Mobimooc Week 2 - Planning mLearning


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Presentation for 11 April 2011 webinar

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  • Definitions and follow up from last weekGood project planning
  • Agree?Always carried/availableConnected (not always)Charge lasts day
  • AVAILABLE - Within arm’s reach 80% timePERSONAL – Seldom sharedWHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR LEARNING?Horizon Report – “People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want.”In posts last week, John Traxler commented: “Mobile devices increasingly allow users to generate, share and discuss ideas, images, interpretations and information, specific to them, their locations and their own physical and virtual communities, in effect to determine and manage their own learning and knowledge. – Week 5Honored to serve as a judge for the Global Mobile Learning Awards in February in BarcelonsFor those in the corporate training and development world there is an interesting article in the current edition by Lisa Bodell entitled “A Micro Module A Day” in which she predicts that training will be continuous like checking email or taking a lunch break – a basic part of everyone’s workday.”
  • More mobile devices than toothbrushesAverage looks at device 150 times per day
  • Mary MeekerOther stat site
  • Ambient Insight defines Mobile Learning as knowledge transfer events, content, tools, and applications accessed on handheld computing devices.
  • Unlike anything we have seen before.No more why, but what? And how?
  • All really except 4
  • 294,399 Students | 42,267 Parents37,720 Teachers/Librarians | 4,969 Administrators/Tech Leaders Students Want: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)The annual survey found that 67 percent of parents said they would purchase a mobile device for their child to use for schoolwork if the school allowed it, and 61 percent said they liked the idea of students using mobile devices to access online textbooks.
  • Not necessarily about mobile, but availibility/access – could be in classroom
  • I especially like John Seely Brown’s name as curiosity amplifiers,We are becoming a mobile society with access to everything all the time. Education had been lagging.
  • Think DifferentlyBottom line is that mobile needs to be an integral part of technology infrastructure/environment
  • Content – language and culture, medical, behavioral changeIn addition to language learning, professional development and continuing education (CE)
  • POLL – appropriateDiscussion
  • ReachbackPerformance support / job aidStudy aid
  • ChangeScrap learning?Grainne Hamilton had a great post last week on memorization
  • Why do you want to implement a mobile learning project?Depends upon your sector
  • Institute for Mobile Media Research
Mobile devices are enabling a new mobile lifestyle. No personal communication technology has influenced our lives and culture as quickly. And we are just beginning to understand the opportunities and challenges these untethered devices bring.1st time smartphones > feature phones53% now vs. 27% Feb. 09Campus Computing Casey Green – 86.5% IT believe ebook content important source for instructional resources in 5 years
  • TIP project12 modules by experts using different toolsDon’t underestimate the power of engagement – Unexpected ACU typography
  • App or HTML5Blackboard or MoodleePub?
  • Market to users?AccessUpdate?
  • How will you evaluate your effectiveness?How will you assess learning?What reports will be generated and for whom?Do you have a core group available for testing and evaluation?
  • Budget – fundingTimingPoliciesWhat do you need to get the project done?
  • Discussion in chat last week135,000 -> 1 millionBonnie Johnson had an interesting post about sending text messages in a paper based distance learning course
  • One of most exciting opportunities to meMicro LearningContinuousIV dripSnack learning
  • Merrill Lynch – same devices, but had 154 variations between models and carriers
  • small
  • QR Codes discussionGoogle Goggles mentioned in post
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