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Russia by Isael


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Russia by Isael

  1. 1. RUSSI ABy Isael lorenzo
  2. 2. WHY RUSSIA?I wanted Russia because I want to learn things like what they eat anddrink and what it’s like to Russian.
  4. 4. MAP QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  5. 5. Kremlinwant to go to the Kremlin becauseI like history so the Kremlin will bea great place to learn about Russia’shistory.
  6. 6. Theater Squarewant to go to TheaterSquare because I learn aboutRussian Stories. The Theaterbecause I haven’t gone toany theater. Also I can learnRussian words.
  7. 7. GUM and Okhontyalso want to learn aboutwhat Russian do soGUM and okhonty tolearn what they trade forwhat I can learn abouttrading and Russians.
  8. 8. The Arbatwant to go to the Arbatbecause I can learn aboutRussia’s people and culture
  9. 9. RED SQUAREalso want to go to the RedSquare because it’s knownfor dates in the middleAges. Also it’s known for aonion domed landmarkcalled St.Basil’s cathedral
  10. 10. TWO OLYMPIC FACTS ABOUT RUSSIA___________Russia has won 108 gold medalsin the Summer Olympics. Theyhave more medals in Summer ussia is good at hockey and Icethen winter skating even though they have won way more medals in summer then winter
  12. 12. WHY GO TO RUSSIA?think people should go to Russia because you can learn a lot fromanother country. Also I think people who like the cold or feel likebeing in the cold should go. Another reason why should go to Russiabecause if you want to learn a different culture. Also I think youshould Russia is what they trade because a Russian might want totrade with you. Also you can make a trading center in Russia orsomewhere else.