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JCD Portfolio - Campus Design

  1. 1. campus designcampus greens and plazashistoric buildings and landscapesstudent housingcampus circulation public access creeks and wetlands master planning site design contract documents presentation graphics historic preservation planting design sustainable design leed documentation Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio
  2. 2. LEED Gold student housing courtyard, plaza, and streetscapes at the University of California’s newest campus, UCMerced. Dynamic design embracing the innovative spirit of the new campus.The design takes inspiration from the visual forms of the Central Valley setting--the long vistas to the horizon, therepeating horizontal lines of crop rows and field edges, and the network of rectangular fields, whose geometryappears to shift from rectilinear to angled as one moves through the landscape. Paving and planting areas taketheir shape from an angled, non-rectilinear grid. Long parallel lines of trees, paving bands, seat walls, benches, andtrellises draw the eye through and beyond the site. From this strong simple framework, the design creates a varietyof outdoor spaces: soft, hard, shaded, sunny, active, quiet, places for one or two people, and places for crowds.Sustainable design elements include several types of pervious paving, a street-edge bioswale, native and low-water-use plants, water-efficient irrigation, local and recycled materials in structures and concrete, covered bicycleparking, low solar-reflectancepaving, and tree planting andtrellises to shade buildingwalls and paving. Lead designer, project manager, PGAdesign the summitsRehabilitation of a historic campus green and reflecting pool at the University of California, Berkeley. Long-rangeand interim concept plans, and construction of first phase.This project restores to campus use a major contemplative open space, originally designed by John Galen Howard.The first phase restores the heart of the Mining Circle, a century-old reflecting pool and its sloping lawn setting. Thelong-range design reestablishes the powerful geometry of the circular green and roadway within a square frameof buildings. Incorporating input from many campus groups,the project design meets contemporary needs for pedestrianaccessibility and vehicular circulation, while respecting historicdesign symmetries and retaining the essential character of theMining Circle as a place of tranquility and reflection. Lead designer, project manager, consultant team leader, PGAdesign mining circleDesign for a major pedestrian entrance to the University of California, Berkeley.The design for the West Campus Entrance, a gift from the Class of 1953, was developed in concert with the Classof ’53 gift committee and reflects their wishes to identify the campus, welcome visitors, and look outward to theworld. The landscape, featuring an ornamental bronze and concrete University sign and a climbable bronze globesculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro,won a Preservation Awardfrom the Berkeley ArchitecturalHeritage Association. Lead designer, project manager, consultant team leader, Perkins Design west campus entrance Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio
  3. 3. Transformation of the space enclosed by three neoclassical buildings into a multi-use courtyard.Originally envisioned as a formal Tuscan garden for UC Berkeley’s agricultural complex, Wellman Courtyard insteadfell victim to campus needs for parking and temporary building space. This project removed the portable buildingsfilling the space and created a courtyard of permeable pavers within the curving lines of existing pollarded planetrees. Simple and elegant in form and materials, the design allows for flexible use of the courtyard.The paving pattern delineates parking stalls for forty cars withoutsacrificing the refined appearance of a plaza. The design reinforcesthe Tuscan theme of the surrounding landscape with Italian alders,lavender, rosemary hedges, and gravel mulch.Lead designer, project manager, consultant team leader, PGAdesign wellman courtyardRedesign of the main entrance to a historic library building and the associated landscape of a campus roadway inthe heart of the UC Berkeley campus.The new entrance to the Bancroft Library, designed in coordination with Ratcliff Architects, provides disabled accessand reinforces the building’s simple formal architecture. Level walls along the new entry ramp balance level planterson the opposite side of the central doorway, maintaining the symmetry and clean, straight lines of the building.Broad sloping cheek walls flank the new entry stairs, and long seat-height planters to either side invite people tostay awhile. The rich brick and concrete paving is patterned after the adjacent plaza designed by Thomas Churchand the historic brick paving of Campanile Esplanade.The project also re-envisioned the adjacent landscape of South Hall Road, creating a more formal and pedestrian-oriented space, lined by tall canopy trees and double-headed campus standard lights, and paved with brick, concrete,and brick-like concrete pavers. The street trees are a disease-resistantAmerican elm hybrid. Lead designer, project manager, Perkins Design DOE LIBRARY ANNEXRenovation of a campus way, plaza, and main entry to a new sports pavilion at UC Berkeley, incorporating formsand materials befitting both the new world-class sports facility and the historic gymnasium façade retained withinthe new building.The design reshaped the entry steps to allow placement of historic cast iron light fixtures, cast iron planter bowls,bronze handrails, and integral-color pre-cast concrete stair facings. Asphalt paving in the plaza and campus waywas replaced with interlocking concrete pavers, the first large-scale instance of such paving on the Berkeley campus. Lead designer, project manager, consultant team leader, Perkins Design spieker plaza Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio
  4. 4. Redesign of a campus way within UC Berkeley’s Classical Core landscape. Long-range design, and construction ofinitial phase.Part of the historic network of formal walks and roads in the campus’s beaux-arts landscape, Oppenheimer Way hasfor some years been used as a construction staging site and roadway. The project design returns it to pedestrian use,strengthens its formal spatial role, and gives adjacent neoclassical buildings the gracious forecourt they deserve.The design shifts the traveled way to the center of the corridor, minimizing paving, enhancing axial views, andallowing for additional planting, seating, and bicycle parking on the sides. The design responds to the symmetryand detailing of the adjacent buildings and to the curving forms of landscape elements designed by Thomas Church.Lead designer, project manager, PGAdesign oppenheimer wayRenovation of two distinct landscapes at a historic neoclassical building at UC Berkeley.This project renovated the landscape on the east and south sides of the Hearst Memorial Mining Building, a gracefulneoclassical structure designed by John Galen Howard, which faces and frames the northern edge of the MiningCircle open space. The landscape design for the south-facing façade is formal and symmetric, in keeping with thebuilding. In contrast to this refined evergreen landscape, the landscape to the eastof the Mining Building is a steeply sloping bit of wild land, a remnant of the originalcampus landscape with the addition of tall pines and eucalyptus trees, and with oneflatter area over structure. Here, the project brought hillside steps and paths to code,added lighting, and planted native oaks, shrubs, and grasses. Lead designer, project manager, Perkins Design hearst memorial mining buildingRedesign of the landscape at the north end of South Hall, the oldest building on the UC Berkeley campus. Long-range concept plan, and construction documents for interim development.Demolition of South Hall Annex provided the opportunity to enhance the setting for South Hall and reconnect itto the landscape of Campanile Way, the historic east-west campus walk aligned with Berkeley’s iconic bell tower.The design creates an understated formal foreground to South Hall, preserves existing live oak trees, reinforces theCampanile Way axis with tree and shrub planting, and provides for diagonal pedestrian movement through thespace. In the long-range design, a rectangular courtyard of pervious paving, framed by native shrubs, providesdisabled and service parking. The interim plan creates anoak woodland meadow of native sedge, iris, and wildflowersbeneath the existing oak trees, with shrub and tree plantingto define the edges of Campanile Way and the future parkingcourt. Lead designer, project manager, PGAdesign south hall Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio
  5. 5. Design studies for a University of California research station on the shore of San Francisco Bay.Conceptual plans for the southern half of the field station and its interface with thebayshore. Schematic design alternatives for trails, grading, and fencing, to link the stationto the San Francisco Bay Trail while providing security and ensuring protection for sensitivetidal marsh and adjacent upland habitat. A separate study explored site design options fora complex of constructed basins to be used for research on sewage treatment by wetlands. Lead designer, project manager, Perkins Design richmond field stationLandscape renovations triggered by underground utilities work, especially installation of room-sized communicationsvaults, at sites throughout the UC Berkeley campus.Projects offered the opportunity to rework the campus landscape at a dozen sites, making it more beautiful,sustainable, and usable. Projects improved accessibility, de-emphasized vehicles in the central campus area,provided bicycle parking, installed more efficient irrigation and moredrought-tolerant and native planting, reinforced important views withplanting and path alignments, replaced asphalt with permeable pavingwhere appropriate, and provided additional seating. Lead designer, project manager, Perkins Design utilities landscape renovationSite planning and construction design to improve pedestrian and disabled access into the UC Berkeley campusfrom downtown Berkeley and complete a much-needed north-south bicycle route through the campus.Site planning studies explored alternative routes and improvements in order to minimize impacts on the GrinnellNatural Area, through which the main pedestrian path and the proposed intersectingbicycle path pass. The final design accommodates high pedestrian use, includinglarge crowds going to and from athletic events, minimizes conflicts betweenpedestrians, bicycles, and cars, and maintains the health of the Grinnell Natural Areaand Strawberry Creek. Lead designer, project manager, Perkins Design west campus entry and bicycle path Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio
  6. 6. Graphics and site design in support of master planning work for these two university campuses.For Millikin University, in Decatur, Illinois, contributed illustrative graphics for the overall master plan, and site designstudies for a proposed chapel and other areas of the campus.For Stetson University, in Deland, Florida, created vignettesketches and diagrams illustrating campus design guidelines. Designer, graphic support, Eldon Beck Associates millikin and stetson universitiesThe Alameda Redevelopment project converted a road through the heart of the Santa Clara campus into a pedestrianlandscape of greens, paths, and gathering areas. In addition to illustrative drawings for the master plan, providedsite design and detailed schematic design of courtyards, terraces, fountains, and trellises. Designer, graphic support, Eldon Beck Associates santa clara universitySite analysis, graphics, and design input to a comprehensive study of landscape, open space, circulation, and parkingat the University of California, Berkeley. Worked with Russ Beatty, faculty member of the Department of LandscapeArchitecture and chairman of the Chancellor’s Task Force, to develop the site-specific design recommendationsincluded in the task force report. This report, part of the BerkeleyCampus Space Plan, laid important groundwork for the laterdevelopment of the Landscape Master Plan. Designer, graphic support chancellor’s task force Judy Clark Dale  •  Landscape Architect  •  Portfolio