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  1. 1. Judy Clark DaleLandscape ArchitectRegistration/CertificationLandscape Architect: California #2396LEED Accredited ProfessionalBay-Friendly Qualified Landscape ProfessionalProfessional ExperiencePGAdesign, Oakland, California2007-2010Senior Landscape Architect. Design and project management.Focus on university campuses, historic sites, sustainable design.Selected projects:ƒƒ Campus planning and design: UC Merced Student Housing(LEED Gold); College of Alameda New Building (initial phase,aiming for LEED Gold); UC Berkeley projects, including MiningCircle, Oppenheimer Way, South Hallƒƒ Historic landscapes: San Francisco Maritime Amphitheater,Meyers Garden, North Berkeley Library (LEED Silver,Bay-Friendly certification), and above-named projects atUC Berkeleyƒƒ Urban infrastructure landscapes: Schapiro ReservoirReplacement, I-580 Castro Valley, BART Seismic Retrofit forR Line/Ohlone Greenwayƒƒ Resource management: Redwood National Park – RequaRevegetationJudy Clark Dale, Landscape Architect, Berkeley, California2006Major clients: Perkins Design Associates, Fresno, CA, andPGAdesign, Inc., Oakland, CA.Perkins Design Associates, San Rafael, California1997-2005Senior Landscape Architect. Project management, design, andpresentation graphics for resort, mixed-use, campus, and residentialprojects. Work ranged from master planning to the preparation ofconstruction documents. Selected projects:ƒƒ Campus planning and design: projects at the Universityof California, Berkeley, including West Campus Entrance(Class of 1953 Gift), Utilities Landscape Restoration, SpiekerPlaza Renovations, Wellman Courtyard, Doe Library Annex,Richmond Field Stationƒƒ Resort and community design: Village at Squaw Valley, Villageat Blue Mountain, Northstar Village, Gondola Village, Village atSpruce Peak, Marina Bay Northshoreƒƒ Garden design: Monier Residence, Bertelson Residence,Windemere Model Homes507 Boynton Avenue • Berkeley, CA 94707 • judy@odale.net • (510) 507-0278
  2. 2. Eldon Beck Associates, Point Richmond, California1990-1997Landscape Architect. Work similar to that with Perkins DesignAssociates, but with greater emphasis on mountain village design.Selected projects:ƒƒ Resort and community design: Whistler Village Expansion,Station Mont Tremblant, River Run Village, Vail Cemetery, ParkCity – Town Lift Siteƒƒ Campus planning and design: Stetson University DesignGuidelines, Santa Clara University – The AlamedaRedevelopment, UC Berkeley – West Campus Entry and BicyclePathƒƒ Garden design: Dominican Convent, Scott Residence, CombsResidenceJudy Clark Dale, Landscape Architect, Honolulu, Hawaii, andBerkeley, California1986-1990Major clients and project work:ƒƒ Media Five, Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii: tropical resort designƒƒ Russell A. Beatty, Landscape Architect, Lafayette, California:Lafayette Downtown Street Improvement Master Planƒƒ Eldon Beck Associates, Novato, California: mountain villageand campus planning projectsSinger & Hodges, Inc., Oakland, California1982-19857BAssociate Landscape Architect. Design, drafting, and projectmanagement for a variety of public and private projects, includingparks, playgrounds, creek revegetation programs, housingdevelopments, and business parks, with special concentration onfountains and other water features. Conceptual design throughconstruction observation.Chancellor’s Task Force on Landscape, Open Space, Circulationand Parking, University of California, Berkeley1981Research Assistant. Graphics and site design input to the 1982report, Landscape, Open Space, Circulation, and Parking, part of theBerkeley Campus Space Plan.
  3. 3. State Coastal Conservancy, Oakland, California1979-1980Wetlands Project Analyst.ƒƒ Development of Conservancy projects to restore degraded saltmarshes and freshwater wetlands on the California coast.ƒƒ Joint study with the California Department of Fish and Game,mapping habitat types at 140 coastal wetlands and evaluating theresource value and enhancement potential of each wetland.The Conservation Foundation, Washington, D.C., and SanFrancisco, California1978-1979Scientific Assistant to the National Wetlands Technical Council, anindependent scientific advisory committee. Assisted in organizingthe content of the November, 1978, National Symposium onWetlands, writing the summary report, and reviewing and editing thesymposium proceedings. Contributed a symposium paper on thehabitat value of freshwater wetlands.California Coastal Commission, San Francisco, California1977-1978Graduate Student Assistant, Estuarine Sanctuary Program.Research and writing of the preliminary and final reports for theselection of an estuarine sanctuary nominee from California.Awardsƒƒ First place, Latham Square Design Competition, Oakland, California(team entry)ƒƒ Preservation Award, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, for theWest Campus Entrance, University of California, BerkeleyEducationAB, Biology, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OhioMA, Botany, Plant Ecology, University of California, BerkeleyMLA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, University ofCalifornia, BerkeleyAwards: Borden Freshman Prize, Phi Beta Kappa, National ScienceFoundation Graduate Fellowship
  4. 4. Computer SkillsMicrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign andIllustrator CS6, AutoCAD 2012, basic SketchUpReferencesAvailable upon request.