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JCD Portfolio Mining Circle


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JCD Portfolio Mining Circle

  1. 1. PROJECT: Long-range and interim concept plans for phasedrehabilitation of historic campus green. Construction documentationfor first-phase development, restoration of reflecting pool and lawnsetting.ROLE: Project manager, consultant team leader, lead designer, forPGAdesigninc.SITE: University of California, Berkeley, major campus open space indisrepair. Beginning point of the formal campus axis aligned with theGolden Gate.Originally designed by John Galen Howard as the foreground for theHearst Memorial Mining Building, the Mining Circle reflecting pooland landscape provided a tranquil green open space for 90 years,until campus construction required the site for staging. When designwork began on this project, the reflecting pool had been buried inprotective gravel for eight years. With the completion of the firstphase of rehabilitation, the Mining Circle is once again a valuablecontemplative open space, the heart of UC Berkeley’s northeastquadrant.Reflecting input from many campus groups, the project designaddressed the challenges of a limited budget, sloping site, and needsfor both vehicular circulation and pedestrian accessibility, whilepreserving the site’s historic design symmetries and views.Mining Circle Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio