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JCD Portfolio Requa


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JCD Portfolio Requa

  1. 1. PROJECT: Field survey, design guidelines and performance specificationsfor revegetation of National Park maintenance facility site.ROLE: Project management, field survey, development of designguidelines and performance specifications, for PGAdesigninc.SITE: 60-acre site on northern California coast, originally developed asa military base but recently used for maintenance of Redwood Nationaland State Parks. This ambitious project aimed to return the site tonatural conditions, removing paving, structures, and invasive exoticvegetation, and replanting with native species, to allow regenerationof spruce-alder forest, coastal scrub, and coastal prairie habitats. Therevegetation plan located areas of invasive species, described methodsof removal for each species, distinguished 11 revegetation zones, andmade planting recommendations specific to each zone. Requa Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio