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An introduction to genre for students of Media Studies

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  1. 1. GENRE
  2. 2. GENRE IS... A set of codes and conventions used in a media text and understood by us all It is particularly important that both producers and audiences agree on these codes and conventions
  3. 3. Codes Codes are the way in which, images, sound and colour are combined to communicate the style of the text
  4. 4. Conventions Conventions are the elements of the text that are repeated so often that the audience recognises the style i.e. a convention of a crime story involves a crime!
  5. 5. How do we know? Our culture defines our expectations Fear of the dark Murder is wrong The police solve crimes
  6. 6. How do we tell what a genre is? A genre takes our culturally defined expectations and represents them in media texts It uses codes and conventions to do that
  7. 7. Those codes and conventions include.. Iconography (the use of symbols and images) Themes Time and place of setting Style of narrative
  8. 8. Repetition In order for texts in a genre to be recognised, they need to conform to similar and repeated codes and conventions
  9. 9. Difference However, in order for a genre to survive, it must be different in some way, otherwise the audience gets bored - this is called genre fatigue
  10. 10. Industry The industry uses genre to try to guarantee the success of their products Actors, directors and styles are a part of that process
  11. 11. Audience The audience votes with its feet and so tells the industry whether or not they like the genre Again actors, and their popularity, are a part of that process
  12. 12. Moving on The industry is constantly reinventing itself so no we have cross genre and hybrid genre These are texts that combine and mix the elements of more than one genre to make a new one - Sci-fi Western
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