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Pdhpe in schools new slides


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Pdhpe in schools new slides

  1. 1. PersonalDevelopment, Health and Physical Education
  2. 2. Do we need PDHPE in schools?Yes we do. There are many reasons :- Physical Education Personal Development Health 5 skills
  3. 3. Physical EducationPhysical activities keeps our bodieshealthy (playing, exercising, dancing)A healthy body results in a healthy mind.
  4. 4. Personal DevelopmentInterpersonal Relationship skills throughteamwork.Growth & Development – personal identity,values, body, human sexuality and changes.Safety – personal, road, school and home safety& safety procedures.
  5. 5. HealthPersonal Health choices on nutrition, drugs,environment and preventive measures.Prevention of diseases like obesity, diabetes ...
  6. 6. 5 Skills GainedCommunicating – expressing oneself, listening andresponding.Decision making – making informed decisions with regardsto health and lifestyle.Interacting – working cooperatively in a group, abiding byrules, friendships and supporting others.Moving – skills to play games and move effectively.Problem solving – observing, questioning and researching.
  7. 7. If we did not have PDHPE in schools ? Poor student concentration. Poor decision-making, low self-esteem and depression. Unstable relationships with peers. Sicknesses and diseases caused by overweight and inactivity.
  8. 8. References Board of Studies, NSW. (2007). Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus. Sydney: Board of studies. Images used in presentation. Retrieved May 16, 2012 from Clip Art via Microsoft Word 2010,