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Advertising plann pengantar iklan dan marcomm


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Advertising plann pengantar iklan dan marcomm

  1. 1. ADVERTISING Planning Marcomm & Advertising, Fikom, UMB, 2013 Judhie Setiawan, M.Si
  2. 2. + Six Steps of the Communication Process Step 1 Identify Target Audience Step 2 Determine Communication Objective Step 3 Develop Media Plan Step 4 Create the Message Step 5 Execute the Campaign Step 6 Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Campaign
  3. 3. Identify and analyze target market Define Advertising objectives Create advertising platform Determine advertising appropriation Evaluate advertising effectiveness Execute campaign Create advertising messages Develop Media plan TKV
  4. 4. + Exploring the Levers Across the Relationship Stages Awareness Television, iTV Magazines and newspapers Radio Yellow pages Billboards / outdoor