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digital marketing assessment by judi radice hays


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Just as brands conduct audits of their inventory, employees, and budgets on an often annual basis, it's important to take a look at your digital assets - specifically your website, your social media channels, your blog and your search engine rankings.

Most people don’t look forward to audits. Just the sound of the word 'audit' makes my skin crawl. I love mail but getting a letter from the IRS is not exactly welcome mail.

Truth is not all audits are bad.

A social media audit, or digital assessment as I like to call it, is the process of reviewing your complete online presence to find out what’s working, what’s not and uncovering opportunities for improvement across all your social media channels and as well as your website.

Curious as to what's involved in my digital assessments? Take a look at this sample report. It's quite comprehensive. No stones left unturned. This is the stuff you need to know and you need to fix. It's also very insightful to know how you stack up against your competitors.

Connect with me and ask how you can have one of these intensive reviews created specifically for your brand.

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digital marketing assessment by judi radice hays

  1. 1. Digital Assessment for XYZ Client      Prepared by Judi Radice Hays  
  2. 2. CONTENTS   Introduction 3  Social Media Overview 3  Facebook Facebook Interaction Insights 4  Facebook Boosted Posts 5 Facebook Reach 5 Page Performance 6 Competitor Facebook Comparison 7 Facebook Analysis & Recommendations 8 Instagram Competitor Instagram Comparison 9  Instagram Analysis & Recommendations 9 Pinterest Competitor Pinterest Comparison 11  Pinterest Analysis & Recommendations 12 Twitter Twitter Audience 14  Competitor Twitter Comparison 15 Twitter Analysis & Recommendations 16 YouTube Competitor Youtube Comparison 18  YouTube Opportunities & Recommendations 19 Google Plus Competitor Google Plus Comparison 20  Google Plus Analysis & Recommendations 20 Website Competitor Website Comparison 21  Website Analysis 25 Conclusion 26  Recommendations 26       © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 2 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  3. 3.   INTRODUCTION  The digital footprint assessment performed for XYZ CLIENT evaluates factors that impact social media marketing performance. The goal of this report is to identify areas where XYZ CLIENT is excelling and areas that have room for improvement. Each section begins with a competitive review and concludes with a suggested list of action items intended to refine social media marketing efforts. Some assumptions have been made with the information provided within this report. This is a sample report therefore the images and data are strictly representative. SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW  XYZ CLIENT currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a KLOUT score of 37.1 (ideally scores over 50% are considered more influential in the social sphere). XYZ CLIENT’s competitors have demonstrated there is a significant audience presence on Pinterest and YouTube. To increase exposure and gain new followers across all social networks a thorough analysis of your social media platforms was undertaken. FACEBOOK  XYZ CLIENT’s largest audience is MILLENNIAL WOMEN AGE 25-34 and 81% of content posted on Facebook is consumed on MOBILE DEVICES. Boosted posts are reaching more of the 35-64 market but NOT 18-24. It’s recommended to​ test engagement rates and fine tune the targeting of paid posts to maximize ad spend​. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 3 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  4. 4.   FACEBOOK INTERACTION INSIGHTS (JANUARY ­ MAY 2016)  Page “Likes/Follows” grew rapidly from Jan 2016 - March 2016 (due to aggressive boosted posts) but has since tapered off to a slow but steady rate. In contrast, Page engagement performance over time ( January 28, 2016 - May 28, 2016) shows ​increased engagement during April & May 2016​. Posts like National Bike to Work day and videos of “cute hamsters” performed very well. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 4 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  5. 5. BOOSTED POST INSIGHTS   Audience demographics show 71% female to 28% male fans however, when posts are boosted, the 18-24 male audience in India is 69% engaged compared to 30% of engaged females. It’s essentially the ​direct opposite of your targeted fan base​. This may be happening because the boosted posts are not targeted properly. TOTAL REACH (JANUARY ­ MAY 2016)  Boosted posts continue to outpace organic reach. The trend since mid April is showing less and less organic reach due to Facebook’s updated algorithms. On the flip side, ​engagement is the highest across the competitive spectrum​. Photos tend to garner the most engagement in all types of content posted. Creating a ​highly targeted ad campaign and content strategy to grow followers​ can help position XYZ CLIENT in a more prominent spot against competition. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 5 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  6. 6. PAGE PERFORMANCE COMPARED WITH SIMILAR PAGES ON FACEBOOK  XYZ CLIENT has stiff competition on Facebook in the XYZ and ABC categories. ​The frequency of posting (90% boosted) doesn’t seem to have an impact on the engagement rate​. This might be due to not fine tuning the targeting of boosted posts and not utilizing audience optimization tools to their full extent. Test. Test. Test! © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 6 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  7. 7.         © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 7 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  8. 8. COMPETITOR FACEBOOK COMPARISON  XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F Fans: -Total Fans 25K 44.2K 491.6K 171.9K 32.5K 30.2K 18.7K Fan Growth 12.3% 2% 0% 1% 5% 7% 14% Engagement Rate 4.01% 1.56% 0.2% 0.22% 0.43% 1.36% 1.6% FB Category Confidential Confidential Confidential Confidential Confidential Confidential Confidential FB Category Rank Not rated Not rated Top 10% Top 5% Top0.5% Not Rated Not Rated People Talking about This (PTAT) 1,005 747 953 363 145 413 280 Optimized Page: Instagram Tab No Yes Not Activated Yes Not activated Not activated Yes Twitter Tab No Yes No Yes No Error Yes Pinterest Tab No No No Yes No 17 boards No Sweepstakes Tab No YouTube but Not Activated Sweeps None Error messages Old FB feed 2014 None Reviews Tab No No 1.6K 112 3.7K No No Events Tab No No No Yes Yes No Yes Check In No No 449 52 No No No Email Capture No Yes No No No No No Videos (native) 0 Youtube feed 9 25 0 34 5 ‘Call to Action” Button Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Call Now Shop Now Shop Now Location No No map map No Yes Yes People Talking about This (PTAT) 1,005 747 953 363 145 413 280     © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 8 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  9. 9. FACEBOOK ANALYSIS    FACEBOOK STRENGTHS: ● Branded profile ● High PTAT score ● Highest engagement rate (4.01%) amongst competitors ● Posts published between 8a-11a EST have highest engagement FACEBOOK WEAKNESSES: ● Sweeps not driving full potential ● Organic reach diminishing ● Inconsistent tagging ● Only 1 native video uploaded ● Facebook “tabs” feature not utilized ● Boosted posts targeted to public ● No email collection tab ● Posts published between 2p-5p EST have least engagement FACEBOOK OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Increasing targeted followers is highest priority. ❏ Create campaign using sponsored and carousel ads to increase new qualified followers. ❏ Post more educational and lifestyle content and conduct more polls. Interaction is golden! ❏ Publish more posts between 8 - 11am (EST) and continue to test to see impact. ❏ Fine tune targeting of boosted posts using ​Facebook Audience Optimization​ tools. ❏ Add Twitter and Instagram feeds in Facebook page tabs. ❏ Add EVENTS tab to promote in-person promotional demos and events. ❏ Add REVIEWS tab to build testimonials and brand ambassadors. ❏ Increase the amount of native video uploads. ❏ Examine sweepstakes strategy and refine to garner greater engagement and new followers of ideal target audience. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 9 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  10. 10. INSTAGRAM  COMPETITOR INSTAGRAM COMPARISON  Brand XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F Total Followers 285 9.4K 32.2K 25.5K 53.2K 8.5K 17K Total Following 545 1.5K 856 1.8K 1.1K 41 723 Total Posts 139 541 722 682 2.1K 531 195 Likes per Post 12 159 290 187 373 101 Comments /Post 1 5 4 9 9 3 5 INSTAGRAM ANALYSIS  Based on the audience share of the competitors, there is definitely potential to grow a solid following on this platform as it is targeted to XYZ CLIENT’s ideal audience. Overall the images posted on XYZ CLIENT are not as vibrant as they could be. Borrow from the popularity of XYZ CLIENT PRODUCTS and take a closer look at COMPETITOR A’s feed to see what is resonating. Analysis of posting twice per day versus once per day has not increased engagement. After reviewing competitors, consider posting content multiple times per day and measure results. Contests should be drawing more engagement. Additional research should be conducted to find out why this is happening. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 10 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  11. 11. INSTAGRAM STRENGTHS: ● Responsive to comments INSTAGRAM WEAKNESSES: ● Following more than Followers ● Missing Bio ● Not utilizing video ● Instagram feed tab not on Facebook ● Sweepstakes not drawing engagement ● Not using ​enough​ hashtags on a consistent basis INSTAGRAM OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Create a visual marketing strategy and campaign to grow following of ideal audience. ❏ Increase use of targeted keyword hashtags. ❏ Create short :15 native videos to share on Instagram (as well as other platforms). ❏ Sift through number of accounts following and ​unfollow accounts not relevant​ to target audience to better balance ratio. ❏ Add Instagram feed to Facebook page tab.       © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 11 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  12. 12. PINTEREST  XYZ CLIENT does not have a presence on Pinterest, however COMPETITOR A, COMPETITOR D and COMPETITOR C have nearly 15,000 followers collectively demonstrating there is market share to be had. Since Pinterest caters to a 90% female user base, brands who embrace this platform are in for a bounty of potential referral traffic and XYZ CLIENT needs to be there. Pinterest can drive followers to XYZ CLIENT’s other social media platforms and online store through cross-promoting content. Likewise, adding a Pinterest feed to Facebook page tab will drive traffic to Pinterest. It is also a natural venue for social selling. Pinning pictures that link to XYZ CLIENT’s online store will drive sales directly from the platform, and it’s measurable. And as an added bonus, Google is indexing Pins so strategic use of keyword tags and descriptions can increase visibility and show up in search engine result pages (SERP) more frequently.   COMPETITOR PINTEREST COMPARISON    XYZ CLIENT Competito r A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F - Followers 821 4.0K 5.4K 5.1K 946 80 - Following 201 97 284 298 14 32 - Total Likes 138 214 8 204 0 0 - Number of Pins 513 3.2K 374 2.0K 777 97 - Number of Boards 20 15 14 26 17 8 - Verified Biz Page No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - FB connected No No No No Yes No - Twitter connected Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes       © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 12 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  13. 13. PINTEREST ANALYSIS  PINTEREST STRENGTHS: ● Website verified and linked correctly ● Connected to Twitter ● Pins from XYZ COMPANY website are properly posting ● Website link included within most Pins PINTEREST WEAKNESSES: ● Recent pins are not from XYZ COMPANY website ● Profile username not consistent with other social media platforms ● Missing “call to action” within posts ● Names for boards not descriptive enough (for search) ● Other pinners mentioned not tagged in Pins ● Not utilizing #hashtag keywords ● Some boards have less than 5 Pins ● Not feeding through Facebook tab app ● Not using Pinterest widget plugin to feature recent pins on website PINTEREST OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Add Pinterest feed to Facebook page tab. ❏ Add additional social media links to the Pinterest main page header. ❏ Use ​Rich Pins​ to allow more information on your pins. ❏ Tag the original pinner (using @) within the description for any repins. ❏ Optimize boards using descriptive keywords for board names. ❏ Increase engagement with other pinners by repinning and commenting. ❏ Follow the boards of the retailers that carry your products. ❏ Incorporate “buy” buttons for product pins on the boards. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 13 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  14. 14. TWITTER     © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 14 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  15. 15. TWITTER AUDIENCE FOLLOWER DISTRIBUTION  XYZ CLIENT has a significant amount of ‘power user’ followers with more than 2,500 following. This extends the overall reach of shared content to an audience size of approximately 25,316. An audit of followers is recommended to qualify that the most influential followers are those that can help promote the brand to their audiences. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 15 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  16. 16. COMPETITOR TWITTER COMPARISON    - Twitter Handle XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor E - Tweeting Since 2011 2008 2007 2009 2012 AUDIENCE - Total Followers 2,129 254,876 12,326 4,499 2,654 - Total Following 1,665 483 726 2,842 781 - Following to Followers Rate 1.3% 527.6% 17.0% 1.6% 3.4% DEMOGRAPHICS - Male 34% 19% 20% 22% 18% - Female 66% 81% 80% 78% 82% - 12-17 Gen Z 6% 7% 5% 6% 6% - 18-24 Millennials 33% 42% 33% 36% 42% - 25-34 Gen Y 31% 33% 40% 31% 31% - 35-49 Gen X 22% 16% 15% 19% 18% - 50-64 Boomers 5% 2% 3% 4% 0% ACTIVITY - Total Tweets 4,218 52,647 11,143 3,715 4,299 - Last Tweet today today today today today - Average Tweets per Day 2.3 18.8 3.6 1.4 2.9 POPULARITY - Ranking compared to all Twitter users not ranked Top 0.5% Top 20% not ranked Top 10% - RTs/100 Tweets 14 1,140 66 27 56 RESPONSIVENESS - Replies/100 Tweets 22 123 86 31 13 - Ave Comments per Tweet 0 9 2 1 3 INFLUENCE - Celebrities 0% 0% 0% 5% 0% - Power Users 42% 8% 13% 33% 17% - Casual 20% 12% 16% 40% 18% - Novice 38% 80% 71% 15% 65% © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 16 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  17. 17. TWITTER ANALYSIS  TWITTER STRENGTHS: ● Your audience has 1.4x as many followers as users they are following = 25,316 potential reach ● Your audience tweets ave 3.5 a day ● Good use of keyword hashtags ● Retweeting mentions of brand ● 50.6 Klout score is good ● 32% of your audience has 2,500+ followers ● Included on 46 lists TWITTER WEAKNESSES: ● Low engagement ● 36% of audience is dormant (inactive 6 months or longer) ● No Twitter lists created ● Content from Pinterest sometimes not rendering with image (link only) and then showing as duplicate posting ● Twitter card not setup ● Twitter icon not prominent on website TWITTER OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Take advantage of creating ​Twitter Cards​ where you can attach rich photos, videos and multimedia experience to Tweets that ​drive traffic to your online store. ❏ Use ​Twitter lists​ to engage with key influencers and start conversations. Suggested Twitter lists could be: ❏ Anyone retweeting your content ❏ Your competitors ❏ Key industry influencers & key media contacts ❏ Relevant keyword mentions ❏ Audit followers and following to identify audience segments as they related to ideal customers and industry influencers. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 17 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  18. 18. YOUTUBE  YouTube is considered the 3rd most popular search engine tool and it is a Google owned property. An optimized presence on this platform can be a tremendous boost for increased SEO, credibility and overall brand awareness. The XYZ CLIENT channel is nicely built out with appropriate brand elements however, it is missing a link to active social media networks and company website. 53% of smartphone owners feel more favorable to businesses providing instructional videos. Building out XYZ CLIENT’s YouTube Channel with the addition of branded videos will help grow community significantly. Videos are not limited to YouTube either. Facebook is surpassing YouTube in video shares. Vine is Twitter’s integrated video platform. Youtube is one of the top search platforms and is also a Google property. A presence on this platform is an imperative since your key competitors (with the exception of COMPETITOR C) are there and gaining market share. This can be a tremendous boost for your SEO and follower growth.         © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 18 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  19. 19. COMPETITOR YOUTUBE COMPARISON    XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor E - Date Joined 2010 2006 2010 2013 2011 - Total Channel Subscribers 12,605 97 1,392 0 153 - Number of PlayLists 2 0 1 3 8 - Number of Videos 79 46 24 50 50 - Comparison Score 85.02 5.45 43.87 8.17 7.70 - Social Media Icons visible yes Only G+ Only G+ yes yes - Video Length Average :51 1:44 :47 1:02 1:58 - Video Post Frequency 2x week quarterly quarterly monthly weekly - Last Posted Video 5/20/2016 10/29/2015 5/13/2016 4/5/2016 4/22/2016 ENGAGEMENT - Average new subscribers per video 160 2 58 0 3 - Total Channel Video Views 538,145 24,086 912,896 36,610 2,452 - Average of Likes per Video 72 0 160 2 1 - Average of Likes on all Videos 5,690 15 3,845 0 30 - Total Comments on all Videos 2,275 10 175 0 0 - Average of Comments per Video 29 0 7 0 0 - Average of Shares per Video 31 0 4 0 0 - Total Shares on all Videos 2,475 0 85 0 0           © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 19 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  20. 20. YOUTUBE ANALYSIS  YOUTUBE STRENGTHS: ● Branded profile with engaging cover image including benefit statement ● 42 videos posted over a 5 year period (8 within last 12 months) ● Statistical trend shows increase in video views over lifetime of channel YOUTUBE WEAKNESSES: ● Inconsistent engagement (39 views vs 55,669 views) ● Lacking engagement with followers - views should lead to subscribers ● Not connected to FB and Twitter ● “About” section missing more info about other products ● Most videos do not have link to website or consistent use of full descriptions using keywords and hashtags       YOUTUBE OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Determine which posts in this channel provide highest visibility/engagement ❏ Create playlists based on product features, product lines, etc. ❏ Build out ‘About’ section to incorporate information about XYZ CLIENT’s full line of products. Include links to all social media websites. Set up landing page for email capture. ❏ Include detailed descriptions containing high value keywords and use hashtags to further index content.     © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 20 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  21. 21. GOOGLE PLUS  Have a presence without a lot of effort into maintaining. Third party tools work well when programmed to post content from your blog on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to claim your page and build it out with links to all your other social media sites. Also claim ​Google Plus authorship​ for added credibility when sharing content. COMPETITOR GOOGLE PLUS COMPARISON    - Twitter Handle XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C - Followers 10,374 1,340 14 202 - About Page sparse complete sparse complete - Social Channels Linked no yes yes yes - Activity inactive dormant active inactive - Last Update 10 weeks 20 weeks 3 weeks 10 weeks GOOGLE PLUS ANALYSIS  GOOGLE PLUS STRENGTHS: ● branded profile showing products and benefit statement ● ‘About’ section thoroughly filled out GOOGLE PLUS WEAKNESSES: ● Cover photo, when clicked, does not link to website ● “About” section Short description missing link to website. Only contains email GOOGLE PLUS OPPORTUNITIES: ❏ Use a third-party app to push content from blog posts to Google Plus page. ❏ Add link to XYZ CLIENT website in the ‘About’ section © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 21 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  22. 22. WEBSITE   DOMAIN REGISTRATION  Your domain name record information, as required by ​ICANN​ is accessible to anyone on the internet who looks up your domain in the Whois database​. This risk exposes your name, address, email and phone number to spammers, identity thieves, hackers and online fraudsters who use the directory for personal information about people. Many registrars offer of private registration to mitigate some of the risk. It’s recommended you check with your registrar (Network Solutions in your case) to make your confidential information no longer available for public consumption. META TAGS/TITLES  Meta data​ relates to the content on your page and is only visible to search engines. Meta tags are valuable as they attract numerous visitors from search engine results. Good Meta tags using your most important keywords will help ‘optimize’ your website. Simply listing a few of your keywords or a vague definition will not translate into optimal click-throughs from web visitors if your title tag does not make sense. The ​Meta Title​ is what shows in the browser. Your website currently displays your company name and tagline on the home page. Many of the pages just have the name of the product and company. These can be modified to include the benefits of the product. Note each Page Title must be UNIQUE. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 22 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  23. 23. KEYWORDS  There are many factors that have a direct impact on Google’s ranking algorithm and it changes all the time. Without access to XYZ CLIENT Google Analytics, I made some assumptions about which keywords a potential customer might use. XYZ CLIENT showed up on the ​third page​ when using these words “natural pest prevention”. PAGE SPEED  Slow page load time is one of the biggest complaints of web users. Page speed can not only affect visitor engagement, retention, and conversion rates, but it can also affect your SEO rankings. Your website’s speed could be improved. ​Google PageSpeed Insight​ rated mobile page load at ​39/100​ and desktop page load at ​47/100​. © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 23 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES GENERATED FROM WEBSITE CONTENT    BACKLINKS  Backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites. They are like letters of recommendation for your site. Since this factor is crucial to SEO​, you should have a strategy to improve the quantity and quality of backlinks. As of this report, 36 Backlinks coming from 7 domains were detected. W3C COMPLIANCE  W3C Validity showed 105 Errors and 3 Warnings. Syntax errors can make your page difficult for search engines to index. Run the ​W3C validation service​ whenever changes are made to your website's code.     © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 24 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  25. 25. SSL SECURE  Your website is SSL secured (HTTPS), but the ​Common Name​ is set to * Check to confirm all website's URLs redirect to HTTPS pages. Also check to confirm headers are set up to use a Security Token Service (​STS​). LINK VERIFICATION  A scan of your 148 page website found there were ​63 broken links​. The broken links fell into 3 categories all of which negatively impact SEO ranking and should be fixed immediately: ● 47 pages came up as ​Error 404 - Page Not Found​ : the page / resource doesn't exist on the server ● 5 pages came up as ​Error 500 - Internal Server Error​ - A generic error message, given when an unexpected condition was encountered and no more specific message is suitable ● 11 pages came up as ​Invalid host name​ : server with that name doesn't exist or is unreachable. It looked like the “http” was duplicated in the hyperlinks. COMPETITOR WEBSITE COMPARISON     XYZ CLIENT Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F Mobile ​Responsive width issues SEO Score 74 63 59 37 48 59 63 Domain Authority 66/100 62/100 17/100 3/100 24/100 8/100 62/100 Site Load Speed 5.639 seconds 3.731 seconds 5.723 seconds 3.273 seconds 3.444 seconds 4.762 seconds 3.824 seconds Blog dormant email capture popup & “contact us” bottom none top nav bar top nav bar only “contact us” form bottom of page © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 25 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  26. 26. WEBSITE ANALYSIS  Website Strengths: ● Google Analytics code installed. ● Website design is mobile responsive. ● Comprehensive directory of products. ● Pop up email capture form for lead generation. ● 585 website pages/ ​0 broken links​. Website Weaknesses: ● Missing Social Media share plugin on product pages. ● Meta description more than 160 characters. ● Mobile view is not rendering correctly - the CLIENT B video is too wide for the viewport. ● Blog is not label as such - currently shown as “Helpful Tips”. ● Not necessary to show ‘Hits count’ and ‘Author’ on blog. ● Dormant blog - Last update June 29, 2015.         © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 26 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY
  27. 27. CONCLUSION    Defining a digital strategy is an essential part of developing a successful brand. XYZ CLIENT already has a strong foundation with a wealth of interesting and visually appealing content to work with. This is a goldmine as it can provide the seeds to build a strong following and engagement opportunity with your target audiences. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mi quisque turpis, arcu nulla, donec porta ligula venenatis est vehicula pellentesque, sapien feugiat leo ligula aperiam, ipsum reprehenderit magna commodo. Quis amet adipiscing, mauris malesuada ut, vestibulum massa. Ligula etiam, varius libero convallis, at fermentum ut curabitur cupidatat vitae ac, nec vitae elit tincidunt. Libero ullamcorper lacus, lobortis tincidunt feugiat vitae nam. Mattis maecenas libero id, nunc et odio turpis vivamus. Eget a integer. Dolor facilisis tempor maecenas tempor, tempor wisi aliquam ac similique suscipit, cras a sed faucibus, ultricies pellentesque dui ultrices erat ac, vitae maecenas amet consectetuer neque eu. Eget malesuada cum aenean, libero elit nulla amet etiam facilisis bibendum, donec orci placerat quam sem nunc, est dis. Felis eu urna quis. Pretium lorem libero, elementum quam viverra aliquam suscipit leo, feugiat nunc, orci nam ligula sagittis. Arcu etiam eros vel dolor, maecenas turpis ipsum lacus molestie, erat semper varius id lacus vulputate. Volutpat lectus dolor quis, id sem netus, dis consequat quis tempor sed amet non.   RECOMMENDATIONS  Wisi proin magna, ut donec nulla mollis pellentesque laoreet, ut eu risus sapien nulla, tellus sagittis massa diam, amet ante ligula massa est. Dicta rhoncus, platea fringilla in varius, id sollicitudin ullamcorper, at diam morbi tristique a ut sagittis. Vivamus scelerisque aliquam accusantium, turpis dui, amet ut nulla pretium. Habitasse tortor, a inventore. Sit nulla. Tellus id ante, sed pulvinar parturient erat, rhoncus duis maecenas. Lacus turpis pulvinar suscipit lacus ut in, potenti torquent do wisi nunc, sit sem dictumst, in erat mauris amet dictumst ut.​ ​morbi tristique a ut sagittis. Vivamus scelerisque aliquam accusantium.   © 2016 judi radice hays 512-694-5277 27 SAMPLE REPORT DO NOT COPY