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Mobile Learning for Educators


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Remote presentation given 24 March to dinner event sponsored by Desire2Learn and Research in Motion (RIM)

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Mobile Learning for Educators

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Roundtable Judy Brown 24 March 2009
  2. 2. Let’s Discuss •What is mobile learning? •Why should we care? •Who is doing what? •What does the future look like? •Where do we learn more?
  3. 3. Wikipedia Definition “Learning that happens across locations, or that takes advantage of learning opportunities offered by portable technologies.”
  4. 4. The Horizon Report 2009 Edition “Already considered as another component of the network on many campuses, mobiles continue to evolve rapidly. New interfaces, the ability to run third-party applications, and location-awareness have all come to the mobile device in the past year, making it an ever more versatile tool that can be easily adapted to a host of tasks for learning, productivity, and social networking. For many users, broadband mobile devices like the iPhone have already begun to assume many tasks that were once the exclusive province of portable computers.”
  5. 5. Mobile Devices • Most of us have one… • We take it everywhere… • It’s always on… • It’s incredibly private… • It’s incredibly social… • It’s about choices…
  6. 6. 2009 Mobile Youth Report • Mobile World Congress release • Spent $270 billion a year on mobile – 10 times more than the entire global recorded music industry • Youth are spending more on data and less on voice (teens (12‐17), students (18‐22) young adults (23‐27)
  7. 7. Swiss Army Knife of the 21st Century “The convenience and pervasiveness of mobile devices is their main strength. Use this strength to reach your learners with information they need, store information your learners may need later, and get learners to complete tasks while going about their day-to- day lives.” Leonard Low
  8. 8. “It is not the laptop computer, but the cell phone that is going to change everything.” 1604/improving-education-with-teacher-of-the-year
  9. 9. Types of Mobile Learning Learning Productivity • Lectures / podcasts •Campus tours • Assessment/quiz •Grades • Assignments •Registration • User generated content •Polling •Safety Collaboration Reference • Access to faculty and students • Information - specialties • Coaches • Campus • Social networking • eBooks
  10. 10. Welcome to Hairdressing Training Voted Britain's best example of handheld learning
  11. 11. Abilene Christian University • Syllabus • “Clicker” • Resources - dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, etc. • Classroom communicator • Podcasting client • eBook • Internet communicator • Course information • Notetaking • Gradebook/ attendance
  12. 12. -
  13. 13. Mobile Simulator • Live Opera browser • mini/demo/ •
  14. 14. Interactivity
  15. 15. Video at MWC
  16. 16. Transparent Devices
  17. 17. Next Generation Solutions • Context aware • Location Services • Sensors • Accelerometers • Orientation sensors • Heart rate • Blood glucose
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Questions / Discussion Judy Brown