Tesla Fuelless Generator


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One of the greatest minds in the world, who was integral to the development of electricity, created the Tesla Fuelless Generator Read on about the Tesla generator.

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Tesla Fuelless Generator

  1. 1. Tesla Fuelless Generator Brought To You By: www.scienceanalysis.comDo you know that when you install a Tesla fuelless generator, you can actually reduce 80% or even eliminate 100% of your monthly electrical bills? How true can this be or can people really achieve that goal? Yes, it can be done!Discover the Secrets of the Tesla Fuelless GeneratorA brilliant scientist and pioneer in the field of using electricity as apower source is responsible for creating the Tesla FuellessGenerator. You would probably not be using your TV, computer,cellphone, or the Internet if this enterprising scientist had neverbeen born. The ability to generate electricity without the need forfuel was something Nikola Tesla believed more than a centuryago. You will not only learn important facts about Teslasinvention, the fuelless generator, you will also learn how "Do-It-Yourselfers" are saying farewell to electric bills by making theirown seven-kilowatt generators in the comfort of their homes.Nikola Tesla: Who Was This Genius?Born in the country that is known today as Croatia, Nikola Tesla was of Serbian descent. Ascientist of great renown, he studied and experimented in physics, as well as electrical andmechanical engineering.He made many scientific discoveries, particularly in the field of electricity. The creation ofalternating current is by far his greatest achievement. Our extremely comfortable way of livingtoday would not exist without the ability to move electric current smoothly over greatdistances. Click Here To Learn How To Build a Tesla Generator And Generate Free Usable Electricity From The Comfort of Home
  2. 2. The Tesla Fuelless Generator: Teslas Lifelong WorkThe Tesla Generator, a term he coined, was conceived and developed during the second half of Teslasillustrious career. Tesla is quoted as saying that his machine makes use of "the energy that operates theuniverse." As far out as such a statement sounds, quantum physicists understand that Teslas poeticreference corresponds to what is known today as "zero point technology."Fortunately, Tesla kept detailed notes and drawings despite the fact that he never created a workingmodel of the generator. A careful study of this archived documentation shows a rather rudimentarygenerator that is based on magnetism. As he made continuous refinements of his designs, Tesla filednumerous patents so that his work would be safeguarded.Todays Generator - A Magnetic MotorIncredibly, many current Tesla devotees around the world are creating fuelless generators to prove thatTeslas designs are in fact workable. Unlike Tesla, these home-based scientists have created manyworking models, testing and refining each version until the magnetic motor is fact instead of an idea.Despite how complicated they probably sound, such devices consist only of a bit of wiring, a rotor, anda few precisely placed magnets.There have been so many individuals who have worked on Teslas invention that it does not make senseto try to build one from the ground up. All that is required to manufacture the motor, as 99% of the DIYenthusiasts who have built one will tell you, is a bit of money to purchase a set of first-class plans. Withthe plans, the right tools and equipment, and a little elbow grease, it only takes a few days to build thisseven-kilowatt motor and have it working. And your home will have more than enough power to runon. Click Here To Learn How To Build a Tesla Generator And Generate Free Usable Electricity From The Comfort of Home