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An exploration of relationships between Independent Publishers and Research Libraries

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MyMetro Researcher Independent Publishing Group

  1. 1. Independent Publishing Group An exploration of relationships between Independent Publishers and Research Libraries Team Members: Amy Ballmer • Albert Municino • Judith Schwartz • Robert Weiss
  2. 2. Our Report Summarizes the strategies and findings: ● Investigates the relationships — or absence thereof — between research libraries and independent publishers. ● Objective was to create some type of conduit between indie publishers and research libraries.
  3. 3. Our Strategy Initiated communications with 3 groups: ● Independent publishers ● Research libraries ● Independent bookstores
  4. 4. Our Research Methods • • Sent two separate comprehensive surveys to librarians & independent publishers • Conducted follow-up interviews • Created a comprehensive literature review • We attended trade shows and publishing events • Made direct contacts with publishers
  5. 5. Our Research Methods
  6. 6. Our Website
  7. 7. U.S. Publishing Industry ● Employs almost 750,000 people ● Generates annual revenues of $28 billion ● Produces roughly 315,000 new titles annually ● Fewer than 2% of publishers account for 80% of revenues
  8. 8. Five Largest U.S. Publishers Company Publisher, Inc. Amazon Publishing Walt Disney Company Disney Publishing Worldwide News Corporation HarperCollins Bertelsmann AG Random House CBS Corporation Simon & Schuster
  9. 9. Major Industry Trends ● ● Consolidation ● Digitization ● Self-publishing
  10. 10. Independent Publishers Nielsen BookScan: In 2011 indie publishers were responsible for almost 50% of all trade book sales in the United States. ● John F. Baker: “The main thing to remember about smaller publishers is that most of them are looking to find gaps in the market left by the more ambitious national plans of the big ones.” ● James LaRue: “Independent publishers produce a lot of fine, far more diverse writing” than the conglomerates.
  11. 11. Major Indie Titles • Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier • Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Cookbook by Robert C. Atkins • An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore • Mad Libs (Series) by Roger Price and Leonard Stern • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Shopra • Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
  12. 12. Surveying the Field ● ● Publishers ○ How are they currently marketing to libraries ○ What percentage of sales are to research libraries ○ What barriers do they face ● Libraries ○ Important to include indie publishers in collection? ○ How do libraries purchase books? ○ What barriers do they face?
  13. 13. Survey Results ● Interest in including independent press publications in libraries ● Overwhelmed by amount of books published each year ● Can be difficult to purchase directly from publishers/authors ● Budget constraints
  14. 14. Recommendations ● ● Distributors ● Credit cards vs. purchase orders ● Library conferences and book fairs ● Importance of book reviews
  15. 15. Resources / Conclusion ● ● Website | • Thanks | To Metro for your support~!