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NL Trade Mission Boston CleanTech 2020

Through innovations in renewable energy production and energy storage, grid infrastructure, and IoT solutions for resource management, Dutch cleantech innovators have made significant strides in carbon footprint reduction and creation of more sustainable living and working environments. Meet the 11 Dutch Cleantech companies joining the digital trade mission to Boston in 2020.

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NL Trade Mission Boston CleanTech 2020

  1. 1. Going Virtual Cleantech Scaleup Mission Boston
  2. 2. Limiting carbon emissions, finding new sources of renewable energy, and efficiently using resources are among the major climate challenges of our era. In contending with these imperatives, cleantech innovators play a key role in pushing us forward to a sustainable future. Both Greater Boston and the Netherlands have taken up this charge and are frontrunners in preparing for climate change and lowering emissions. Through an integrated approach, their companies, knowledge institutions, and governments uniquely collaborate across sectors to develop solutions for deployment in their respective ecosystems.   One component of the Netherlands’ forward strategy is development of technologies diminishing resource use. Through innovations in renewable energy production and energy storage, grid infrastructure, and IoT solutions for resource management, Dutch cleantech innovators have made significant strides in carbon footprint reduction and creation of more sustainable living and working environments.  But even Boston and the Netherlands can improve on their existing models. We cannot respond only to the challenges within our borders —we can and should collaborate across ecosystems to deepen and broaden our impact. Boston is a top hub for innovation, research, and technology development in the United States, and the Netherlands is ready to offer advanced, highly technological solutions to meet the needs and complement the latest cleantech innovation in Boston. The Netherlands and Boston: a natural fit for a sustainable future Welcome, !2 Mart Duitemeijer Attaché for Innovation Netherlands Innovation Network
  3. 3. Meet the innovators
 part of this mission. !3 Caeli ExxFire Hardt Hyperloop Hello Energy IBIS Power Overstory Physee
 REDstack Semiotic Labs Skytree TWTG
  4. 4. Caeli !4 Caeli provide scities and other local governments with air quality data insights at street level so they can make better policy decisions. Caeli BV was founded in 2018 and is based in Amsterdam. We believe that everyone on the globe has the right to breathe clean air. We are data, mathematic and development professionals, and with our algorithm, satellite data, combined with weather details, we are able to show air quality on a very high resolution. With this, cities, countries and governments can make better policy decisions. Moreover, inhabitants know exactly where and when air quality is great for moving to a new city, playing sports, and just enjoying the outdoors. ` Martin Smit CEO Themes & Sectors: ▪ Sustainable cities Products & Services: ▪ Visualizing data of air quality components like NO2, NH3 and CO2. And more will be added.
  5. 5. Exxfire !5 ExxFire’s pressureless Cool N2 Gas Generators are the safer and more environmentally & healthier replacement for today’s chemical and pressurized gas cylinders. Since the €2.2m seed equity raise in 2015, ExxFire has: i) secured worldwide licenses for use of the patents; ii) forged solid commercial relationships with the major, blue-chip distributors/OEMs (e.g. Siemens, Johnson Controls-Tyco, Kidde, Nohmi- Bosai), and iii) successfully developed a product range of 10 products. As a result, ExxFire has been selling in 11 European countries, including Germany, France and the UK, and 9 countries outside Europe, including India, Singapore and the USA, with anticipated revenues this year of ca. €600k. Contracts/LOIs in place indicate booked revenue of €20m through 2026. Importantly, ExxFire has continued growing securing new customers/ contracts this year through the Covid-19 lockdown period. ExxFire competes in the global fire suppression market, which grew by 4.8% annually from 2014 to 2019. The target market for ExxFire's products totalled $4.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate (“CAGR”) of 5.3% over the next seven years. A key trend driving the fire suppression market’s growth is the awareness of the environmental impact. ExxFire is among the greenest of products in use for industrial fire suppression. The pure nitrogen gas ExxFire’s generators produce has no Ozone Depletion Potential (or “ODP”) or Global Warming Potential (or “GWP”) defined in the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols measuring how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere. This is a significant advantage over most chemical suppression gasses. Though significantly cheaper over the life cycle (due to no maintenance), ExxFire’s products have a higher upfront cost since ExxFire has outsourced production of the generators. This constraint restricts the scale of the business significantly. Several lucrative prospects and opportunities await reducing the unit cost of the generators to a market norm. ExxFire is now seeking growth capital of €5m - €10m to accelerate its growth and secure its true place in the market. Harm Botter Founder & CEO Themes & Sectors: ▪ Energy storage ▪ Mobility/transport Products & Services: Pressureless Cool N2 Gas Generator ExxFire, an industrial fire suppression products business based in the Netherlands, was formed in 2013 as a spin-out of the European Space Agency. It has a disruptive technology harnessing the “green” clean agent fire suppression method, generating pure nitrogen from cool and pressureless cylinders.
  6. 6. Hardt Hyperloop !6 Hardt is developing a new sustainable and clean method of transport to replace trucks for cargo transport and short-range plane journeys for travellers. Hardt is the leading European hyperloop company. It has proven all key hyperloop technologies in its test center in Delft. It is building a high-speed cargo test center due for launch in 2022 in Groningen and is actively looking at cargo routes globally. At the same time, it is positioning itself for the next generation of passenger transport projects that seek to address current capacity limitations, but in a sustainable and non-polluting manner. Constantine Demetriou, Head of Int’l Development Themes & Sectors: ▪ Mobility/transport ▪ Logistics ▪ Sustainability Products & Services: Hyperloop
  7. 7. helloenergy !7 hello energy is the leading SaaS solution for environmental impact in real estate. hello energy is the leading SaaS solution for environmental impact in real estate. It collects, validates, and enriches sustainability data from all kind of sources worldwide; connects real estate owners and tenants to each other with insights, stories, and challenges; and engages stakeholders to trigger behavioral change and create energy positive buildings. Founded in 2016 and based in Rotterdam, hello energy works for large real estate funds all over Europe, including Prologis, CBRE, and M&G Real Estate. Our goal is to create energy positive buildings! Themes & Sectors: ▪ Built environment ▪ Sustainability Products & Services: SaaS solution for environmental impact in real estate ` Benno Schwarz CEO
  8. 8. IBIS Power !8 IBIS Power combines wind and solar in a single, cost-effective roof solution for net-zero energy medium to high-rise buildings. IBIS Power is an award-winning company providing revolutionary and innovative renewable energy solutions for a sustainable future. Our motto is “redesigning renewable energy”, as we take state-of-the-art technology and transform it into solutions with added value for a resilient future, bringing human lifestyle in balance with nature. PowerNEST is our breakthrough technology as the first and only solution able to generate 6 times more energy on the limited space of building roofs than all other current solar panel applications. With a single roof addition containing an integrated structure of solar and wind energy with a Venturi effect, PowerNEST is able to generate all electric energy needs year round for the equivalent of up to 14 building levels of existing and new constructions. The architecturally integrated roof is named “crown on the building” by globally renowned architects and enables building owners to meet their building sustainability demands with an attractive investment return. PowerNEST is recognized with 25 international awards in the last 8 years as the most innovative technology with highest impact for society by companies and governments in Europe and the US. Alexander Suma CEO Themes & Sectors: ▪ Built environment ▪ Electricity production ▪ Grid management ▪ Sustainable cities Products & Services: PowerNEST combines solar and wind energy
  9. 9. Overstory !9 The Overstory platform helps utility companies to mitigate wildfire risk and outages with AI and satellite data Overstory uses machine learning to interpret satellite imagery and climate data in order to monitor the risk and impact of vegetation interacting with power lines. As a result, Overstory facilitates improved predictive planning, maintenance, and verification processes that ultimately reduce the risk of fires, hazards, fines, claims, and outages for transmission & distribution (T&D) planners and operators. Overstory has recently closed a $1.7m seed round led by climate fund Pale Blue Dot and joined by Powerhouse Ventures, and Techstars. Themes & Sectors: ▪ Grid management ▪ Sustainable cities Products & Services: A forest and vegetation intelligence platform, helping utility companies manage and reduce risk of trees around power lines ` Indra den Bakker, CEO & Co-Founder ` Anniek Schouten, COO & Co-founder
  10. 10. PHYSEE is a clean-tech company from Delft. With over 50 chemical and hardware engineers on our team, we build innovative solutions to realize energy neutral buildings. Through our patented coating solution SmartWindow, we are able to generate energy in windows, and through our SmartSkin technology, we realize 20+ % energy savings while greatly increasing the comfort for building users. These are just two examples from our larger product portfolio, also including SenseNode, SenseServer, PowerHub, and PowerBox. Founded 6 years ago, our technology has been incorporated into flagship commercial and residential real estate projects and has enabled real estate developers to meet strict environmental building regulations. PHYSEE has been awarded major European grants in recognition of its potential to make the built environment more sustainable. We are currently raising our Series A. ` PHYSEE !10 With over 50 chemical and hardware engineers on the team, PHYSEE offers solutions to realise energy neutral buildings. Ferdinand Grapperhaus Jr. CEO
Themes & Sectors: ▪ Built environment ▪ Grid management ▪ Sustainable cities Products & Services: ▪ SmartSkin ▪ SmartWindow ▪ SenseServer ▪ PowerHub ▪ PowerBox Joep Wolfhagen, Head of Partnerships (BD)
  11. 11. REDstack !11 REDstack has developed a technology for generation of sustainable power from fresh and salt water flows on a full continuous basis. REDstack has developed the technology and key components for generating full sustainable and full continuous power out of fresh and salt water flows. This also reduces the need for large scale power storage, and enhances grid stability. REDstack’s pilot plant is operating successfully and is now ready for upscaling into demonstration ( 0,5 MW) and implementation worldwide. At scale, this technology can generate more than 10% of global power demand. The ecological effects of such power plants are very minimal, the economics look promising. Themes & Sectors: ▪ Sustainable cities ▪ Electricity production ▪ Energy storage Products & Services: Technology and key components for sustainable power generation from fresh and salt water flows ` Pieter Hack CEO
  12. 12. Semiotic Labs !12 Semiotic Labs provides a predictive maintenance, SaaS-based solution based on electrical signals that helps industry reduce downtime, product discarding, energy waste and CO2 emissions. SAM4 is a plug-and-play predictive analytics solution for critical AC motors and rotating equipment that monitors industrial assets 24/7. It consists of sensors and communication hardware that install inside the motor control cabinet. Our sensors generate high-frequency current and voltage data that is sent to our secure online platform for two types of analysis. First, machine learning algorithms analyze the data 24/7 to detect upcoming mechanical and electrical failures in the motor and the driven equipment. Second, additional analyses extract energy consumption, efficiency and performance insights from this same data. All these results are directly communicated to the client by our customer success team and also presented in an online dashboard for easy visual reference. Clients may also use the API to integrate SAM4’s raw data and/or analyses into their existing CMMS. Across our installed customer base, SAM4 has detected over 90% of potential failures up to 5 months in advance. SAM4’s energy and performance analysis has identified five-figure savings for multiple individual assets. SAM4 is currently available for low-voltage motors; pilot projects for medium-voltage motors and for induction generators are underway, with promising initial results. Simon Jagers Founder Themes & Sectors: ▪ Industrial digitalization ▪ Industrial sustainability ▪ Industrial asset health management Products & Services: ▪ SAM4 smart asset monitor for AC motors and rotating equipment ▪ fault detection & classification ▪ energy & performance insights
  13. 13. SkyTree !13 Skytree is a clean air tech company based in Amsterdam. Our space-age filters enable better air in enclosed spaces for health, safety, and improved efficiency. Skytree is developing a CO2 filter to help electric vehicle drivers breathe healthier air, stay more alert and suffer less range anxiety. By enabling a sealed, clean air pocket, our filters drastically reduce the load on a car's HVAC system and reduce ingress of pollution by >90%. More on Ersa here -> Borne out of the European Space Agency, Skytree’s founder Max Beaumont drove forward the mission of using the sorbent material he was working on for Space Station habitation modules and applied it to create better air quality for indoor spaces in 2014. The company has built on this initial pedigree through developing significant IP around specific terrestrial applications, the first of which is in automotive.    Skytree passionately believes in the power of practical, scalable, carbon removal products that will create a positive ripple effect in tackling the climate emergency. Themes & Sectors: ▪ Mobility/transport ▪ Air-quality ▪ Cleantech Products & Services: Skytree ` Max Beaumont Founder & CEO
  14. 14. TWTG !14 Fully tailored to our key verticals of industry, safety, and energy, TWTG product lines excel in their applications: predictive maintenance, grid asset management, device monitoring, and activation. ▪ Industry (NEON Product line): We set out with the goal of making industrial sites safer and more efficient. Having insight into assets and operational processes makes it possible to make decisions and act upon these—correctly and in real time. ▪ Safety (VIVID Product line): One of the key areas to which Industrial IoT can bring the most benefit is safety and protection of people. Getting home safe at the end of the day is of the highest importance. Hence every way to improve on safety is worth going the extra mile. ▪ Energy (LUCID Product line): The world is gearing up to enter into a new paradigm, one in which energy and utility companies shift focus from kilowatts to kilobytes. New technological solutions are needed to create the IoE – the Internet of Energy. TWTG is I-IoT. For us, the Industrial Internet of Things is much more than just technology. It is the methodological innovation of monitoring, tracking, and activating critical assets within a business. It is the vision of utilizing information based on big data analytics to gain strategic value and streamline operations. TWTG is an ISO 9001-certified company with industrial grade solutions and a roster of international clients in industry, safety, and energy. The scalability of solutions is at the forefront of all thinking; from product, hardware, and software design, to connectivity and implementation, also including retrofitting of existing infrastructure and business models. Themes & Sectors: ▪ Energy storage ▪ Grid management ▪ Industrial Internet of Things ▪ Safety and Maintenance Products & Services: Every market has its own needs. Our product lines NEON, VIVID and LUCID are developed to answer these. As experts in I-IoT, we have the relevant and detailed expertise to develop solutions for our core markets. ` Nadine Herrwerth Commerical Director
  15. 15. Meet theorganizers !15 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Netherlands Innovation Network Boston US Startup Liaison Techleap
  16. 16. One of the government’s key objectives is to improve the assistance provided to Dutch startups and scale-ups seeking to expand beyond the Netherlands as well as to foreign startups seeking to enter the Dutch market. Together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy,, Techleap and several large cities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is developing and implementing plans to strengthen the Netherlands’s position as a startup hub. To help Dutch startups and scale-ups expand their international presence, the government organizes trade missions and facilitates their participation in technology trade shows. In addition, the Netherlands’ network of embassies and consulates helps companies integrate in foreign ecosystems, for example through ‘soft landing’ programs that focus on opening up local networks to Dutch startups. The Ministry recently appointed six startup liaisons on so-called ‘priority hubs’ (the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France and Germany). In the United States, our startup liaison will work on a strong network, together with the Dutch consulates in New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and the Business Support Office in Houston. Dutch startups and scale-ups will profit from that network. Ministryof Foreign Affairs !16 Bianca Hettinga Policy officer Startup and Scale-up Policy, Int’l Enterprise Department
  17. 17. Netherlands Enterprise Agency is the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Agency promotes sustainable development and innovation, both within the Netherlands and abroad. The aim is to improve opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs and research institutes and strengthen their position. One of the facilities we offer for that is international technology and innovation missions around the world. Through Netherlands Enterprise Agency national and foreign organisations gain access to a broad Dutch network of knowledge institutes, research centres, trade associations, companies and government officials. The agency participates in numerous international platforms and counselling groups. It helps with finding grants, business partners, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations. Furthermore, you can contact us for information, advice, financing issues, networking and regulatory matters. Whether you are entrepreneur, knowledge institute or government body. Netherlands Enterprise Agency !17 Alexandra Dousi – de Vogel Advisor for Smart Cities, International Innovation Department
  18. 18. The Netherlands Innovation Network Boston, as a part of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, promotes international cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, and governments in the fields of innovation, technology, and science. We support companies and organizations in achieving their international ambitions by facilitating collaboration; organizing matchmaking, seminars, and workshops; and advising on R&D developments. Netherlands Innovation Network Boston !18 Molly Douglas Senior Advisor for Innovation Mart Duitemeijer Attaché for Innovation Netherlands Innovation Network
  19. 19. The Startup Liaison Network with liaison based in in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco offers mentor-driven programs that serve as a bridge between the Netherlands and the USA in a public-private partnership model. Startup founders learn the most from people with relevant startup experience. The founder teams we work with may just be entering the startup world, while others are serial entrepreneurs. Each startup is different, whether in product, customer, revenue or other traction. Mentors play a key role in our community to help NL startups internationalize and provide startups with a valuable outside perspective. We provide direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, corporate partners, and investors helping ambitious founding teams to scale. To do this, we facilitate dedicated (digital) networking events for entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, mentors and startups to meet, build relationships and inspire each other. USStartup Liaison Network !19 Michael Dooijes Coordinator US Startup Liaison network
  20. 20. is a non-profit publicly funded organization helping to quantify and accelerate the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands. Empowering people and their tech companies to scale with programs and initiatives for improving access to capital, market and talent. Techleap !20 Julia Knoeff Program Manager
  21. 21. Let’s co-create to innovate!