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The Three Branches Of Government


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This is a interactive powerpoint that I created for a fourth grade social studies class to better learn about the three branches of government.

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The Three Branches Of Government

  1. 1. The Three Branches of Government Interactive PowerPoint By: Alexia Judge ED 205, Section 16 Quit
  2. 2. There are three branches of government and offices within the branches. • Executive Go to Ben’s Guide to the – President Three Branches of – Vice President Government. • Legislative – Senate – House of Representatives • Judicial – Supreme Court • Resource Page • Author’s Page Click here to see a video on the different branches. Quit
  3. 3. Executive Branch • Made up of the President, Vice President, the different departments and independent agencies. • This branch ensures that everyone in the country obeys the laws • Very large, so the president gets help from everyone else in the branch. Quit
  4. 4. President Of the United States Head of the executive branch. • Approve or disapprove of laws that congress creates. • He can not write bills though. • Head of state: meets with leaders of other countries • to make treaties. • Chief of government: every government workers boss. • Head of military Quit
  5. 5. Vice President • Becomes president if the real president can no longer work. • President of Senate: only votes in event of a tie. • Aids the president in decisions when he needs help. Quit
  6. 6. Legislative Branch • Made up of Congress and agencies such as the Library of Congress and Government Printing Office. • They have the power to make laws. • Contains two part, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Quit
  7. 7. Senate • Made up of 2 people from every state for a total of 100 members. • Say yes or no to treaties from the president, and anyone the president recommends for jobs such as supreme court justices. • Can hold a trial for a government official who does something very wrong. Quit
  8. 8. The House of Representatives • The number from each state is determined by the population of the state. Total of 435. • They can start laws that make people pay taxes. • Decide if a government official should be put on trial if they commit a crime against the country. Quit
  9. 9. Judicial Branch • This branch makes up the court system with the Supreme Court being the highest court in the land. • Courts decide arguments about the meanings of laws, how they are applied, and whether they break the rules of the Constitution. Quit
  10. 10. The Supreme Court • Highest court in the United States. • Hears cases that have made their way through the court system, but only 80-100 cases are heard. • Their decisions can only be changed by another supreme court decision or by amending the Constitution. • Made up of 9 members, one being the chief justice. They are appointed by the president and serve for life. Quit
  11. 11. Resource Page • .html • Quit
  12. 12. Author’s Page My name is Alexia Judge. I am currently a student a Grand Valley State University where I am working on becoming a teacher. I am majoring in group social studies with an emphasis in history and minoring in elementary mathematics. I also work at a daycare in Standale, Michigan where I watch over 12-15 children daily. Please feel free to email me at: Quit