the confusion between our site and Tourism CapeTown’s website. We are also in the process of rebuilding our website, to make it more functional, the consumer journey better, more interactive (for e.g. audio road trip of Cape to Namibia route or plan your holiday function), more visuals, more videos less copy etc. This will also allow us the opportunity to assist smaller towns who are unable to have a website due to resource limitations as we will develop a page for them built into our website. It will also allows us to link more effectively with regions and towns that have highly effectively and successful websites. We are also understanding the new approach to SEO and how best to build around these new parameters. An inspiring place to discover
  44. 44. social media Our three major platforms are: • Facebook ( • Twitter ( • LinkedIn (Group: Cape Town & Western Cape Destination Markting) We will continue to leverage, build, amplify and improve how we use social media to drive awareness of the Western Cape. An inspiring place to discover
  45. 45. crm programme An inspiring place to discover
  46. 46. crm programme We are also in the process of cleaning up the Cape Town Routes Unlimited (CTRU) and Wesgro databases, inputting them into a CRM system, and then to start developing bespoke, effective content marketing and engagement campaigns with our database. The database is made up of: • regional and local tourism bodies • private sector • trade • media • consumer (which we will develop from our digital and social media platforms) An inspiring place to discover
  47. 47. world design capital 2014 An inspiring place to discover
  48. 48. world design capital 2014 Across all our marketing platforms, especially those in the international markets, we are doing an awareness drive around World Design Capital 2014. We have developed itineraries for the international markets bringing design to life for example in craft beer route, the art of wine making route, culture and art across all our regions. An inspiring place to discover
  49. 49. Thank you | Dankie | Enkosi