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St john & st jmes ce primary school london


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St john & st jmes ce primary school london

  1. 1. St John & St James Churchof England Primary School London, England
  2. 2. Comenius Project British Council ENGLAND London FRANCE Paris SPAIN Barcelona ITALY Lucca ROMANIA
  3. 3. t John & St James CE Primary School
  4. 4. HEADTEACHER Hello, my name is Heather Knightley I am the Headteacher of St John & St James Church of England Primary school in North London, England.
  5. 5. St John & St James CE Primary School our school there are 255 children.he children are aged 4 years to 11 years.he children comes from over 25 different countries.he children speak over 15 different languages.
  6. 6. Where are we?EdmontonEnfieldLondonEnglandUnitedKingdom
  7. 7. ENGLAND England is made up of many counties and cities. LONDON is the Captial of England. There are 33 boroughs in London. Enfield is one of the boroughs and Edmonton is in Enfeld.
  8. 8. ENGLAND These are the White Cliffs of Dover. They are the first sight of the British Isles if you travel by ferry from France to England.
  9. 9. London
  10. 10. LONDON Big Ben is the bell inside this well known tower.
  11. 11. Londonafalgar Square inCentral London
  12. 12. LONDONondon City Hallhis is where the Mayor of London has his offices.his building over looks the River Thames.
  13. 13. The Houses of Parliament
  14. 14. The British Royal Family Queen Elizabeth II The Royal Family.
  15. 15. Edmontondmonton is in North a very mixed areawith people from allparts of the world.
  16. 16. t John & St James CE Primary School
  17. 17. School uniform
  18. 18. St John & St James CE Primary School
  19. 19. St John & St James CE Primary School
  20. 20. The children
  21. 21. The children
  22. 22. St John & St James CE Primary Schoolhe children are in classes of e 30. St Christopher St Nicholashe classes are named after e St Mary Saints St Andrew St Francis St James St George St Teresa
  23. 23. Staffeadteacher Lunchtime Playleaderseputy Headteacher Breakfast and TeaTime Club Assistantsecial Educational NeedsCoordinator Cleanersass Teachers Site Managerassroom Assistants Office Manager
  24. 24. School Daychool day starts at 8.55amunch is 12 noon to 1pmchool days ends 3.30pm
  25. 25. Curriculum eracy – Reading, writing, spelling, handwriting thematics - mathematique ence -ligious Educationstory – l’historie ography – l’geographiet- sign and Technology -T- – le sportusic – le musique
  26. 26. Reading
  27. 27. Music
  28. 28. Working Together Home SchoolLocal Churches Local community Local Authority
  29. 29. St John & St James CE Primary School
  30. 30. SCIENCE DISPLAY – The Season of Autumn
  31. 31. Our Entrance Hall – Our Crossrepresenting our Christian School
  32. 32. Celebrating Black History Month
  33. 33. Celebrating Black History Month
  34. 34. School Assembly The whole school comes together everyday for assembly. These are led by the Headteacher, or deputy Headteacher, members of staff and children.
  35. 35. African Drumming A local community group working with our children.
  36. 36. Thank YouWe at St John & St James are very excited about working with our partners school in other European schools.We look forward to getting to know you all. hank you for inviting us to be part of this project of European Eco-citizenship.