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Marketing Public Relations_Relationship Marketing


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Relationship marketing, Marketing Public Relations

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Marketing Public Relations_Relationship Marketing

  1. 1. + Relationship Marketing Marketing Public Relations Yudhie Setiawan, M.Si
  2. 2. + Relationship marketing?
  3. 3. + Relationship marketing?
  4. 4. + Relationship marketing?
  5. 5. Marketing Public Relations 5
  6. 6. Marketing Public Relations 6
  7. 7. Marketing Public Relations 7
  8. 8. Marketing Public Relations 8
  9. 9. Marketing Public Relations 9
  10. 10. + Relationship Marketing = follow up, follow up, follow up
  11. 11. + From transaction-based marketing to relationship marketing…
  12. 12. + “4 Eras” of Marketing
  13. 13. + Building long term relationship is important…. But, n  We need to determine which consumers we want this relationship with!! n  Target Market n  “Costly” Consumers: n  Difficult to attain n  Difficult to retain
  14. 14. + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The combination of strategies and tools that drive relationship programs, re-orientating the entire organization to a concentrated focus on satisfying customers
  15. 15. + Strategies for Building Customer Relationships n Affinity Programs n a marketing effort sponsored by an organization that solicits responses from individuals who share common interests and activities n Example: Credit Card ILUNI FEUI
  16. 16. + Strategies for Building Customer Relationships n Frequency Marketing n frequent-buyer or user marketing programs that reward customers with cash, rebates, merchandise, or other premiums n Examples: Garuda Frequent Flyer, Matahari Club Card
  17. 17. + Strategies for Building Customer Relationships n Database Marketing n software that analyzes marketing information, then identifies and targets messages toward specific groups of potential customers. n Examples:Telco operator (Telkomsel, Satelindo, etc)
  18. 18. + Strategies for Building B2B Relationships n Strategic alliance n a partnership formed to create a competitive advantage n These more formal long-term partnership arrangements improved each partner supply- chain relationships and enhance flexibility n Example: SkyTeam (Garuda with other airlines e.g. Etihad)
  19. 19. + Relationship Lifecycle Customer relationship lifecycle Baines, et al, 2011, p. 568
  20. 20. Five Different Levels of Relationships (I) Ø  Basic. The company salesperson sells the product, but does not follow up in any way. Ø  Reactive. The salesperson sells the product and encourages the customer to call whenever he or she has any questions or problems. Ø  Accountable. The salesperson calls to the customer a short time after the sale to check whether the product is meeting customer expectation.
  21. 21. Five Different Levels of Relationships (II) Ø  Proactive. The salesperson or other in the company phone the customer from time to time with suggestions about improved product use or helpful new product. Ø  Partnership. The company works continuously with the customer and with other customers to discover ways to deliver better value